Fusion Island is an episode of The Fusion Chronicles.

Fusion Island

(Setting: Crystal Temple)

Pearl and Amethyst: What? Why?

Rose: Me and Garnet have to go on a mission as well. What we want you to do is go to Mask Island and defeat the Hapworm. You will also run into baby Hapworms on the way.

Garnet: Thats right. *nods head*

(Garnet and Rose leave on warp pad)

Amethyst: I guess we better go.

(Amethyst and Pearl leave on warp pad)

(Setting: Mask Island)

Pearl: Well, where here.

(Both look at trail. Trail is full of baby Hapworms)

Pearl: Thats gonna take awhile. We should get moving.

Amethyst: Yeah…

(Time skip from birds eye view: Trail is ⅓ clear)

(Time skip from birds eye view: Trail is another ⅓ clear)

(Time skip from birds eye view: Trail is yet another ⅓ clear)

Pearl: Finally, we're done with all these worm things

Amethyst: Yeah…

(Unexpectedly, The mother Hapworm jumps behind Pearl and Amethyst and eats them)

Pearl and Amethyst: Ahh!

Amethyst: What the heck is this!

Pearl: I donna know!

(time skip: still in worm)


Amethyst: WAY TO THINK P!

(They dance, and fail to fuse)

Pearl: What was that?!

Amethyst: You, hit me!

Pearl: Lets just try this again.

Amethyst: Okay but, actually sync with my dancing.

(This time they successfully fuse into Opal)

(Opal rips out of worm with Pearls Spear)

(Mother Hapworm splits into multiple baby Hapworms)

(Opal fights them off)

(Opal walks back to warp pad)

(time skip: Opal is on warp pad with Garnet just staring and Rose smiling)

Rose: So, did you bubble it?

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