This is a list with all Fusion Gems who appear in LB Fandom .

Fusions with Calim

Calim + Pearl = Obisidian

Calim + Lapis Lazuli = Azurite

Calim + Sapphire = Iolite

Fusions with Pearl

Calim + Pearl = Obisidian

Fusions with Garnet


Fusions with Amethyst

Amethyst + Ruby = Lacquer

Amethyst + Calim = Aragonite

Fusions with Lapis

Lapis Lazuli + Calim = Azurite

Fusions with Peridot


Fusions with Jasper


Fusions with Sapphire

Sapphire + Ruby = Garnet

Sapphire + Calim = Lolite

Fusions with Ruby

Ruby + Sapphire = Garnet

Ruby + Amethyst = Lacquer

Friend Fusions

"Friend Fusions" are Fusions of Calim and/or Coral from LikeBrony's friends from other websites.



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