This is the 6th episode in the Legend of Sapphire series.


When Garnet finally reveals she is a fusion, this could mean the end of Garnet and Emerald.


The episode starts off with Emerald and Garnet returning from a mission with a gem artifact in their hands. They bubble it together and then they crash on the couch talking about the mission and trying to flirt with each other. The two were about to kiss however Carnelian walks in and sits in the middle of the two which agitates them. Emerald then tells Garnet that he needed to do something at the lighthouse and tells that he will be back in a little bit. Garnet then gives a small smile and blows a kiss to Emerald which he blushes from as he walks outside. Garnet then asks Carnelian why he had to ruin the moment but Carnelian just ran off laughing from his little stunt he pulled. The rest of the Crystal Gems and the other two brothers walk in with a small chest they found in the burning room. They asked what was in that chest and garnet didn't remember. Garnet walked up to the chest and in it was a strange form of artifact inside. Garnet went to reach it but when she touched it, it gave a great burning sensation on her skin and slowly it began to change color. One side of her body turned a light red while the other half turned into a very pale blue. Suddenly a flash of light appeared and from the light came 2 gems. They all were astounded by this except for Rose Quartz who actually knew about the two being Garnet. The two gems tried to remember what happened during their fusion but didn't seem to remember. Both of the gems then gave each other a hug and then looked around at the others. Pearl was speechless and asked who they were. Before the gems could introduce themselves, Rose told Pearl their names were Ruby and Sapphire. Pearl was shocked from this especially since she was dating Ice Sapphire. Then Ice Sapphire explained that during the beginning of time, a shard broke from his portion of the gem that broke which explained why there was two sapphires. Onyx was suprised to figure this out and was more worried about what would happen if Emerald finds out that they are a fusion. Ruby and Sapphire still not remembering asked who Emerald was and Onyx explained that it was a gem that they were dating. Sapphire and Ruby didn't believe that since they explained that they were dating and Onyx then explained that Emerald was with them during their fusion of Garnet. Sapphire then began to remember all of the memories that they shared with Emerald and began to feel worried for Emerald. Pearl then explains that it is important that Emerald can't find out about this. Then a voice from behind asks them what can't he find out which turned out to be Emerald.

Pearl became worried but tried to keep her cool to prevent him from finding out. Onyx tried to change the subject when he noticed that Emerald was holding something in his hand which was a small case. Emerald explained that he had something for Garnet and then asked where she was. Amethyst told him that Garnet was out for a bit and won't be back till later. Emerald then see Ruby and Sapphire and walk up them introducing himself but before he could say his name Sapphire said it. Emerald was wondering how they knew his name and Sapphire then tried to tell him something. But before she could say, Pearl covers her mouth telling Emerald that they wanted to say they were dating. Emerald got suspicious and asked if there was something they were hiding from him and Pearl quickly uncovered Sapphire's mouth. Pearl then asked why he would suspect that which made Emerald a little agitated from her asking that. He told Pearl he has been around since the beginning of time and knows when someone is hiding something. Pearl backs up and tells Ruby and Sapphire to tell him. Ruby told Emerald that it was true that the two were dating and also told him that there was something he needed to show. Emerald backed up slightly and asked if they could show what they wanted him to see. Ruby and Sapphire then begin to perform a dance and a flash of light appears again which begins to fuse their bodies. When the flash is gone, Garnet stands in that light. Emerald's eyes opened with shock, speechless that the two lovers were actually Garnet the whole time. Garnet then tried to explain that they lost themselves in the fusion for being fused so long and tried to explain that the Garnet fusion did have feelings for him during the time. Emerald then began to shed a tear from seeing this and slowly his sadness turned to anger. He threw a small green pealet on the ground which created a green smoke in the room. They couldn't see him but they did hear the warp pad activate knowing that he had ran off. The cloud of smoke disappeared showing he was gone. Ice Sapphire then told that they need to find his brother and try to calm him down. He told that him and Onyx would look at the desert to find him, while Pearl, Jade, and Amethyst check the Kindergarten. He then command Rose, Lapis, and Steven to check Beach City and gave a command to Garnet to look on the lost island for him. They agreed to this and Garnet was the first to warp to find Emerald.

She arives at the island and see his footprints in the dirt leading to the beaches of the island. She follows the tracks but on her way she see something in the dirt. It was a small case and Garnet remembered that Emerald mentioned he had something for Garnet. She bends down and picks it up feeling something light inside. She opens it and she see a beautiful necklace made of gold and crystal. Garnet began to blush from this and put it on her neck as she continued to serch for Emerald. She continued following the path and saw Emerald at the beach and noticed the tear drops that fell into the sands. She walked up to Emerald and asked if he was ok but Emerald asked her to leave the island and leave him in his loneliness. Garnet told him that she was sorry he saw them and told him that when Garnet took over Sapphire and Ruby's control, Garnet actually was in love with Emerald. Emerald and Garnet sat on the sand of the beach looking at the sun seting. Emerald tells Garnet that he loved her with all of his heart and finding that out just made him shatter. Garnet felt his pain and a tear drop began to run down her check. She tells him that he could still be with Garnet if he wanted to and moved closer to him. Emerald sighed and told Garnet that when you really love someone, sometimes you need to let them go. Garnet asked what he meant by this and Emerald explained that he knows that this wouldn't work out since the gems that fused were in love. Emerald told Garnet that he loves her to much to keep holding onto the past keeping her trapped with him so he tells Garnet that he wants to let her go so the gems that fused could be together. Garnet blushed from this and gave a kiss to Emerald. She slowly pulls away and thanks him for his decision and asked if they could still be friends. Emerald was still sad but he agreed to that and the two then walk back to the warp pad and return to the temple which ends the episode


  • Steven
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Emerald
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Jade
  • Sapphire (canon)
  • Ruby (canon)
  • Carnelian


  • Garnet reveals she is a fusion
  • Because Sapphire (canon) was in this episode for this episode Sapphire (Legend of Onyx) is called Ice Sapphire.
  • Emerald and Garnet's relationship is at an end.
  • Rose somehow knew about Ruby and Sapphire being Garnet.

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