Gem Battle
Gem Battle
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date April 4th, 2015
Written by joshie3095, nk123
Directed by joshie3095
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"Gem Battle" is the second episode of the first season of Steven's Galaxy and is the second overall episode of the series.


The Crystal Gems and the Time Gems battle.


The episode starts with the Crystal Gems helping the Time Gems dig their ship out of the beach.

Steven: So, Turquoise why do you guy call yourselves the Time Gems?

Turquoise: Steven our group consist of me, Red Ruby, and Sapphire's older brother, Diamond. Together the 3 of us fix time alterations of anywhere in the universe. Just like the you guys have warp pads we have time pads.

Amethyst: Yeah, Steven the Time Gems and the Crystal Gems are the kinda the same, but we're better.

Red Ruby: Is that a challenge?

Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst: Yeah it is!

Turquoise, Red Ruby: It's on!

Turquoise: Steven, stay back and watch how real gems win.

The gems start their battle with the Crystal Gems winning and overpowering the Time Gems.

Turquoise: Ruby we need to fuse.

Ruby: Are you sure?

Turquoise: Yeah.

The 2 fuse to form Azurite.

Azurite: You can't stop us now

Azurite slams the ground making the Crystal Gems fly into the air and they are slammed into the ground.

Pear: Garnet, Amethyst you know what we need to do.

The 3 fuse into Alexandrite.

Alexandrite: This is about to be an easy win.

Alexandrite uppercuts Azurite causing him to defuse.

Turquoise: I'm about to end this fight!

Turquoise transforms into his ultimate form then he slams Amethyst into the ground, throws Garnet into an rock, and he was about to punch Pearl in the face until he saw her terrified face causing him to go back into his base mode.

Turquoise: What am I doing? You guys are my friends.

Amethyst: Well, it looks like you guys won.

Garnet: And it looks like we've dug up your ship.

Red Ruby: Guess it's time to go Steven.







•Red Ruby



•Crystal Temple


•Azurite make his debut.

•Alexandrite makes her Steven's Galaxy debut.

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