Fusion Crime
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date Unknown
Written by Sticks the Badger
Directed by Sticks the Badger
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"Fusion 101" "Synergy"

Fusion Crime is the 2nd episode of Season 1 in The Last Of Us, and the 2nd episode overall.


When invited to a dinner date, Citrine and Ivory fuse and pretend to be Mage's mother.


[Open Int. Beach House]

(Mage is seen running towards the Gems with his phone.)

Mage: Guys! Guys! Look what came in my email today!

Jet: Let me see... (takes Mage's phone and reads it) Hmm... No.

Mage: Aw, come on! It's Clarissa!

Ivory: Your crush?

Mage: Perhaps.

Jet: Fine, I'll go. But I'm not eating. It peeves me... (shudders)

Citrine: I'm assuming supervision is required for human dining?

Mage: Kind of. Clarissa's parents want to meet my parents...

Ivory: You do realize your mom and dad are dead, right?

Jet: Ivory!

Ivory: What? It's true!

Mage: Can you guys just help me?

Citrine: Certainly. What you do you suggest?

[Trans. Int. The Crab Shack]

(The Johnston family is seen impatiently waiting at a table.)

Mrs. Johnston: (sighs) We've been waiting for over forty-

(The Gems rush into the restaurant.)

Jet: (panting) Sorry we're late. We got caught in traffic.

Mage: (sits down) It sucked.

Mrs. Johnston: Of course. I presume this your spouse?

Jet: Yes. Jasper, dear, why don't you take a seat?

Jasper: (blankly stares at Jet)

Jet: Uh, Jasper?

Jasper: Oh, sure.

(A waiter brings them salads.)

Jasper: Awesome! Snacks! (reaches for salad, but slaps herself) What are you doing? Etiquette!

(Everyone stares at Jasper.)

Jasper: Pardon me. I must excuse myself.

(Jasper walks off-screen.)

Mr. Johnston: Your mother is fairly...unique.

Mage: I know, right? She's the best mom ever!

Clarissa: My mother's pretty great, too. She makes me oatmeal for breakfast!

[Trans. Ext. Outside]

(Jasper is seen defusing.)

Ivory: Good going.

Citrine: I apologize for that awkward moment.

Ivory: Jasper would've been fine if you weren't such a cibophobic.

Citrine: Human digestion is rather disgusting.

Ivory: Oh, whatever. Let's just focus on getting through the evening.

[Trans. Int. The Crab Shack]

(Jasper walks back to the table and sits down.)

Jet: Oh, there you are. I was starting to get worried.

Jasper: Hi...

Mage: Where were you? You missed dessert!

Clarissa: Yeah, we had apple pie!

Jasper: My bad. I apologize. (reaches for salad, but clenches her fist)

Jet: Is something wrong...?

Jasper: No, I'm just... hungry!

(Jasper jumps on the table, devouring the food.)

Jasper: (gags) Stop this nonsense!

Clarissa: What's going on?

Jet (embarrassed): Jasper, calm down...

Jasper (shouting): No! Why can't you be civil?! (defuses)

Mage: Whoa.

Ivory: What's your problem?!

Citrine: My problem? Clearly, the problem is-

Jet: Stop, please. We'll discuss this matter later.

Mr. Johnston: What is going on here?

Mage: Fusion. It's when Gems are mashed together.

Mr. Johnston: Hmm... We should go. C'mon, Clarissa.

Mrs. Johnston: It was lovely meeting this family of yours, Mage.

Mage: Anytime.




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