This is the season 1 finale of my series, The Rebellion

Season 1, Episode 12
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Air date Unknown
Written by User:LapisL6
Directed by User:LapisL6
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Proelium Gelu A New Gem


When the New Crystal Gems find the Diamonds, they realize some "personal" issues of them.


[Episode enters with the team in a sparkling diamond cave]

Turquoise: We need to find the Diamonds, they must be here.

Topaz: [Points at a diamond in the wall] Found one.

Turquoise: Not those diamonds, the evil diamonds trying to destroy the planet.

Topaz: Why would they be here?

Turquoise: I managed to sneak a look at their plans when I was enslaved. They're going to use the diamonds here to "enhance" their powers. We can't let them, they're already powerful enough.

Steven: This cave is huge, we'll never be in the right place at the right-

[He was cut off by Turquoise shoving him and Topaz into the wall. Further down the cave was White Diamond and Blue Diamond]

White Diamond: Why didn't we bring Yellow Diamond?

Blue Diamond: He's annoying and I'm pretty sure we can handle the fighting. [nudges White Diamond.]

White Diamond: No.

Blue Diamond: Why not? We never fuse without Yellow Diamond, can we at least try?

White Diamond: Yellow Diamond doesn't wine.

[They walk away into another hall.]

Topaz: Wow, they have issues to sort out.

[Turquoise puts his hand over Topaz's mouth.]

Turquoise: [whispering] Quiet.

White Diamond: Who said that?

Blue Diamond: Yeah, I'll let you know we're doing fine. [White Diamond stares at him with a "Really?" Look on her face.]

[They come out from behind the wall]

Turquoise: We are the New Crystal Gems! And we will defeat you!

[The Diamonds start running and the Gems pursue. The Gems quickly catch up, they're a lot skinnier and faster. The Diamonds reach a Warp Pad, but trip before they can reach it. The Gems stand above them menacingly and summon their weapons. The Diamonds scramble onto their feat, just before Turquoise's blade hit them. They hit the Warp Pad and warp away.]

Turquoise: So close!

[Then Turquoise notices something on the floor, a Gem, it's orange and trapped in a white bubble. The episode ends showing the mysterious Gem.]

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