Glad To Bee Back
Glad to bee back
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date June 6, 2015
Written by Boygemgirlgem
Directed by Unknown
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"Glad To Bee Back" is the first episode and season premiere of The Borrower Gems.


Ussingite and Petschite go to an uncharted island on Earth, looking for an ancient gem artifact.


Ussingite grabbed a switch on the control panel, and pulled it. The pink podship, she and Petschite were in excellerated in speed. Petschite, who was sitting next to Ussingite, turned to her.

"We're going to Planet Earth, right? That's where todays artifact is." she asks. "Lorandite says it's on an island called Averathens." Ussingite seemed focused. "Yes." she said. Ussingite didn't seem to have an emotion on her face. 

Petschite looked at Earth, the planet they were approaching. It had a blue glow, due to the atmosphere. The bright sun was only next to it, but luckily, the glass on their podship was resistant to severe light. 

"So, what's actually so important about these gem artifacts we need to find?" Ussingite asked. Petschite stared. "I honestly don't know. Lorandite only tells me that we need to find them. All I know is they were scattered around space after an explosion on a gem planet."

Ussingite sighed. "Why are we doing this if we know nothing about the artifacts?" she said, as the pod ship reached Earth's atmosphere. Petschite glared at Ussingite. "Maybe when we retrieve all of them, we'll get a prize or something, or maybe they can do something special!" she said. 

"Seems unlikely." Ussingite said. They were now in Earth's atmosphere. They went through a large cloud, and the island was straight ahead. "There it is." Petschite said.

The ship landed on the island, softly. "Disable control panel. Open door, and activate escalator." she commanded the podship. Like she said, the control panel then disabled its self, the door opened, and the escalator activated. They both walked out, and stepped on the sandy beach. Ussingite looked around. She then spotted a small albino squirrel. It looked at her with its tiny red eyes. "Ew. This planet is deplorable." She shooed the squirrel away."I think it's cute." Petschite says. Ussingite glared at her.

"So, apparently Lorandite says the artifact is somewhere near a 'hive'." Petschite remarks. Ussingite winces "A hive? What kind?" Petschite looks around. "I don't know.." They continued to walk down a path. It is quiet, and beautiful. There are tons of flowers and pink petals falling from the trees. They stopped.

"Do you hear that?" Petschite asked Ussingite. "Hear what...?" Ussingite replied. A loud buzzing sound coming from the east. "I think I know what kind of hive it is now." Petschite says. She walks to the loud buzzing sound, and Ussingite follows behind. They brushed through and inbetween the palm trees, bushes, and leaves. The buzzing sound became louder.

Finally, they reached the source. There was a giant bee hive, hanging from the tallest palm tree. Infront of it, was a giant bee, which was turned around, seeming to be staring at the beehive. The bee was colors red, orange, and yellow. It had a dark stinger, and two giant wings. "Don't make any sudden movements, Petschite." Ussingite whispered. "I see the artifact. It's in the bee hive. We have to get it." Petschite said. Ussingite sighed and looked at what they could do.

"Okay, you have to distract that thing, Petschite." Ussingite said. "I'll run and get the artifact." Petschite nodded, and called the bee. "Hey, bumblehead, over here!" She threw a dagger at the bee's back, and it turned around. It flew straight for her, really fast. Petschite then ran around in circles. She ran to the path, and went down from there. "Could this bee more exciting?" she yelled.

Ussingite jumped on the giant bee hive, and began to climb it. She almost tripped and fell, but reached for the artifact, and fell with it. The artifact was a crystal vase, with something inside it. The vase seemed to be sealed, as when Ussingite tried to put her hand in, it shocked her. "Ow." she said.

Petschite continued to run from the bee. "I've got it, Petschite!" Ussingite yelled. Petschite turned around, and the bee went faster this time. It picked her up and flew up high. It then flew to the bee hive. "You've got to bee kidding me!" Petschite said. She took out a giant dagger, and it cut the branch the bee hive was hanging from. It fell to the ground, and exploded into orange dust. The bee its self, also disappeared. It turned into a gemstone, and it fell to the sandy ground, along with Petschite.

Ussingite gave Petschite the vase. "Well, that was easier than I thought! Lets go now, Petschite." she said, her or Petschite not noticing the gem. they began walking off to the ship. Petschite looked back, to see the gemstone glowing. "Wait, that gem is regenerating!" She gasped. She ran to it, and picked it up.

The gemstone began to levitate. The glow became brighter and brighter. It took a humanoid form, and a loud buzz sound was heard, that then stopped. The humanoid form then fell to the ground, and it appeared to be a tall gem. "Wait a second... am I out?" The tall gem looked at their body. They looked at their hands, and then they looked at Petschite and Ussingite. "Did you do this?" she ran to them. 

"Yes..?" Petschite said, looking quite unsure. The gem smiled and laughed. "Thank you! I can't thank you enough! What can I ever do to repay you?" she asked. "Nothing, really. We're good." Ussingite said, she and Petschite getting ready to walk back to the podship.

"Wait, where are you going?" the tall gem asked. "We're going to our ship." Ussingite said. "You.. you can't just leave me here!" said the gem. "Well... we don't really know anything about you." Petschite said. "I don't remember much about myself either... I've been trapped in that body for so long..." the tall gem said, looking down, solumnly. 

"What's your name?" Ussingite asked her. "I'm Durangite." she replied. "Well, I think we can keep you for a little while. Come on." Ussingite said. They walked to the podship, but to their dismay, they found it destroyed by a monster.






  • This is the first episode in all of The Borrower Gems
  • This is the only episode with bee puns.
    • 'Bee Excited' was the original title, until the plot was changed.

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