Hey, Steven. Everything might not be fair to you but even the smallest action can change that. Do you understand?

"GrimmKenway8646" is one of the deuteragonists in Steven Universe.

One of Steven's friends, GrimmKenway8646 is a online writer who befriended Steven on his travels and stayed in Beach City since then. Allied with the Crystal Gems and Steven, he would help the team fight against enemies who threaten the Earth with his advice.


He seems very enthusiastic, shows mild-mannered intelligence and has a witty air about him. Are you sure about this, Steven?


GrimmKenway8646 is a brotherly figure towards Steven and believes in anything that is within reason, magical or not. He is extremely observant, very open-minded, helpful and witty, knowing many jokes and references to say due to his hobby of reading, in order to lighten up the mood when there is an argument. He is not easily upset over situations that prove overbearing, even for the Gems. GrimmKenway8646 is inclined to violence when he is aggravated but this rarely happens because he is always level-headed and has a very long patience. Even some people consider Steven annoying, he likes to hang out with Steven due to the weirdness and uniqueness he inhibits. He always knows how to solve problems with ease since he inspects every factor and coming up with an answer. But he does this almost non-existingly because he lets Steven do it instead because Steven always does the right thing.

Besides from Connie, he is very interested in everything Gem-related, to the point that he usually asks Steven if he can accompany him on his missions. He shares some of Pearl's views on issues, battles, symmetry and among other things. He is nice to anyone he meets, forgiving, social, and can never stay mad for long, no matter how bad. Overall, he is a fun person who follows the rules, is disciplined and concentrated on the tasks ahead.



GrimmKenway8646 was a normal author who wrote stories in Wattpad and was slowly growing famous in the Gravity Falls Fanfic Genre. His life was one of travel, he would hop from place to place to find inspiration for his books. He arrived in Beach City through a bus and the first person he meets there is Steven who was enthusiastic to find a new visitor to the town. Steven mistaken him for Pewdiepie but he quickly says "No." and he introduces himself as GrimmKenway8646 but reveals that his real name is "James Kaosu". Steven asks if he can give him a tour and he politely accepts with confidence.

Steven shows him first to the Big Donut, where Sadie and Lars are surprised to see Steven with someone other than the Crystal Gems or Connie. Sadie takes a liking to him and Lars takes notice of this and appeared rude to Grimm. But he ignores this and still keeps a calm and happy-go-lucky disposition and Sadie asks Steven if they are both related. They both shake their head and leave the Big Donut but not without Steven buying a donut at the last minute.


Steven: Are you Pewdiepie?


—Steven, Pewdiepie

GrimmKenway8646 has a tall, slightly muscular build which seems appealing and attractive. He has swept blonde hair and blue irises. He wears a grey T-shirt with black jeans and white shoes. Sometimes, he wears a black jacket with a moon design, a crescent moon is imprinted on the back. Because of his outfit, he is mistaken for Pewdiepie sometimes.

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