This is an upcoming fanon made by me, XStarRubyGemX. It is about 3 gems, Amber, Black Star Sapphire, and Citrine, defending Earth and their small town from other gems and peril. MORE GEMS WILL BE COMING!

Season 1

Episode Name Desc. Airdate Ep. Number
New Age While the Guardian Gems train, they are soon intruded by a monster. 5-17-15 1
Friends? Citrine finds a human at the shore. 8-16-15 2
The Outcast The Guardian Gems try to learn about Alex. 8-17-15 3
Lost Alex gets lost in a labyrinth. 9-25-15 4
Harder and Harder Pt. 1 Black Star Sapphire is kidnapped. 2015 5
Harder and Harder Pt. 2 Black Star Sapphire fights a new gem monster with the help of Labradorite. 2015 6
The Sounds Amber hears sounds that none of the others can hear. 2015 7
Far, Far Away An unknown gem with unknown powers come to destroy the Guardian Gems. 2015 8
Endgame (CROSSOVER) The Guardian Gems encounter some new gems. 2015 9
Trapped (CROSSOVER) Alex must save the Guardian Gems with the help of a new friend. 2015 10

Season 2

Episode Name Desc. Airdate Ep. Number
Childish Alex makes a new friend. TBA 11
Friendly Fight Amber and Labradorite fight. TBA 12
Corruption Pt.1 Citrine's Gem is cracked. TBA 13
Corruption Pt.2 A rogue gem steals Citrine's Gem. TBA 14
Hidden Powers Alex discovers a new power. TBA 15
Zapped A storm comes to the city. TBA 16
Never Known A secret room is revealed. TBA 17
Taken Labradorite and Black Star Sapphire are stolen. TBA 18
Final Stand Pt.1 The gems are stolen and brought to Homeworld. TBA 19
Final Stand Pt.2 Alex goes berserk. TBA 20

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