Gem Help
Season 2, Episode 10
Written by: Spyair123
Storyboarded by: Spyair123
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Gem Help is an episode set after the episode The Return and Jail Break.


Peridot calls for help after their mission failed, While the Crystal Gems makes a new ally.


The episode starts with Peridot trying to connect to the Homeworld by using her finger screen. Peridot fails to connect and attempts to connect again. Again she fails, now she tries to create a message to Homeworld. While recording the message she mentioned that their mission failed and that the she escaped the falling shipwreck leaving the Crystal Gems, along with Lapis Lazuli and Jasper stranded inside the warship, and that she still don't know what happened to them.

The message was being watched by a gem. The gem quickly reported this to their superior, Yellow Diamond. Yellow Diamond asks why she came and said that it better be important. The gem showed Yellow Diamond the message. In the message, a distressed Peridot explains what happened to them and that she need help. Yellow Diamond quickly stood up and went to their office.

While Yellow Diamond walks out of her office, the other gems were surprised. She shows the other gems the message that Peridot sent. The gems were surprised on what happened, since Jasper was one of the best soldiers they had. She orders Feldspar to stand up and come towards her. Yellow Diamond announced that Feldspar will go back to Earth and help rescue Peridot, then she asks them who would want to go to Earth with Feldspar. Suddenly, a gem bravely volunteered to help. Yellow Diamond asks who said that, Onyx walks in front of them and said that it was her. Yellow Diamond and Feldspar are both surprised, Yellow Diamond tells her to come up and she did. Yellow Diamond again asks them if anyone still wants to go to Earth with them, and nobody answered. The three gems walks down and the other gems continued on what they were doing. The three gems walks to the port. While Yellow Diamond and Feldspar was talking to each other, Onyx was still nervous on what she just did. Yellow Diamond tells Onyx that they will be leaving now. Feldspar and Onyx enters the small spaceship and quickly launched a course to Earth.

Meanwhile, Connie and Steven are playing inside Greg's Van. While Steven and Connie are throwing shirts at each other, Greg tells them to calm down a little. Steven said that they don't wanna then throws another shirt at Connie, then they both Steven and Connie laughs. When Connie removes the shirt, she sees something bright outside the window. Connie points it out then, Steven and Connie looks out of the window staring at it and claiming that its a shooting star. Steven hurriedly said to Connie to make a wish. But Connie instead, is still closely staring on what it is and realizes that its a spaceship. Connie tells this to Steven and they both look at the spaceship until it the hills blocked their view. Steven tells his dad, Greg, to turn around, but Greg says that they're almost near Connie's house and so they continued.

When they finally arrived on the Crystal Temple, Steven quickly enters the house and then Pearl tells him again to not slam the door so hard. Steven tells them what he just saw and that they need to go and find it out. Garnet uses her future vision to see where the spaceship might land and tells them that it's on a field. Pearl asks how they are going to get there that fast, then Steven said that they shouldn't worry because he has a pet Lion. Then Lion pats Steven's head and Steven hugs him.

Steven rides on Lion's back then Amethyst jumps in excitedly. Then, a worried Pearl whispers to Garnet that Steven might still not be ready for there are new gems. While Steven and Amethyst are having fun, Garnet reminds and warns Steven that this is a serious thing and that he should be careful. Steven agrees, then Garnet and Pearl rides Lion. Steven tells Lion to run, but didn't. Steven again asks Lion to run then finally Lion quickly runs into the water then creates a portal to the field.

When they got there, the spaceship was still far and it's already leaving. The Crystal Gems watches while hiding on the grass. Pearl asks what they are doing back on Earth, Garnet replies that they might be rescuing Peridot. Amethyst requests that they should do something, but Garnet says that they should just see on what will happen next. Then, the spaceship rapidly goes up in the sky with a loud boom noise. Steven got blown away by the wind but Garnet catches him. While the spaceship moves away from Earth, the Crystal Gems follows it.

While the Crystal Gems are watching the spaceship, Garnet orders them to retreat back to the temple. The Crystal Gems stares at Steven who fell asleep while they were watching. Amethyst and Pearl rides Lion then Garnet carries Steven and rides too. Pearl didn't know what to do with the Lion, without doing anything, the Lion automatically ran back to the temple. While the Lion's running, Garnet watches the spaceship.

Part II

The episode starts with Steven waking up on his bed. Pearl greets him while she's reading newspaper. Steven sees Garnet looking up in the sky at the balcony, and asks Pearl what's Garnet doing. Pearl replies that she is watching the spaceship. Steven asks where Amethyst is, and Pearl tells Steven that Amethyst is buying donuts for him. But before Pearl could finish speaking, a purple cat carrying donuts enters the house. The cat shape-shifts back into Amethyst. Steven was excited because he sees donuts, but then Amethyst says that the donuts are for her and not for him. Steven felt sad, but Amethyst said that she was just joking and gives Steven the donuts. But when Steven opened the bag, there was nothing inside, Amethyst then starts to laugh. Steven asks Amethyst where are the donuts are and said that she ate it all, then Steven felt sad again, but Amethyst said that she was just joking again. Then she gives another donut bag, Steven looks at it again and there was nothing inside then Amethyst laughs again. Pearl says to Steven that she will make breakfast for him and Steven says okay.

