Gem Fantasies is a fandom created by NeonClovers . It revolves around 4 gems on earth,Coral, Moonstone, Melanite, and Kyanite, traveling and looking for their old teammates that was once recruited with them to stop HomeWorld.

In We Meet Again, the gems found Aventurine. Soon, in Gem Trackers, they found Emerald.


NeonClovers - Head Directer/Writer


This list below shows the number of Seasons created,and their timeline

No. Sub. No. Title Life Span
1 A Only the Start March 15th - TBA
1 B Only the Start TBA

Season 1

Season 1A

No. Title Description Release Date

Broken door, or gem?

When Kyanite can't activate his gem, The Gems try to find out the cause. Mar. 15th, 2015
2 Meeting Agate When Coral finds out that Melanite and Moonstone can fuse into Agate, she begs them to fuse, in order to meet him. Apr. 3rd, 2015
3 Secret Room Coral finds a secret room inside Kyanite's room, making her wonder who's room it is. Apr. 11th, 2015
4 We Meet Again During a mission to the Solar Moon Eclipse Palace, the gems encounter an old teammate... Apr. 17th, 2015
5 New Buddy? Kyanite needs help in order to befriend a girl named Isabelle. Apr. 25th, 2015
6 Gem Trackers With the help of Aventurine, she, Melanite, and Moonstone tracks down Emerald. Apr. 30th, 2015
7 The True Art of Arts and Crafts While cutting something, Isabella stabs Coral with her scissors. May 21th, 2015
8 New Kid A human boy finds the gems. June 1st, 2015
9 Adventure! Dylan begs the gems to take him on a mission. TBA
10 What awaits the Future Melanite sees the future. TBA
11 Safety A new gem appears... TBA
12 Danger The gems are now worried and suspicious.


Season 1B

No. Title Description Release Date


A new threat arrives in SpringWater Island. TBA

Call of the Wild

A tiger takes the kids somewhere, were they meet somebody... TBA
15 Disaster of a Fusion Melanite and Tiger's Eye fuse. TBA
16 Find me Dylan sees somebody strange, but the gems don't believe him. TBA
17 Secret Room II: The Wakening Tanzanite's room is acting strange. TBA
18 Familiar Faces Coral sees some familiar faces....too familiar. TBA
19 Technical Reflections Strange robots are appearing. TBA
20 Urgent Message The gems recieve a coded message. TBA
21 A Surprise Visit The gems get a surprise visit. TBA
22 Better Than You (Synopis soon) TBA

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