Fusion Fiasco
DDG Ep 12 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 12
Vital statistics
Air date April 5th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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"Fusion Fiasco" is the 12th episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 12th overall episode of the series.


Jace urges Rhodo and Malachite to fuse.


Rhodo was sitting with Jace at the Rise Island sands, near the ocean. Rhodo gave Jace some blue carrot cake, which he made from the blue carrots that he grew from his garden. Jace got a slice of the cake and enjoyed it.

Jace: This is SO yummy!

Rhodo: Glad you liked it, kid!

Rhodo placed the blue carrot cake on the floor (there was a plate under it, of course) and sat down next to Jace. Jace looked like he was curious about something. Then he turned to Rhodo.

Jace: Rhodo, where are Apatite and that green girl?

Rhodo: Firstly, that green girl’s name is Malachite, and they’re off doing a mission.

Jace: Where?

Rhodo: Eh, no place important…

There was a silence for quite a moment. Rhodo looked down at the sand. Was it something Jace said? Jace noticed this, but Rhodo changed the subject.

Rhodo: Hey, did you know we can fuse?

Jace: Well, yeah! I saw you guys fuse at the Spire!

Rhodo laughed.

Rhodo: I meant with Malachite.

Jace’s eyes shined like stars. He looked very intrigued. Rhodo raised an eyebrow.

Jace: You can fuse with other gems?!

Rhodo: Of course we can! That’s kinda what can gems do.

Jace: What’s your fusion?! What do you look like?! What-

Rhodo: Woah there, buddy! Okay, calm down. Our fusion’s Sard and he’s a tall cutie with a energetic personality. That part’s me. And he can get a bit insane sometimes…

???: That’s you too, Rhodo! Stop lying!

Rhodo squealed like a little girl and jumped. Both him and Jace turned around. They didn’t even notice Malachite and Apatite warp back from their mission. The 2 gems jumped down from the warp pad and made their way towards Rhodo and Jace.

Malachite: So, you’re telling Jace about Sard?

Apatite: Oh dear…

Jace: Can you guys fuse now?!

All of the gems were surprised, but mostly Apatite. Rhodo and Malachite got rid of their shocked expressions immediately.

Apatite: Jace, we only fuse if there’s a deadly situation!

Rhodo: Hm… I’m okay with it!

Malachite: Me too!

Apatite: Wha-?!

But it was too late. Apatite really can’t control these two. They got into their positions and started their fusion dance. Rhodo was a couple of feet away from Malachite, with Jace watching, starry eyed. Apatite didn’t approve of this, but she went along with it anyway.

Apatite: Okay, but be careful. The last time you guys fused, you pushed a girl down a well.

Rhodo: Hey, we got her out later!

Apatite: An hour later…

Malachite: Whatever, let’s just get to the fusing!

Their gems started to glow.

Malachite: Synchronize....

They started their dance. First it started off as a club-style dance, Rhodo shaking in a rhythm as Malachite danced in place in a pattern. Then, the crazy stuff happened. They proceeded to dance in a metal sort of fashion, like they were moshing. Then, they finally slammed the sides of their bodies together, forming a glowing figure that morphed into a tall figure twice the size of Rhodo. Then, he stopped glowing. The fusion dance was complete. Sard was a towering orange figure with an eyepatch on his left eye and a colorful haircut. He laughed and laughed. Jace just stood there, amazed as usual. Apatite looked unsure about the situation.

Sard: *laughs* I forgot how great it feels to be myself again!

Jace: OH. MY. GOSH.

Sard: Pretty cool, right?

Sard bent down to Jace and patted his head with his upper right arm. He then closed his eyes, making his gems glow, summoning his weapon, which was a gigantic guandao. He aimed it at a gigantic boulder. Sard ran towards the boulder stroke it with powerful force. The boulder was cut in half. Jace’s jaw dropped.

Sard: C’mon, let’s go have some fun!

Sard ran to the warp pad, making a sandy fog every step he took. He warped himself to an unknown location. Apatite was even more worried than before.

Apatite: Jace, we need to get to Greymont. Now.

Jace: Why?

Apatite: I have a bad feeling that’s where they went…

Apatite brought Jace to the warp pad and warped them both to Greymont. They stepped down from the warp pad and onto the black sands of Greymont. Then, Jace witnessed the chaos that Sard could bring. Several houses were badly damaged, there was a girl stuck in a well, and the water tower was burned again! Apatite face-palmed herself in disappointment while Jace watched in shock. Sard was about to slice a house in half using his guandao, but was stopped by Apatite’s clouds. Sard turned down to Apatite in disgust.

Sard: What are you doing?! We’re having fun!

Apatite: Too much fun, it seems like! You two need to unfuse immediately!

Sard: Never! I love this!

Sard sliced the house in half, causing Apatite to tensen up. She summoned a giant polearm from her gem with great power, and threw it at Sard. Sard didn’t see it coming, so when he turned around, it struck him in the neck. 2 seconds passed, and Sard disappeared in a giant poof. There laid Rhodochrosite and Malachite on the road, weak. Apatite grabbed Jace, flying them both towards the weakened gems on her cloud, then running up to them when she got close enough.

Apatite: Are you two alright?!

Rhodo: Yeah… *Cough* Sard just… Overworked are bodies a bit…

Malachite: You were right.

That brought a smile to Apatite’s face.

Apatite: Yeah! I was right!

She hugged them both, but released them once she noticed that they were in serious pain already. Suddenly, Mayor Ingot drove up to them. He rushed out of his car with fury. His face was like a red pepper.


Rhodo: B-but the Pizza Parlor!





  • Mayor Ingot's Car


  • Rise Island
  • Greymont


  • This is the second time a fusion has been featured in the series, the first time being in On the Rise.
  • This is the first time Rhodo fuses with Malachite.
  • The water tower burning down again is a reference from a previous episode, Frozen Hearts.

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