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Odd one Out
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date Unknown
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Odd one Out is the first episode of Gem Rebellion season 1, and the entire series overall.

Plot Synopsis

A lone gem named Morganite travels across space, finding to find a new reason to live, but crashes on a strange alien world instead.


Scene 1: "It's all my fault"

  • (The episode begins with a shot of the planet Sinthe-9, which appears to have been completely glassed. An establishing shot shows the planet's ruined surface, which is a dark red with molten, shiny rock and flame. The sky is black orange, and the corpses of Sinthian wildlife are shown, sizzling and cooking on the white-hot surface of the destroyed planet. Ancient, colossal Gem warships made of reddish carved stone are seen flying in the sky, firing bright red rays of light against all unglassed ground, turning it into a shimmering, burning hot reflective surface. All the sudden, a similar, yet far smaller spaceship is seen flying by, and leaving the atmosphere. The camera zooms into the cockpit, revealing the lone gem Morganite.)
  • Morganite (Narrating): All of those lives lost....Just because they weren't GOOD enough. It was all my fault. I should have saved them when I had the chance. Why didn't I...? Why....
  • (Morganite then cringes and shudders. Detailed still flashbacks of shattered gem elegies flash into view, each of them all being of the came color and shape as Morganite's. Another flashback is shown, with a still image of Morganite lying in a fetal position, surrounded by the shattered gems. The flashback ends, and cuts back to Morganite piloting the ship.)
  • Morganite (Narrating): I didn't make it in time. All of it is my fault. All of this...Because of me, this planet has became nothing but a fiery wasteland. I didn't want this catastrophe to happen. I don't deserve to live because of it. I need to go somewhere where nobody can find me. But the gems are all over the galaxy! What place is there to go to!? (Bangs head against ship's hyper-drive button)
  • Spaceship A.I.: Initiating hyper drive. All passengers grab hold of railing in roof.
  • Morganite: Wait! No, wait!
  • (The Spaceship then blasts off into the further reaches of space as a reddish blur. Morganite can be seen in the cockpit screaming in fear, grabbing hold of the railing on the roof of the ship's interior. The spaceship finally stops in the atmosphere of the planets Eeu & Tegin, and Morganite finally stops screaming. Eeu is surrounded by several hundred giant weaponized ring worlds.)
  • Spaceship A.I.: Warning! Spacecraft power levels have been diminished. Prepare for a crash landing.
  • Morganite: Oh, come on! This just isn't my day!
  • (The spaceship can be seen doing re-entry into Eeu's atmosphere, and is covered in a ball of flame. The camera cuts to the surface of Eeu, in a desert-type of area known as the Malune Desert. It is nighttime on Eeu. The ship then crashes into the center of the desert, causing a large explosion, and leaving a large crater in the middle of the prairie. The camera cuts to a Qiskaltak farmer, who quickly turns his head towards the direction of the crash.)
  • Farmer: Peh. Kids and their damn fireworks.
  • (The camera then cuts back to the ship, which is heavily damaged, and slowly zooms into the ship's cockpit. After 10 seconds, the cockpit bursts open, revealing a heavily bruised Morganite. Morganite appears to have a bloody nose and has several glass shards embedded into his back.)
  • Morganite: Aagh... Ugggh. Ohhhhh, god... Agggh! (Falls out of spaceship's cockpit, and crawls out of crater) (coughs up small amounts of blood.) Why did I have to
  • (Morganite then vomits even larger amounts of blood, and then trembles in weakness. His body then explodes into a puff of smoke, implying that he is retreating into his elegy to regenerate. The screen fades out to black.)

Scene 2: "Take a look at this."

