"Fusion Madness" is the second episode of The Homeworld Gems.

Fusion Madness
Season 1a, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date July 4, 2015
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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New Friend In The Dark


When Emerald and Morganite fuse for a mission, Jasper gets jealous and everything falls apart!


Peridot walks in, looking at her finger screen.

Peridot: *closes screen* Hmmm...... It seems that there is some sort of "monster" blocking the warp pads out-

Emerald: I wanna go!

Morganite: No, me!.....Please?


Peridot: Ugh! Stop acting like that. It gets on my nerves. Anyways, it's too dangerous to go alone. If it could be blocking ALL of the warp pads, then it must be very hard to defeat.

Emerald: I know! We can fuse!

Morganite: We...Can...?

Jasper walks in, overhearing they were talking about fusion.

Jasper: Why? Fusion is such a cheap tactic.

Emerald: We HAVE to! The mission is dangerous.

Jasper: If it's so dangerous, why don't you send a stronger gem?! I would be perfect for the mission.....

Peridot: You know how you get so out of hand! You would end up destroying the warp pads, you clod!

Jasper grabs Peridot by the shirt in anger.

Jasper: You don't know!

Emerald and Morganite just watch in surprise.

Morganite Whispers to Emerald: Just back away slowly...

Emerald and Morganite slowly back away, and the sound of fighting grows faint.

Emerald: So, whadda you say? Should we fuse?

Morganite: Whatever makes the job done faster...

Emerald: Great!

Emerald pulls Morganite along until they get to the mission site. Then, Morganite performs a ballet with Emerald. A bright light surrounds them, and they fuse into Ammonite.

Ammolite: Huh?

Ammolite looks around herself, studying the unique features.

Ammolite: This feels....

Ammolite: Amazing!

Ammolite begins to run around, laughing.

Ammolite: Oh, I forgot. The mission.

Ammolite begins to look for the monster while the camera pans over to Peridot and Jasper, who are still fighting.

Peridot: Hey, where did Emerald and Morganite go?

Jasper: They better not be outside fused!

Jasper goes to look out a window when suddenly, a large figure runs by.

Jasper: It IS them! I should be out there....

Jasper: Ugh!

Jasper puts her fists out, ready to break the window.

Peridot: Calm down, Jasper! Don't-


Ammonite gets distracted for a moment while fighting the monster, and defuses in surprise.

Emerald and Morganite: What was THAT?

Jasper: RAAH!

Jasper looked as if she was ready to jump out the window!

Peridot: Jasper? What are you doing?!

Jasper jumps out of the window, landing right in front of Emerald and Morganite.

Jasper (Heavily breathing): Haha... Hahahaha!

Emerald and Morganite look at each other scared.

Emerald: Run!

Jasper: Hahhahah!

Emerald and Morganite run away scared, while Jasper runs after them.

Jasper: Come here, you little brats!

Emerald and Morganite trip and fall.

Emerald: Ah!

Morganite: .......I was just leaving. Morganite turns into an owl and flies away.

Emerald shapeshifts and attempts to fly away, but Jasper grabs her.

Jasper: Aw, don't fly off so soon!

Morganite: NopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNope.

Emerald: Lemme go!

Jasper: Hahaha.... Hahaha!

Jasper knocks Emerald out and the screen fades to black.

The screen fades back, with Morganite standing over Emerald.

Emerald: What happened?

Morganite: Nothing....

Morganite winks at the camera and gives a small smile, and the screen fades on it.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Many of Jasper's lines and actions were used from Jailbreak.
  • This is the first fusion revealed in the series.
    • It is also the first time Ammolite is seen.
  • Jasper is shown to hate fusions in this episode
  • This is the first time Morganite has smiled in the series.

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