Gem Trackers (GF)
Season 1, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date 4/30/2015
Written by NeonClovers
Directed by NeonClovers
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New Buddy? The True Art of Arts and Crafts
"Gem Trackers" is the 6th episode in the first season of Gem Fantasies, and is the 6th episode overall.


With the help of Aventurine,she,Melanite, and Moonstone tracks down Emerald.


Coral was dragging Kyanite and Isabella, while also holding the box of donuts. While she was dragging them, Kyanite was looking around,while Isabella just stared. They soon arrived at the beach, were they saw loads of devices. Aventurine was typing on a holographic computer, while Melanite and Moonstone was pressing buttons that Aventurine told them to press. Coral then released Kyanite's and Isabella's hand,and walked up to them. Kyanite and Isabella followed.

Coral: Here's the donuts!

Melanite:*Looks at donuts*....Not now.

Coral: Ok.

Coral then drops the box with full force. The donuts splatter all over the place, covering the box, part of the sand, and her shoes. Melanite then looks at Coral blankly,and goes back to pressing the buttons.Isabella then stares,having star eyes.

Isabella: There's more of you "gems"?? That's so cool!

Kyanite: Hehe,yeah. Forgot to tell you.

Aventurine: Yeah yeah. Can you now,i don't know, go somewhere else?

Coral: Wowww, how nice of you,Adventurine.

Aventurine: It's AVenturine, not ADVenturine.

Coral: Same thing.

Aventurine: You know you need to calm-

All of a sudden,a beeping is heard throughout the holographic computer.Aventurine quickly perked up,and turned around to look at the computer. She then saw a light green dot blinking. She then smiled,and started to cheer, causing everyone to become freaked out.

Aventurine: Hehe..hehehehe...haha..HAHA! HAHAHAHAHA! I-I FOUND HIM! I..I-I TRULY FOUND HIM!

(Aventurine then grabbed everyone one by one,and started to hug them,while spinning around)

Melanite: Uh,ok,please stop now.

Aventurine: Hehe, sorry. But this is great! Now we can go,and search for him!

Kyanite: Yeah!! Adventure Time!

Aventurine then stopped cheering and turned around. She then stopped Kyanite from cheering, and looked at him straight in the eyes and said the following:

Aventurine: Uh, excuse me, but're not coming along. Follow by your "human" friend, and your girlfriend.

Kyanite: She's not my grlfriend! That's like me saying that Emerald is your boyfriend, or something!

Aventurine: That's cause it's true. Uh hello? Both smart, both green, both best friends, both get along very well? Have you even noticed??

Kyanite: Just SHUT.UP.

(Moonstone then walks up to both of them and seperates them.)

Moonstone: Hey, i know this is important and all, but we need to start looking for Emerald now.

Aventurine: Ah, of course. I don't wanna waste my time fighting an immature little runt like you.

Aventurine then walks away from Kyanite,and and puts away all of her devices,except for the holographic computer,that has now turned into a miniature holographic map. She,Melanite,and Moonstone then walks over to the warp pad,and waves goodbye to the kids. They warp away to some woods.

Aventurine: Here we are! Emerald's destination!

Melanite and Moonstone looked around. All they saw was vultures,birds,and a whole bunch of trees. They then shuddered,and looked at Aventurine, who was looking through the map.

Moonstone: Are you sure that this the location he's in??

Aventurine: Yes! This is were he was, when checking the other palace. Something or Somebody must've attacked him while he was checking the palace. That's why we need to go,and find him. Now.

Melanite and Moonstone:...Fine.

The guys begin walking towards the woods. They then enter the woods,and looks around. They continue to walk around, until they hear bushes shaking. They then stop,and look around. Aventurine shrugs it off,and continues to walk, while Melanite and Moonstone just stay in the same spot, shaking. Melanite looked like she was about to ditch this mission, while Moonstone looked like he just wanted to go home. Aventurine then turned around,and looked at them with a confused expression.

Aventurine: What are you guys waiting for? Come on, we have to go, we're like 3 miles away from his location!

