Episode 2 of Steven Universe: Shining Stars

Green with Envy
Season 1, Episode 2
A familiar green Gem does some recon...
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Moon Gem
Sunrise in Beach City. Usually a time of peace in the otherwise abnormal town. This was not one of those times.

Peridot:*Quietly lands on top of the lighthouse, disabling her 'Pericopter'* I can't wait any longer. I need information.

Peridot passes the locked door with ease,shocked to find evidence of someone living at the top.

Peridot: Hmm... It seems this area has been compromised, perhaps this is where 'The Steven' lives?

She reaches the base of the lighthouse, and peers over the fence down onto the entrance to the Crystal Gem's Temple.

Moonstone: C'mon Steven!

Steven: Hey wait up!

Pearl: You two be careful!

Moonstone leads Steven further down the beach with an acoustic guitar strapped to his back

Steven: So how long have you known the Cool Kids?

Moonstone: They were the first people I talked to when I came to Beach City, they were the ones who said you were fun! I bonded with them over music and now we jam out on the beach sometimes!

Sour Cream: Yo!

Moonstone:*Fistbumps Sour Cream* Hey!

Buck: Glad you could make it Steven.

Steven: I'm glad I could make it too!

Jenny: *Giggles* Hey what song we gonna play?

Peridot watches through the zoom feature on her visor, observing this new Gem

Peridot: He doesn't wear the any of the emblems of The Crystal Gems...

Peridot activates her hand screen, scrolling through different emblems such as a star, rose and Crying Breakfast Friends sticker.

Peridot: He seems to be friends with 'The Steven'...

Peridot watches as the 5 friends laugh and make music together, she gets more and more irritated as time goes on.

Peridot: How can they be so relaxed!? Jasper and Lapis could be anywhere!

Ronaldo: Whoa... Nice cosplay!

Peridot: W-wha?

Peridot tries to back away from Ronaldo in panic, but trips over the fence and falls off the cliff.

Steven: Man that was awesome! Who knew Jenny played the bongos!

Moonstone: Yeah, she's really getting bet-

Peridot: AHHHHHHHHH *Hits the ground and poofs*

Steven: A-ah! Peridot!?

Moonstone: That was Peridot?

Ronaldo: Guys! Is that cosplayer OK?

Moonstone: *Picks up Peridot's Gem from the floor* Yeah! She'll be just fine!

A few minutes later...

Garnet:*Restraining Amethyst* So your saying she fell from the cliff and poofed?

Moonstone: Yeah...Will she be OK?

Amethyst: Grr...Who CARES!? Lets just bubble her already!

Pearl: Hmm... Moonstone, remind me of your secondary abilities if you wouldn't mind.

Moonstone: H-huh? Oh! OK lets see, we got absorbing moonlight into my wings, dream entering and manipulation... That's all Luna taught me...

Pearl: I wonder... If my knowledge of dreams is correct, then they are quite similar to the state a Gem enters when they...Enter their Gem. Perhaps you could speak to Peridot using your dream power?

Moonstone: It's worth a try I suppose...

Moonstone places Peridot's Gem on the counter and sits down, placing his hands over the green stone.

Moonstone:*Hands and Gem are glowing* Wish me luck!

Moonstone's eyes glaze over as a faint shimmering light coats himself and Peridot's Gem.

Peridot: Hmm... maybe this would-No. Too formal.

The green suit Peridot was wearing vanishes.

Moonstone:-A-a-ah! *covers eyes and blushes*

Peridot: *Turns to Moonstone and also faintly blushes* W-what are you doing here!?

Moonstone: I...Came to talk. Your name is Peridot, right?

Peridot: Yes.

Peridot's original outfit materializes.

Peridot: You can look now...

Moonstone: O-oh, right. Um... Why were you on the cliff?

Peridot: None of your business.

Moonstone: Please Peridot... I don't want the Crystal Gems to hurt you...

Peridot: *Sighs* Alright. I was spying on you and 'The Steven'

Moonstone: Why? And it's just Steven.

Peridot: I wanted to know more about the Crystal Gems, but then I found an unidentified object, tell me, are you a Crystal Gem?

Moonstone: I am now... It's Star Moonstone by the way, Moonstone will be fine.

Peridot: Alright Moonstone. Anything else you want to know?

Moonstone:...Peridot...Are you a bad Gem?

Peridot: That;s a matter of opinion.

Moonstone: Do you want to hurt people?

Peridot: No. But I will if I am ordered to.

Moonstone: Who's giving you orders at the moment?

Peridot:........I suppose you and the Crystal Gems...

Moonstone: If you're going to live with us, you need to promise not to hurt anyone!

Peridot:........I promise...

Moonstone: *Eyes turn to stars* Peridot, what do you think about Humans?

Peridot: I...Envy them.

Moonstone: *Eyes return to normal* Really? So do I.

Peridot: They just live so peacefully, blissfully unaware of whats out there...

Moonstone: They care for eachother... Live together in families...

Peridot and Moonstone look at each other in shock

Moonstone: Peridot?

Peridot: Yes?

Moonstone: Would you like to join our family?

Peridot: *Sighs* ...Will you leave my Gem if I say yes?

Moonstone: Hmm...Only if you teach me how to make outfits in here.

Peridot: Ugh... Fine, I'll join your family.

Moonstone: And?

Peridot: Teach you how to make outfits...

1 Hour later...

Pearl: What's taking him so long?

Garnet: Beats me.

Amethyst: I bet she did something to him!

Steven: Amethyst...Be nice!

Moonstone's eyes focus as the shimmering fades

Moonstone: Crystal Gems... may I present, the new and not evil... Peridot!

Peridot's Gem glows, and she emerges wearing some green jeans and a green sweater that reads: Space Invader.

Peridot: Uh... Hi?

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