Gaia is Emerald's pet gargoyle in the Legend of Sapphire series.


Like a gargoyle, Gaia is made of stone but has glowing green eyes that glow in the dark. He also has two horns on his head and a massive pair of stone wings that allow him to fly at great speeds even with his heavy weight. He can stand up on his hind legs reaching a hight equivalent to Jasper but most of the time, he would rather be on all fours giving him great running speed.


Before he met Emerald, Gaia was a very vengeful gargoyle that was added to the church in Beach City. He was very dangerous with his determination and courage in battle making Gaia a very dangerous foe in battle. But now that Emerald was able to tame the gargoyle, Gaia is a little more gentle but in battle is as brave and relentless as he was before he battle against Emerald. Most of the time, he is seen around Emerald or Garnet and is known to sometimes pin someone down and lick them as a form of affection for someone.


  • Flight
  • Fire of Life
  • Super Speed
  • Unbeatable Strength
  • Unbreakable Body


Like a gargoyle, he has skin made of stone making him indestructable against many forms of enemies. He also is able to fly at amazing speeds and can run on the ground at speeds almost equivalent when flying. He is also extremely strong being able to light massive objects and is shown to carry Emerald, Garnet, and Steven with out any sign of struggle. But what makes him so powerful is his fire of life which glows a green and has the ability of giving life to anything without it including making statues come to life. The fire also does have healing powers allowing him to heal battle scars in combat as well as being able to heal others with it.


  • He is named after the greek titan gaia who was said to be the creator of earth and all life in greek mythology.
  • He can talk telepathically with others but can't actually talk.
  • Garnet was the one who didn't want to have Gaia as a pet.
  • Gaia is shown to like bells which is why he chose the bell tower of the church as his lair in the episode, The Stone War.