The following is a theory of reproduction by gems. If you are going to put childish, immature comments at the bottom of the page, fine by me. But, please, think about those who want to actually learn about this.


As you know, Gems can fuse to show affection for each other. Sure, this may show a relationship between two gems, but how does one CREATE a standalone gem? Well, after several thoughts and drafts, I have drawn the conclusion that gems, when ready for a "marriage" type relationship, will do a dance, similar to if 2 gems want to fuse, but they must touch their gems together, then quickly back awwy and wait as their gems will forge a new "child" gem. They will take the same knowledge from both parents and will be generated from different traits of said parent gems. Once created, however, they will stay in a stasis-type mode after 2 weeks to completely configure the gem and personality. Also, as most people have asked meme, "What about same secouples?" Well, since Gems don't have reproductive gems, any sex (or, gem form) may create a child.

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