Geometry lessons
Season 1A, Episode #02
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Akechidoge
Directed by Akechidoge
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Strawberry's sanctuary Wisp gem


Hessionite must traverse a sentient, holographic temple.



Ussingite: Alright, you're sure you're prepared to go on this mission alone?

Viridine: Yeah, it's fine if you don't wanna. The temple isn't causing any adverse affects yet.

Hessionite: *Nods* Guys, i'll be perfectly fine... *She gives a dismissive wave*

/The gems on the warp disappear

Hessionite: *She hops on the warp once they've gone away and warps to an odd looking temple in the middle of a field*

Hessionite: I really thought the molecular structure would destroy at least SOME of the surrounding are- /The ground suddenly crumbles into a black void

Hessionite: Whooa! *She digs her fingers into the dirt and manages to keep herself from falling in*

Hessionite: Close one..

/She hops across the void to the temple entrance

Hessionite: Elloo~ *She whistles casually*

Hessionite: They must have given me the most boring mission possible.. can't something exciting happen already?

/The temple shudders and a lime colored goop seeps from the ceiling and begins to mold itself into a monster

Hessionite: Never mind! *She sprints past it, looking back to make sure it hasn't fully formed yet*

/The monster lets out a rattling, wet sound


/She leaps across a pit of lava as the sucking sounds get closer

Hessionite: Okay, it's made of goo so it can't be very fast....or can it...

/She swiftly slides underneath a spike trap

Hessionite: I HAVE to be getting close, how many corridors does this  thing even have!?

/She ends up at a stair-like pyramid, with a gem embedded in it's top

Hessionite : Noice.

/As she climbs up the pyramid, the rattle is heard again and the goo monster, finally a disgusting clear sheen attempts to tackle her. Hessionite: Whoa there ugly! 

/She regains her footing and and begins sprinting again

Hessionite: Nearly there... nearly there..

/She catapults over the void and does a backflip to show off

Hessionite: Ha! I knew this mission was too eas- 

/She forgot to retrieve the gem

Hessionite: UGHHH

/Later that day

Hessionite: That dumb temple was the worst, i swear this one had it out for me or something.

/She warps the bubbled gem to the bubble room

Celestite: You say that about everything..



  • Hessionite
  • Viridine (Mentioned)
  • Celestite (Mentioned)
  • Druzy (Gem only/temple form)
  • Hologram gems
  • Ussingite


  • Hologram temple
  • Eclipse temple

Production Notes


  • Hollow (Instrumental/background)


  • This episode replaced "An unpleasant surprise" in the lineup

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