Melanite: Actually uh...i think i'm gonna-

Moonstone: Sorry, we were just admiring the scenary! Here we go!

Aventurine: Alright,but just hurry up! Something could've stepped on him by now...

Melanite then pulls Moonstone aside,angrily,and starts ranting him out.

Melanite: What the heck, Moon?! We're gonna get killed out here,JUST for helping this nerd track down her friend...whatever he is!

Moonstone: Yeah, but, she'll kill ME, instead of you! Plus, you always wanted the team reuntied. Rememberrr?

Moonstone then smirked. He knew he had Melanite trapped,so she couldn't ditch the mission. She then huffed and started to follow Aventurine again. Moonstone then fist pumped,and ran after them. They continued walking, until Aventurine stopped. She then saw something green,and shimmering, and she ran towards it. She then picked it up and squealed. She then looked at it,examining it, and started shouting. She turned around to tell Melanite and Moon, but she didn't see them anywhere. She then shrugged, and used her healing powers to heal his gem. His gem then starts to glow,and it floats in front of her. A humanoid figure then made, and a green boy is seen falling on the ground. He then gets up slowly, and pops his knuckles. He then turns around to see a surprised, yet happy Aventurine smiling.

Emerald: Uh...Aventurine?


Aventurine then runs over to him and hugs him, while spinning him around. Emerald seems to be happy to see her too, but he's a little scared that she's spinning him around.He then struggles,and Aventurine sets him down.

Aventurine: did you lose connection with me?

Emerald: Connection? I think it was because-

Suddenly, a six armed monster appears! It seems to be very tall, and in two of its arms, it was holding Melanite and Moon! They looked burnt.

Aventurine: Moon! Melanite! W-What happened??

Melanite: The monster did a surpise attack! We tried...fusing, but it captured us before we could even dance!

Moon: And it electrocuted us several times...

The monster then sends shock waves to its arms. Melanite and Moonstone gets electrocuted for atleast 5 seconds.

Aventurine: Emerald, we have to save them!!

Emerald: How?!

Aventurine:...We fuse.

Emerald nods, and grabs Aventurine's hand. Their gems begin to glow, and they start their fusion dance. Emerald twirls Aventurine around, and then picks her up. They then spin around, and starts phasing into each other! A tall,2 armed figure is then seen. It has the appearance of a girl. She looked at the monster.

Maw: Release my friends this instant!

The monster then roars at Maw, and electrocutes Melanite and Moon once more, only for 10 seconds.

Melanite: Ouch..!

Maw: Alright then. If you won't release my friends, then i'll just force you to.

Maw then runs towards the monster and punches it. The monster then growls and grabs Maw's arm. It then electrocutes her, causing her to loose balance. She falls down, and gets back up slowly. She summons her trident, and stabs the monster. She then presses a button on the weapon, that sends shock waves into the monster. The monster then stands still, and poofs away, causing Melanite and Moon to fall down roughly.

Maw: Melanite! Moon!

Maw runs over to them,and picks them up.

Maw: Are you alright?

Melanite:'s just...we just need to rest for a few minutes...

Moon: Maybe hours...

Melanite: Congrats on finding your friend...boyfriend..whoever he is to you...

Moon: Yeah, just as long as we found another teammate, we're happy.

Maw smiles brightly. She then picks up Melanite and Moon and carries them home.

Maw: Hmm, i wonder.

Melanite: What?

Maw: What was the kids doing while we were gone??

Melanite and Moon's pupils shrink. They forgot all about Kyanite and them.

Moon:...Probably messing up the temple.

Melanite: Don't worry...we'll handle it.

Maw: Alrighty.

Maw then walks away,smiling brightly, ending the episode.


  • This episode happens after the events of We Meet Again, and New Buddy?.
  • This is the appearance of Maw-Sit-Sit.
  • It is revealed that Aventurine and Emerald are dating



  • SpringWater Island
    • Woods
  • Gem Fantasies Temple


  • Box of donuts
  • Emerald's gem

Production Notes


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