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Fusion Practice
Peridot, embarrassed from pushing Lapis to the wall.
Season 1, Episode 12
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Written by Unknown
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Upon learning that Peridot has never fused before, Steven tries to help her and Lapis fuse.






Peridot is seen going through junk in her room when Steven walks in. Peridot asks Steven what he's doing and Steven says he just got back from a misson. Steven mentions Sardonyx and Peridot looks confused. Steven brings up fusion and Peridot, a little embarrassed, admits that she has never fused before.

Steven is shocked and runs to find Lapis. He tugs Lapis' hand and tells her that she wants Peridot to fuse with her. Lapis blushes and tells Steven that she's not sure about it as she has never fused, other than with Jasper, which was a bad experience. Steven tells her that it's easy to fuse and that she just has to dance with Peridot. Lapis sighs but goes into Peridot's room.

Peridot is nervous and hugs Lapis. They decide that they can try it but Peridot keeps stalling. Finally, when they need to dance they both just end up walking awkwardly in front of each other. Steven suddenly runs out and gets Garnet and Pearl.

Garnet and Pearl perform their fusion dance as Lapis and Peridot watch. As Sardoynx appears, she encourages them to try again. Peridot then begins a dance and twirls Lapis around. Then she pushes her against a wall and they both blush, but Lapis giggles. Steven and Sardonyx watch as suddenly they begin to form together.

Amazonite forms and Steven looks up in awe. He says hello to her and Amazonite looks around nervously. Sardonyx walks over and applauds her. Amazonite finally speaks and thanks her but then begins to sigh happily. She picks up Steven and takes him outside near the ocean. Amazonite forms a sculpture out of water and Steven laughs happily. He gets set down as Amazonite unfuses.

Peridot and Lapis stare at each in silence for a few seconds and then hug each other happily. Steven cheers as the episode ends.


  • "There you go lovely! How does it feel to be fusion?" - Sardonyx


  • This is Amazonite's first appearance.

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