Gem Planting
[[File:Gem Planting|210px|]]
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date Sept 12, 2015
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Gem Planting is the first episode in Rebel Outcasts. [A black gem stands in the shadows, hood over his face. he quietly creeps through the shadows. he stops at a wall with a large RO spraypainted on it, and pushes down on a loose brick.]

[The wall opens.]

[The gem walks in and takes his hood off.]

Ortho: Nuumm, Took ya long enough.

[The gem stays silent.]

Ortho: Didja at least get the goods?

[Nuummite reaches into his cloak and pulls out a small box.]

Ortho: Oh yeah. Nuumm, get the others.

[The gem stays motionless, silent.]

Ortho: Whatever. Var, Howlite! get in here!

[Two gems emerge from a hallway.]

Howlite: I was working on my new song!

[Howlite strums a chord on her instrument, which looks like a cross between a tuba and a ukelele]

Howlite: What rhymes with "Royal Outcasts"?

Var: [Sighs] I thought we weren't going to call ourselves that!

Howlite: I like it.

Ortho: Hmm. How about "Moil Broutgast"?

Var: That's not a word!

Howlite: You're right. It's two words.

[Howlite starts singing]

Howlite: Oh, we are the Royal Outcasts, we look like moiled broutgasts,

[Howlite is interrupted by Var]

Var: Okay okay! whatever a "moil broutgast" is, it's not us.

Ortho: Just look in the box.

[Ortho opens up the box as the others gasp and Howlite squeals.]

[Ortho reaches in and pulls out a brown gem that looks exactly like Howlite's.]

Ortho: To throw off our scent. when they see these, they'll take them and think where's dead. then they'll put them in that awful machine and...

Howlite: [Howlite shudders and starts to cry]

Ortho: There, It's alright. It's all over.

[Ortho wipes a tear from Howlite's face and smiles at her.]

Ortho: C'mon. Let's go plant these phony gems around town.

[Ortho lifts up Howlite onto his sholders.]

[The episode ends when the screen closes in on Howlite's giggling face]

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