Titanium Quartz-She is the leader of the Galaxy gems. She can e very catious and jump to conclusions, but most of the time is very cheerful.

Moldavite-When you meet her at first she seems to be a snobby jerk, but when you get to know her, you find out that she feels lonely, even though she is surrounded by people.

Fire Rubellite-Is serious around her teamates, the gems, and Steven, but if you just meet her she tends to be shy. She also is sometimes picked on for being shy.

Turquoise-Is the most enegetic out of all of them. She sings and dances and plays with Steven as if she was his age, but if you hurt someone she is friends with, you will face her wrath.


Titanium Quartz- Skin color:Brown

Iris color:Rainbow

Hair:Long Rainbow Hair tied up in to pony tails,two for each bow. Her bangs form a heart shape on her head, then the pony tails start as Magenta leading to the curl at the bottom which is red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

Outfit:Ethier has a rainbow striped short-sleeve shirt going down a angle having a star near the end of the longer tip with black leggings, or a black long-sleeve shirt with rainbow having a rainbow five pointed star at the center and wearing jeans. Wears black slippers. Has a Titanium Quartz on her right leg.

Quartz-She is just like her present self(Titanium Q.) except her hair is white and wavy, and her irises are a soft brown. She wears a long white sweet heart neck line blouse with clear short sleeves, and a ribbon on it, wears white leggings, and wears white slippers

Moldavite- Skin:Pale green

Hair:Dark green tied in a pony tail until A new Style in which her hair is down for the rest of the series with one clip in it.

Outfit:A White long-sleeve shirt with a green star on it. At the end of her sleeves, she has Gold swirls. Wears a green skirt. Has a pink belt with gold lining, little green gems, a huge green gem at the center, and wears black high-heels, Until A New style in which she wears a salmon shirt, green pants and gold high heels. Has a gem on her neck, that has a necklace like gold clip, piercing her gem and surrounding her whole neck.

Fire Rubellite- Skin:Pale red

Hair:Long magondy hair with purple streak in in.

Outfit:Purple dress with blue star in the back. Has gem on her back

Turquoise-Skin: Light Turquoise-green

Hair:Dark Green-blue tied in thick pony tail.

Outfit:Turquoise shirt, Completely covered in indigo jacket with a fluffy collar and fluffy sleeves. Has a short blue shirt covered in a indigo skirt cover with fluff on the bottom. Has gem on the side of her head.


Titanium-The Galaxy Gems back then didn't include Moldavite. When they found her, Quartz instantly thought she was a spy from the other gem group. The others though, thought she was cool and needed to be helped. After a few hours with Emerald on their side, they are attacked by Sulfur and Peridot. While trying to save Moldavite, Quartz falls into a bunch of titanium/ vapors and is transformed to Titanium Quartz. After Undergoing the transformation, she retreats to her gem to heal her burns. After returning, she changes her outfit , growns out her now rainbow hair,and gets used to her new gem.


Titanium wasn't always Titanium Quartz, and was transformed by fumes.

Gems can get gem piercings, but after the process, might feel loopy after words

The three originals were good friend since their creation

Titanium gets over her suspisions about MoldariteMoldarite



Fire Rubellite is bullied while living on earth

Moldarite has a pink cell-phone

Titanium has a special bubble wand and mixture that she gives to Connie as a gift (And protection against gems)

Turquoise loves winter, while Emerald and Fire Ruby loath it. Titanium doesn't mind.

All gems have a special ability, Titanium's being hazy rainbow power ball, Turquoise's being ice, Ruby's being mind reading and Moldarite being able to control weather.


Titanium Quartz






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