Earth is such a beautiful place with beautiful creatures. I won't let you destroy the beautifulness.

—Grandidierite to the Homeowrld Gems
Grandidierite is a Gem who fought alongside Rose Quartz before the Crystal Gems were formed.


Before the Crystal Gems were formed, Rose met Grandidierite and fought evil.

She left Earth and stayed at the Gem Homeworld. Thousands of years later, Grandidierite went back to Earth to fight with the Crystal Gems.


Grandidierite is very silly. She can be sometimes hanging out with Steven and his friends. Mostly, she's very serious about protecting Earth.


Grandidierite is tall with greenish-blue skin. She has long, curly orange hair. She wears orange tank top and a long light blue skirt with a star on it.


Her skirt gets shorter and the sleeves on her tank top gets longer.


Grandidierite uses a blue and gold Asi sowrd.

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