  • (The screen then fades to a scene that takes place five hours after the previous one. of several Qiskaltak soldiers arriving at the crash site, with several helicopter-like aircraft flying above the crater. The camera cuts to Morganite's elegy, which is then picked up by four-fingered, exoskeletal hand. The hand is revealed to be that of one of the Qiskaltak soldiers, whom examines the elegy.)
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 1: Hey, uhh, take a look at this.
  • (A second soldier then walks up to him.)
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 2: What is it?
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 1: It's a gem. Mid regeneration in elegy form. I think she's in the middle of regenerating. There's some blood here and there, implying that she poofed under the influence of heavy blood loss.
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 2: Damn. I'd hate to be her.
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 1: According to examinations of the crashed spacecraft, the ship ran out of enegy whilst in our planet's atmosphere. Despite all of this, the Gem's elegy appears to be unharmed.
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 2: She's a lucky little stinker, I'll tell you what.
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 1: Yeah. she is.Tell the others to bring in the Wake-up Slap.
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 2: Why?
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 1: Because. If we wake her up, we might get some more information regarding gem tech. If we do, we can get even better technology for our military. The sooner, the better.
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 2: Roger that.
  • (Soldier 2 grabs a small communications device, and holds it up to his mandibles.)
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 2: Tech guy? Bring in the Wake-up Slap.
  • Tech Guy: Roger that. The Wake-up Slap is coming your way.
  • (Ten seconds later, a massive Qiskaltak frigate flies over the crash site. A hangar door beneath the ship opens up and an anti-grav crane beams down a large machine. The machine is 15 feet tall, and painted black. On the front of the machine is a square opening with a reformer plug on the inside. Above the opening, there is Qiskaltak text translating to "Wake-up Slap".)
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 1: Put it into the machine!
  • (A Qiskaltak expendable grabs Morganite's elegy and holds it near the Wake-up Slap's reformer plug. The machine scans the elegy, and changes the shape of its reformer plug to match that of Morganite's elegy. The expendable then shudders as he stares at the reformer plug, which fizzes with static. He looks at the group of soldiers behind him. Soldier 1 then grabs megaphone-like device.)
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 1: Get it over with, you douche!
  • (The expendable gulps and looks back at the reformation plug, and then closes his eyes shut as he finally, yet reluctantly, puts the elegy into the reformation plug. He opens one eye, and looks at the plug, and sighs in relief)
  • Expendable: Heh, well that wasn't so bad.
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 1: Rev up the machine, boys!
  • (The sounds of gears creaking can be heard, and a jolt of electricity comes out of the reformer plug, and shocking the expendable, who still happens to still have his hand on the gem.)
  • Expendable: (shaky, vibrating voice) Aauaaaaaagahaaaah, blrblrblrblrblrblrblr! Myyyyy nnuuuuuts tiiiiickllllllle! ayayayayayayyyaaaaaaah!
  • (the elegy then starts to glow bright, and burn the expendable. The expendable's flesh then begins to burn and melt off, leaving behind nothing but tendons and bones. All that is left of the expendable's bodily tissue is a puddle of thick, brown goo. The Wake-up Slap then deactivates, and there is silence for 12 seconds. The camera cuts to the group of soldiers for 14 seconds, then back to morganite's gem.)
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 1: What the hell? Why didn't it work?
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 2: (Grabs an oddly-shaped narcotic cigar, and lights it) Well, so much for better technology for our military. *sigh* well, might as well smoke some of this Hoobnoot.
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 1: How in the name of lord Gredath's mother did it NOT work? It always works! This is a load of BULL! Ugh! Another expendable and marvel of technology wasted.
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 2: Why does it matter if we lose an expendable? We've got so many more of them back at the base. Let's go home. We'll tell the lord that it was just a meteor crash.
  • Qiskaltak soldier 1: No, run the machine again!
  • Qiskaltak soldier 2: Why?
  • Qiskaltak soldier 1: Because the expendable was touching the gem while it was on! That must be why! Just run it again!
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 2: Alright then. (He then takes another puff of hoobnoot) Alright, boys! Rev it up again!
  • (The machine then reactivates, vibrating with energy. The reformer plug sparks eratically, and the elegy starts to glow white. The camera pans to the soldiers, who watch with awe in their eyes. The camera then pans back to the gem, which then starts shining in a vibrant spectrum of colors as the Wake-up Slap then deactivates again. After 8 seconds of silence, the elegy then levitates off of the machine into the air.)
  • Qiskaltak Soldier 1: By the gods, it's working! IT'S WORKING!
  • (Morganite's floating elegy then generates a construct, which switches from a feminine form to a masculine form, then converting into a physical body. Morganite, now with his regenerated corporeal form, falls to the ground on his knees.)
  • Morganite: Huh? What the-...where am I? Who are you ugly people?!
  • (The other soldiers point their guns at Morganite, while Soldier 1 walks up to him, and crouches down, looking at him. The soldier appears to be shocked about Morganite's masculine form.)
  • Qiskaltak soldier 1: What...the hell...are you?
  • Morganite: I am Morganite, and I am a gem. Also, what do you want from me?
  • (Soldier 2 hears Morganite's statement, and in surprise, he accidentally swallows his Hoobnoot e-cigar. He coughs and wheezed for 5 seconds, puffing out pinkish smoke, until he finally spots it out. The cigar is now Covered in greenish mucus.)
  • Qiskaltak soldier 2: What?! That's impossible, man! There are no such thing as he-gems! Gems are asexual!
  • Morganite: (Stands up) I'm not male! I was just built this way.
  • Qiskaltak soldier 1: Well, you must be a gem, since you have a gemstone there. But, you sure aren't leaving without our permission. An oddity like you should be examined by our lord. He would want to see something like you.
  • Qiskaltak soldier 2: Wait! What about the "better technology"? Whatever happened to that?
  • Qiskaltak soldier 1: That can wait until AFTER we show this thing to Lord Gredath.
  • Qiskaltak soldier 2: Roger that.
  • (Both of the soldiers grab Morganite by the arms, and drag him into the direction of the frigate, which beams the Wake-up Slap back up. The three are also followed by the other soldiers)
  • Morganite: Wait! Stop, let go! I didn't do anything wrong! Please stop!
  • Qiskaltak soldier 1: Shut up and grow a pair, kid. You're seeing the lord.
  • (the Frigate's tractor beam then surrounds Morganite and all of the soldiers, and beams them up. There is a white light in the frigate's hangar, which then closes, and makes the screen fade to black)

