Steven knows Quartz and live an adventure, just after know the C.G (Crystal Gems)


The Crystal Gems and Steven are on a mission in the icy islands far from Beach City, when Steven hear a groan from the crater he says

Steven: I think there's someone down there.

Pearl: Do not be silly Steven

Garnet: I hear this groan also

The Crystal Gems jump into the crater and see an * kid * moaning and the sangrando.Elas arm take home, cares for it.

Steven looks right at him and see that he has two gems of Quartz and says:

Steven: are you a Gem?

Boy: Yes.

Steven: But you're a boy. I thought only I were a boy Gem.

Boy: It's not just you, there are others, Good and Bad.

Steven: Wait a minute, you lost your arm, how?

Steven: Good! Me and my friend were looking for a Magic Crystal, when a monster attacked the gold, I pushed and the monster ate my arm and ran. I told Gold run before something happens to her also, I heard his voice talking to Gems and began to call for help but was too cold, so it looked like a groan.

Steven: Our've been very brave.

Steven Connie enters the house saying:

Connie: Hey Steven! You want to go take sor .... Wow Steven who is this?

Boy: I'm Quartz ... please help me find Gold ..

Steven: Alright.

Connie: I'll go with you Steven.

Steven: Ok We need my father's van. Quartz hey you seem hungry. Let's go to the pizza cooked fish later.

TheyTake the Greg´s van and go to Pizza Fish baked.'

Steven: Kiki me of a pizza is an emergency!

Kiki: Ok Steven is here ...

'Quartzo Eating pizza and they go in search of gold

Steven: We're in Icy Islands, and now where it belongs?

Voice help.

Quartz: It is the Golden !!!!!!! ... And that show.

Quartz triggers your weapon (a sword that launches missiles) and shoots the monster playing Crystal Magic.

Quartz: Gold are you okay?

Gold: Yes I'm fine, let's go home?

They go to a small house and Steve sees something.

Steven: More Gems?

Quartz: Yes you do not remember that I said I was an 'agency' of Gems. Come Steven'll introduce you to staff:

Quartz: Jade, Gold, Agata, Ruby and this is our mascot nino .. You know Steven I think we'll be great friends.

Steven: Yeah ... Great friends

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