Goodbye Steven
Goodbye Steven
Season 1, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date July 5,th 2015
Written by joshie3095
Directed by joshie3095
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Gem Battle Training Time

Goodbye Steven is the third episode of the first season of Steven's Galaxy and is the third overall episode of the series.


The Time Gems take Steven for training.


The episode starts with Steven and the Time gems flying away on the Time Patrol and the Crystal Gems, Greg, and Connie on the beach crying.

Turquoise: You okay Steven?

Steven: Yeah, but how would my dad and Connie do without me, and how long would I be gone, and who's going to watch Amethy-

Turquoise: Steven! Remember we're only training you for a year.

Red Ruby: Yeah, Steven you really need to calm down.

Turquoise: We're here!

Steven: Wow, that was quick.

Red Ruby: Well, we were traveling at light speed.

Steven: WHAAA?

Diamond: Well, well, well what is this?

Turquoise: We are now training Steven Universe. Is that okay with you Diamond?

Diamond: Wait, Steven Universe as in the son of Rose Quartz?

Red Ruby: Yep

Steven: Did I do something?

Turquoise: No Rose did.

Steven: What did my mom do?

Turquoise: While in the Gem War Diamond and Rose fused into Metallic Quartz and after that they loved each other but, Rose's heart started falling for another man, Greg.

Steven: You liked my mom?!!?

Red Ruby: Diamond and Rose sitting in the tree KISSI-

Diamond: SHUTUP!!!!!!

Turquoise: Umm...I'll take Steven on the tour.

A couple hours later.

Steven: Wow! This is an large place!

Diamond: Now it's time for training.




•Red Ruby







•Rose Quartz (Mentioned)

•Metallic Quartz (Mentioned)


•Diamond makes his debut.

•Metallic Quartz makes his debut.

•Connie makes her Steven's Galaxy debut.

•Greg makes his Steven's Galaxy debut.

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