Scene 3: Hail to the Lord

  • (The scene opens with a view of the giant floating city of Shelion. The Qiskaltak frigate from the last scene can be seen flying over it. The ship flies toward a massive ornate tower, which is surrounded by pylons. The ship floats to the front of the building, and beams down the soldiers and Morganite. Soldiers 1 and 2 are shoving Morganite and dragging him into the tower. They then walk towards the front door, and a panel pops out of a port on the left of the door. Soldier 1 types down a 10-digit password, and the door opens. They continue to walk into the inside of the building, which appears to be an arena. In the center of the arena is an elevator, which is surrounded by a glass tube. There are guards everywhere, each excersizing and practicing native martial arts, and the sounds of fighting teachers' voices can be heard across the arena. Soldiers 1 and 2 walk towards the elevator whilst dragging Morganite, and making fancy gestures to the guards.)
  • Qiskaltak soldier 1: Hey, there! How's the wife? Oh, Gustav! Wazzuuup! you work those glutes, brother!
  • Qiskaltak soldier 2: (sees another qiskaltak guard, which is apparently female) Helloooooooo, Nurse!
  • (Soldier 2 looks at 1 with a grin shining behind his mustache of mandibles.)
  • Qiskaltak soldier 2: Hey, man. I think that girl might be in heat! Oh, yeah, baby!
  • Qiskaltak soldier 1: (whispers to soldier 2) Calm down, you can mate with her after we finish showing Lord Gredath our crystalline little friend, here.
  • Qiskaltak soldier 2: Ok, got it. I'll save a bottle of hoobnoot for that special occasion. Heh heh, yeah.
  • (the soldiers stop in front of the elevator, then 1 and 2 turn around to look at the other soldiers behind them. They salute eachother, and then 1 and 2 drag morganite into the elevator. The elevator then moves upward, heading to the top floor. The two soldiers stand in the elevator, with Morganite kneeled over. Calming elevator music plays in the background. Then, soldier 2 looks at soldier 1, and pulls out a stick of jerky from his pocket.)
  • Qiskaltak soldier 2: Want some plasma burned smoob jerky?
  • Morganite: I..I want some jerky...p-please?
  • Qiskaltak soldier 2: Shut the hell up, you pink gilded doorknob! You don't need the calories!
  • Qiskaltak soldier 1: Calm down, man.
  • Qiskaltak soldier 2: Sorry.
  • (silence for 5 seconds)
  • Qiskaltak soldier 2: Want some jerky?
  • Qiskaltak soldier 1: Don't mind if I do.
  • (Soldier 1 grabs the jerky and puts it into his mouth. As he chews the jerkey, his mandibles flex and move around, and crumbs stick onto his lips. Yellowish, seemingly acidic saliva drips out of his mouth, and makes a sizzling sound as it hits the elevator floor. Morganite watches in utter disgust.)
  • Morganite: You people make me want to yak...
  • (Soldier 1 finishes eating the jerky, and starts cleaning his own mandibles with his mouth, in a manner similar to how crickets often groom their antenna.)
  • Qiskaltak soldier 1: Mmmm. That was satisfying.
  • (The elevator finally stops at the top floor, which begins in a massive hallway with guards on each side. At the end of the hallway is a very tall throne, which has a tall, shadowy figure sitting in it. The throne faces backward. The elevator door slides open, and the two soldiers walk out, dragging Morganite with them. They slowly walk towards the throne, their footsteps echoing across the hall. They stop 5 feet in front of the throne, and kneel.)
  • Qiskaltak soldier 1: Oh, Great lord Gredath. We have brought you something from another alien world.
  • (Morganite looks up at the throne, with a fearful look on his face. He shudders in fear.)
  • Lord Gredath: Something foreign?
  • (slowly rotates throne into direction of soldiers)
  • Lord Gredath: Let me guess. Is it a bouquet of flowers from Crelkich? Or maybe a peace treaty from planet Nuisu?
  • (The chair faces the direction of the soldiers and stops.)
  • Lord Gredath: Well tell those people to sod off and leave my people alone. I don't want them to besmirch our race's name with their...CULTURE.
  • (Lord Gredath stares at Morganite with a confused look on his face. He jumps off of the throne and lands on the ground right in front of Morganite. As he hits the ground, a loud resonating thud can be heard across the entire throne room. Gredath stares at Morganite, squinting.)
  • Lord Gredath: What is this...creature...that you have brought to me?
  • Qiskaltaks soldier 2: It's a gem. We found him at a crash site in the Malune desert.
  • (Lord Gredath turns his head towards the soldiers.)
  • Lord Gredath: A gem? HIM? Impossible. No gem could be a "him". That is just asenine.
  • (He turns his head back towards Morganite.)
  • Lord Gredath: What are you?
  • (Morganite looks at Gredath with an annoyed expression.)
  • Morganite: Didn't you hear those two? I am a gem.
  • Lord Gredath: Impossible. Gems only manifest in feminine forms. If you were a gem, you would be doing the same.
  • Morganite: I'm not like the other gems! I was not made the same like the rest of them.

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