This is the 23rd episode of the Legend of Sapphire series and the third episode for Voodoo Week.


Peridot learns a new side of Charoite on a search for him in the Kindergarten.


The episode begins at the temple with Peridot, Steven, and Lapis discussing about their plans to find and destroy Charoite. Garnet walked into the room and told them that they needed to go on another search mission for Charoite. Steven began to shake a little still remembering those horrifying illusions that he cursed him with. Garnet told that the others had just went off to search for him in different locations and told Steven and Lapis to search at the sky undersea temple. Steven blushed a little remembering that that was where Lapis and Steven went that secured their relationship. Garnet then told Peridot that she needed to check the Kindergarten for him which she was nervous at first. Peridot then asked if she could bring someone along to help however Garnet mentioned that everyone else was already searching. Garnet then told Peridot that if she really needed someone to go with she could wait for her to return then they could go together just in case Peridot needed back up for their mission. Peridot thought that this would be the best choice since she already has dealt with his great power and didn't want to deal with it alone. Garnet then went though the warp pad to join Emerald on his search then Lapis and Steven went to the undersea temple to start their search. Peridot just waited and waited till an hour has passed and there was still no signs of Garnet or any of the others gems returning. She herd something from the rafters and looked up to find Carnelian just resting instead of searching for Charoite. Peridot asked why he wasn't searching for Charoite and just resting but he didn't answer and asked her why she wasn't searching. She told him that she wanted to search with someone in case she had to deal with Charoite and his voodoo magic. Carnelian then told Peridot that she could go search herself to show how strong she was compared to the others. Peridot was interested by that idea but asked him what if she wasn't strong enough to battle him but he told her that she was strong enough. She was confident of this and told him to tell Garnet when she returned that she didn't need her to join the search. Carnelian agreed to this as Peridot went to the warp pad and began to search for Charoite at the Kindergarten.

Peridot began to walk down the canyon of the Kindergarten with memories of her attempts to reactivate it returning to her. She looks at the massive remains of her handy work during her many attempts to reactivate it and opens her vidio log seeing the many recordings she did. She then began to listen to the recordings that she did and when they were done she deleted them all to forget about reactivating the Kindergarten. Meanwhile, a shadow comes out of the rocks from the Kindergarten and out of the shadow comes Charoite ready to battle against Peridot. As he begins to sneak behind her, Peridot begins recording a new recording for her mission. She begins speaking the recording "Log 203, I have arrived at the Kindergarten and are beginning my search for that black hearted clod Charoite". Charoite then whispers in her ear saying that he wasn't all bad which made Peridot jump in fright then summoned her laser blaster to fight again. She demanded that he would step down or she would kill him but Charoite just summoned his staff and prepared to fight. Peridot fired her lasers but Charoite's voodoo aura made it impossible for him to get hit by her lasers. Charoite then summons a group of voodoo demons to back him up for the battle and ordered them to attack Peridot. The demons charged and prepared to attack but Peridot was quick and dodged their attacks then began to open fire on them. Two of the demons were destroyed from her attack but one still remained and breathed green fire at Peridot to attack her. Peridot dodged quickly then fired a single shot into the demons' eye making it collapse in pain then return to Charoite in a spirit form. Charoite got furious from this and summoned a voodoo storm around Peridot trapping her from the winds of the miniature storm. Charoite then pulled out a voodoo doll of Peridot and was about to stab it in the heart of the doll. But he looked at Peridot and saw how scared she was and because of that, he dropped the needle on the ground and put away the voodoo doll. He then snaps his fingers making the storm disappears which left Peridot confused by his actions. He then told Peridot to leave and never return as he then walked off further into the canyon. Peridot then walked back to the warp pad but before she went she saw water droplets falling from one of the canyon walls. She looked up to see where it was coming from and saw Charoite on the ridge of the canyon crying. Her head told her to go but her heart told her to stay and without hesitation, she listened to her heart and went to the ridge of the Kindergarten.

