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Gem Rebellion is a prequel series that takes place 5000 years before the events of Steven Universe, during the war for Earth. This series will be rated TV-14.


This series takes place 5,000 years ago during the rebellion, and is focused on a genetically modified Nakatarkal (gem) named Morganite, a gem who destroyed his own kindergarten in grief of the loss of his old friends. In this series, he goes to earth to serve the Crystal Gems, and to fight in the war against the homeworld.

Differences from Main Series

Gem Rebellion is different from Steven Universe in terms of both art style and maturity. The show is done in the same style as the classic Steven universe, but the animation will be more elaborate, and will sometime include rotoscope. The humor remains much the same, but at time there could often be dark or crude humor. Also, the themes are often darker, and the fight scenes are far more brutal than in Steven Universe, to the point of showing blood, dismemberment and gore. The reason for this is to add to the message of how cruel war can be. Many of the "deaths" of the more developed characters shown onscreen in this series are often brutal and dramatic, which allows for the viewer to become more sympathetic for the deceased character. However, this series will also have its good moments.

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