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Fusion Gems (Steven Universe) (Fanon Series)

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"Fusion Gems" are the product of two or more Gems who fuse together, creating an entirely separate entity. Fusions are commonly formed in states of emergencies.


Legend of Onyx/Sapphire Fusions

blue topaz: this is the fusion of both sapphire and pearl.

diamond:this is the ultimate fussion of all the gems (exept onix)

obsidian: this is the fussion of onix, sapphire, and emerald.

aquamarine: this is the fussion of lapis lazuli and steven.

SapphireTheCrystalGem's Fanon(s)

Turquoise:Multi-Fusion of Coal,Citrine,and Diamond/Angel Aura.

Opalite:Fusion of Menolite and Gneiss.

Aquamarine:Fusion of Citrine and Gneiss.

Prehnite:Fusion of Amazonite and Angel Aura/Diamond.

Ash:Fusion of Coal and Diamond.

Tanzanite:3/4 Gem and 1/4 Human Fusion of Steven/Rose Quartz and Diamond/Angel Aura.

Spudomene:Fusion of Amazonite and Baryte.

Olivine:Fusion of Emerald and Angel Aura/Diamond.

Ametrine:Fusion of Citrine and Agate.

Rock:Fusion of Sandstone and Coal.

TheEnchidioMan's Fanon(s)

  • Steel: The fusion between Peridot and Jayden.

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