She saw Charoite sitting at its ridge and asked him why he was crying but Charoite told her to leave. Peridot told her that the warp was busted and sat next to Charoite. He looked away trying to prevent her from seeing his tear filled face but Peridot already noticed. She asked why he was crying and he then told her that he though he was a monster and nothing more. Peridot patted him gently on the back and told him that she didn't think he was a monster even after all of the stuff he did to her and Steven. Charoite blushed a little and began to stop crying then told Peridot that the only reason why he attacked them was because he was following orders. Peridot then asked who he was taking orders from but he didn't say in fear that she would try to kill him because of who he was working for. Peridot then asked if the stories about him are true that he killed people that cared for him just for no reason but he told her that it wasn't completely true. He told her that no one actually cared for him and that gems have just pretended to care for him just to kill him in the end. He told her that he had to kill them before he would have been killed which made Peridot see that he wasn't as cold and heartless as what people have thought. She moved a little closer to Charoite and placed her hand next to him which Charoite did the same thing which made their hands touch. They pulled away blushing and then Peridot asked why she was taking orders from someone to hunt the Gems down. He told her that his leader only thought of him as a soulless assassin and nothing more which made her desire to have Charoite on her side. Peridot told Charoite that she back on Homeworld was thought of nothing but a technician and a scout. Charoite told her that she saw more in Peridot then just her being a technician which made Peridot turn to him and blush a dark green. He told her that she saw her as an intelligent and beautiful gem. Peridot's whole face blushed from him calling her beautiful then asked if what he said was true. Charoite told her that she was the most beautiful gem he has met and that her beauty was what stopped him from finishing her off during their fights together. Peridot then leaned in closer and told him that she secretly had some feelings for him deep in her heart even if she didn't show it. Charoite blushed from her saying that and then decided to risk it all and kissed Peridot making her eyes open wide. She then slowly closes them savoring the moment of their kiss they shared together. Meanwhile, the warp pad activated but nether Peridot or Charoite noticed and continued to kiss. Out of the warp pad comes Garnet trying to look for Peridot. She then looks up at the canyons ridge and noticed Peridot and Charoite making out which made her furious by Peridot's desision. She then returned to the warp and went back to the temple to wait for her return.

Peridot and Charoite pull away slowly still blushing from their kiss and then Peridot tells him that she needs to go. Charoite asked if she needed to be warped home since the warp pad was busted but Peridot revealed that she lied so she could spend time with him. He blushes and giggled a little from that and said goodbye to her for now and kissed her on her cheek. She blushed and told him goodbye as she then returned to the warp pad and warped back to the temple and found Garnet waiting for her. Garnet then demanded Peridot to tell her what she was doing which made Peridot worried that she would find out about her moment with Charoite. Peridot told her that she was searching for that clod Charoite but Garnet then took off her shades and Peridot saw the anger in her eyes. Garnet told her that she saw Peridot and Charoite kissing and told her that she betrayed their trust to the Gems. Peridot blushed and told her that he wasn't as bad as what people thought but Garnet didn't listen and told her that she will kill Charoite herself and finish what both him and Peridot started. Garnet stormed into the temple and Peridot ran outside crying. Meanwhile, Charoite returns to the ship that he came from and approached his leader that turned out to be Dragon Opal. She asked if she managed to weaken the Gems for her and Charoite told her that he did. Dragon Opal thanked him for that and then asked how strong the Gems were that he dealt with. Charoite blushed a little and told her that the Gems were not a threat to them and that it would be best that they would stay away from them. Dragon Opal laughed and told Amber and Tiger Eye to set a course for Earth to end what they started which worries Charoite about Peridot which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Garnet
  • Peridot
  • Charoite
  • Voodoo demons
  • Shadow creatures


  • It is revealed that Peridot and Charoite had secret feelings for each others.
  • This is the second time Peridot has been to the Kindergarten.

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