The Gem warrior is an alternate form any gem(with enough power) can achieve. For years it was only legend, In this 

form the gem of achieved power is even stronger, and more resilient. A noticeable change of appearance occurs, The Gem's weapon also slightly appears to change, in appearance. There is also a level 2 gem warrior, often referred as a ascended gem warrior. in the 2nd level of the gem warrior the gem that has ascended gains more armor. It is also notable in this second state, the gem becomes more violent, and more powerful. There is also a third state. Steven was the first to achieve this state. It was on a gem controlled planet. Steven ascended further to fight Mercury, and Blue diamond. While Steven thought he had to fight both of them, Blue diamond left to attend to White diamond. In the 3rd level Steven's shield had gained spikes, and even became rideable. Steven also gained a cape that resembled rose's flag.

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