Gold Quartz is the twin sister of Rose Quartz, the sister of Crystal Quartz and Tiger's Eye Quartz, the aunt of Steven, and the sister in law of Greg.


She looks exactly like Rose Quartz, except she has golden hair,yellow lips, and slightly paler skin. She has the same pretty dress with a star on her clothing and a gold quartz embedded in her stomach.


Gold Quartz has the same personlaity like all the of her quartz sisters. She loves Earth, like Rose, but unlike Rose she does not want to be on a team with the crystal gems. This is because when after the gem war was over, Gold did not like the fact that Rose put the Crystal Gems needs before her own sisters' needs. She left and formed her own team with her sisters, The Quartzes. Actully, Rose was the co-leader until they broke up. Gold feels guilty that she never made up with Rose and now she is gone.



She seems friendly to them, even giving them flowers when she visits. We do not know how she actully feels toward them.


She says that she loves him just as much as his mother, which is very much. Gold is not reluctant to tell him about Rose.


It is shown that she loves Crystal very much. She also relys very much on her as she turns on her for a plan.


Gold seems to worry when she gets hurt, she gets into the most fights due to her laziness and recklessness, usually resulting in someone getting hurt.


She loved Rose more tHan she loved any of her sisters. After she left, she missed Rose a lot. After her death, Gold still feels guilty she never made up with her.

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