WHAT UP EVERYONE!? the vulture king is back and today i have a special suprise for every one. but first i want to take a moment and congradulate Mr. Napcakes for being the user of the mouth. he diserves to be user of the month and hope he is happy with his victory. i also made it to the board for user of the month and although i didnt win i am still happy of being part of it. one last thing then i will tell you the suprise. i also want to thank everyone that voted in the compitition and i think that all the users that made the board deserved to be on it. so with out further adieu time to tell you the suprise.

a competition

for the mouth of april of 2015 there will be a competition to celibrate napcakes victory and to celibrate everyone who has helped this wiki grow. the competition will take place until the end of april so if you want to partisapate send your idea's now. hear is how this will work. send to my message wall your idea for a gem of your own disigne. you can chose wether to draw or to describe your gem. once the end of april has arived i will chose the best and that is how we will deside the winner.

the prize

almost forgot to mention what the prize will be for the winner of the competition. the winner that is desided will get there gem creation made into a character for the legend of sapphire series as an offical character. also the runner up who is chosen will also have there character brought to life in the legend of emerald series that will happen after legend of sapphire.


  1. be original
  2. be apropriate
  3. be respectful
  4. have fun

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