Fusion Scheme
Season 1A, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date 6/26/15
Written by jordancon2000
Directed by jorancon2000
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Theme Song

Spike: What is that thing?

Steven: It's a corrupted Gem.

Crystal: I haven't seen one of those in a long time.

Spike: It looks like a giant puffer fish.

Lapis: We can't stop it all by our selves.

Spike: Crystal! We should fuse.

Crystal: What?! Why?

Spike: Because it would be so much easier to stop this thing.

Crystal: Fine.

"Fusion Dance Scene"

Iolite: Let's do this!(pulls out weapons and combine them into a spiky sword)

Lapis: Wow! That's a cool fusion.

Steven: Yeah.

Iolite: Let's do this.(jumps into air and stabs the creature; causing it to poof)

Steven: (runs over and bubbles gem and sends it to the boiling room) There.

Iolite: Good job Steven!(tries to de-fuse) Huh?

Lapis: What's wrong?

Iolite: I can't d-fuse.

Steven: Well that's ok.

Lapis: Yeah, now there's another mission that you only have to do.

Steven: There...(gets cut off by Lapis)

Lapis: And that mission is that you have to go underwater and find Jasper.

Iolite: Why?

Lapis: To see if she's still trapped under there.

Iolite: Ok, but I can't breathe underwater.

Lapis: Here(gives them a bubble helmet)you'll be able to breathe with this.

Iolite: Ok.(puts on helmet then jumps into the ocean)

Steven: Why did you do that?

Lapis: Because I'm making them do things I don't want to do.

Steven: Oh.

Iolite: (returns) She's still underwater.

Steven: Great! Now another mission where you have to clean my room and find a gem artifact.

Iolite: Why can't you do it?

Steven: Because you have four arms so it would be way faster.

Iolite: That makes sense.

Steven: This is fun.


Lapis: Now get me something to drink.

Steven: No, get me some bits.

Lapis: No, get me a drink!

Steven: No, bits!

Lapis: Drink.

Steven: Bits.

Lapis: Drink.

Steven: Bits.

Lapis: Drink.

Steven: Bits.

Iolite: (un-fuses)

Lapis: Drink.

Steven: Bits.

Lapis: Drink.

Steven: Bits.

Spike: You guys, stop fighting.

Lapis: You two defused.

Crystal: Yeah, that's what happens.

Steven: No!

Spike: We can still do your missions, but separately.

Crystal: Spike, we weren't even do missions, they were using us.

Spike: Is that true?

Lapis & Steven: Yes.

Spike: I expected that from Lapis, but not from you Steven.

Steven: That's because Lapis made me.

Lapis: That's such a lie.

Steven: Ok, she really just made it seem very interesting to me.

Crystal: For that Steven and Lapis, you two are grounded.

Steven: Not again.

Lapis: What does grounded mean?

Spike: Well for humans it's different, from Gems they stay in their gems for as long as the person says.

Lapis: That's the last time I'm gonna mess with a fusion.

The End


  • Steven Universe
  • Crystal Jefferson
  • Spike Jefferson
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Iolite


  • Watermelon Tourmaline

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