Hemimorphite or 'Hemi' is a Homeworld gem that rose to the rank of general in the war.


Original series outfit

Hemimorphite wears the average homeworld uniform, except with a few modifications. The V-neck in the uniform has lace at the bottom, and the bottom of the shirt is split slightly to reveal more lace. Her pants are a dark cyan color and have a diamond shaped hole on her left knee, where her gem is exposed. Her hair is styled with a jagged side-bang with a white streak on it, also being pretty long. Her top is a slightly lighter shade of cyan than her pants, along with having small yellow diamonds on the bottom half of it.

Her regeneration has a cyan turtleneck undershirt with longer sleeves, along with a visor.


Hemi generally is very aloof and quiet around positions of authority and other people. She'll often mention how she'd rather be back in the lab than hang around useless social events, although she secretly enjoys them. She cannot handle criticism very well and tends to fly into a rage whenever someone below her tries to correct her, but 


Hemimorphite was an odd gem right from the beginning. When she was discovered to have powerful gravity-manipulation powers, Hemi was immediately put into a training camp, as the diamonds didn't want such an asset to turn out weak and inept. After leaving the camp to become a high-ranked soldier and later ascending to a general rank, her original mentor, Brookite was killed in battle during the rebel wars. 


  • Hemimorphite is in a high-enough standing that she could hypothetically run a planet. However, she considers ruling 'dull' and instead has a large arsenal of space laboratories
  • She has rocket blasters on the bottom of her boots that emit blue flames
  • She was present in a ddg crossover called Paradox Universe


  Gemstone information

  • Hemimorphite is an extremely rare gem quality form of zinc silicate, once referred to as calamine
  • Hemimorphite is thought to be a stone of empathy. It is believed to help communicate feelings and inner emotions.  


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