Happiness and Peace of Mind
Season 1a, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date July 7th, 2015
Written by Katrinasis
Directed by Katrinasis
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Happiness and Peace of Mind is the 4th Episode of season 1a of The Homeworld Gems, and the 4th Episode overall.


Emerald tries to teach Morganite how to be "Happy."


The Episode starts with Morganite and Emerald coming back from a mission, with Emerald having a huge smile on her face.

Emerald: That was Amazing! Did you see how I got it to crash into those rocks? And how I...

Morganite doesn't seem to be listening, and is simply nodding every time Emerald says something. Eventually, Emerald looks over at Morganite, who just looks bored.

Emerald: Uh, Morganite? Hello?

Morganite: What is it?

Emerald: Can't you just be happy for me for once? You're really killing my mood.

Morganite: Ha...Happ...Happy?

Emerald: Yeah, Happy! You know, when something really good happens and you... You do know how to be happy, right?

Morganite: Of course I know how to be happy. I just don't...want to be, that's all.

Emerald: Then that settles it! Starting today, I'm teaching you how to be happy!

Morganite: But I don't...

Emerald: Let's go Morgan!

Morganite: I told you not to call me that!

Emerald starts to drag Emerald along toward her room.

A new scene starts with Morganite and Emerald in Emerald's room.

Emerald: Okay! So your first lesson in 'Learning How To Be Happy With Emerald' is how to smile!

Morganite: I know how to smile.

Emerald: I mean how to really smile! See, I'll show you! All you have to do is close your eyes, think about something you like, and just start smiling!

Morganite: I'll try...

Morganite closes her eyes, but continues to keep her normal facial experession.

Morganite: Am I doing it?

Emerald: ...No, but alll you have to do is keep practicing! You'll have it in no time! ...Wait, I have an idea! Stay here!

Emerald runs out of the room, and Morganite opens her eyes and sighs.

Morganite: Oh Emerald...

If I could, begin to be, Happy like you want me to be,
I could do anything, maybe even learn how to love...
When I see the way you act, hoping that I'll be happy...
I could do most everything, maybe even learn how to love like you...
At the moment the song ends, Emerald walks back into the room.

Emerald: Hey, look at what I got! You love human artifacts, right?

Emerald holds up what looks to be a Dinner Plate.

Emerald: I stole it from Jasper's room! It's what humans do this thing where they put things in to their mouth and swallow it! Gross right? And then they-

The camera focuses in on Morganite, who is smiling.

Emerald: And then- Hey, it worked! It worked! Oh, I'm so happy!

Emerald tackles Morganite and hugs her, and the episode ends.





  • Morganite sings the first song in the series, 'Just Like you'
  • Morganite is stated to love human items in this episode.

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