Meanwhile, Peridot and Feldspar are navigating and operating the ship. Onyx on the other hand, is pretending to help and accepts their orders. Then Feldspar leaves the navigation room and ordered Onyx to take over, Onyx thought this is the right time to do her plans. Onyx also leaves the room and asks Peridot to take over for a minute. Peridot complains but still accepts.

Onyx follows Feldspar and stopped near a wall. She summons a Gem Destabilizer and attempts to use it against Feldspar. Feldspar slowly walks by and Onyx follows her. Onyx quickly thrust the Gem Destabilizer but misses. Feldspar looks at her back and kicks Onyx. Onyx stands up and grabs the Gem Destabilizer and prepares for Feldspar's attacks. Feldspar also summons the same weapon and prepares to attack. Feldspar runs swiftly and attacks Onyx with the Gem Destabilizer, but Onyx blocks her attack using the same weapon creating a orb and explodes. The explosion swept away both of them, and disturbed Peridot.

While there was still smoke and debris, Feldspar punches Onyx instead of using her weapon. Onyx attempts to pick up the Gem Destabilizer but Feldspar instead picks up Onyx. Onyx is struggling to escape Feldspar's grip. So, Onyx summons a hammer from her chest hitting Feldspar in the face. Onyx picks up the Gem Destabilizer and throws the hammer at Feldspar. Onyx stabs her with the Gem Destabilizer and retreated back into her gem. Onyx picks up her gem and hides it in her pocket.

Peridot got worried and went to search for the two. When she enters where the two gems battled, she sees debris. Peridot hears a loud stepping noise, when she turned back she sees Onyx pointing a Gem Destabilizer at her. Peridot raises her hands up and surrenders. Onyx orders Peridot to land back to Earth near the Crystal Temple while pointing the gun at her back. Peridot tries to land the spaceship near the Crystal Temple.

Garnet sees this action and calls the other crystal gems. The crystal gems summons their weapon and orders Steven to stay in the house. They jumped off the balcony and lands in the sand. The Crystal Gems, along with Steven, watches as the spaceship comes down. Suddenly, the spaceship fell into the water. The crash made huge waves that covered the whole shoreline with water, even the Crystal Gems were swept away by the water. Peridot and Onyx were weak from the fall. Onyx picks up the Gem Destabilizer and comes toward Perdiot. Peridot summons a Gem Destabilizer and points it at Onyx. Onyx kicks away Peridot's weapon and warns her that not make any plans. Onyx grabs Peridot's arm and drags her away from ran away from the rising water.

Pearl wondered why they went underwater, and then Garnet thought that they might be looking for Jasper and Lapis. The Crystal Gems went into the water while Steven comes down into the beach and watches what happen to them. Onyx summons her hammer and smashes her way through the wall. The water gushes through them and got carried away while Onyx accidentally let go of Peridot. The Crystal Gems sees the ship sinking and went inside it. Peridot tries to swim away from Onyx but Onyx grabbed her in her feet. Pearl sees them throws a spear at them but missed. Then bubbles started coming out of the ship and Peridot and Onyx floated up into the surface.

Steven was amazed and asks himself if that was another gem and runs near them. Onyx swims towards the shore and throws Peridot into the sand. Steven got blown away by the sand when Peridot hits the sand. Onyx stands up and holds Peridot's arm. Steven runs towards them again, then the Crystal Gems jumped out of the water and lands on shore. Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst surrounds the two unarmed gems. Onyx surrenders to the Crystal Gems and said that she brought a prisoner.

Part III

The Crystal Gems are still not sure if Onyx really is an ally or an enemy. So, Onyx thought that they should give them Feldspar's gem. Onyx shows the gem, Peridot and the Crystal Gems were surprised. Especially Peridot, because she thought Feldspar would defeat Onyx easily. Garnet picks up the gem from Onyx's hand, bubbles it and it teleported to the temple. Garnet is still not sure, but helps Onyx stand up. Amethyst summons her whip and wraps it around Peridot. The gems went inside Steven's house to have a chat. While walking on back to the house, Steven asks Pearl something. Steven asks what they were doing here on Earth, Pearl replies that they still don't know and that he should just listen to what they are going to say.

Onyx, Pearl and Garnet sits down and the couch, Amethyst sits on the kitchen counter, still holding Peridot, while Steven watches from his bedroom. Pearl asks Onyx why she wanted to help them, Garnet threatened her to tell the truth and Onyx promised that she would. Onyx replies with a very long answer that kept the Gems asking for more answers. The Crystal Gems were finally sure that Onyx really is an ally and not an enemy. After the conversation ended, Amethyst, Peridot, and Pearl went outside, while Steven, Garnet and Onyx still inside. Garnet warns Steven to not to trust Peridot and do not do or listen to whatever she says. Then, Garnet and Onyx went inside the Crystal Temple to show Onyx the places. After Garnet and Onyx went inside the temple, Steven calls Connie

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