Fusion 101
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date Unknown
Written by Sticks the Badger
Directed by Sticks the Badger
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N/A "Fusion Crime"

Fusion 101 is the 1st episode of Season 1 in The Last Of Us, and the 1st episode overall.


The Crystal Gems try to teach Mage to use his fusion powers.


[Open Int. Beach House]

Jet: (snapping) a-5-6-7-8!

(Mage and Citrine try to dance in unison.)

Jet: Synchronize! (still snapping)

(Citrine tries to lift Mage, but Citrine drops him and he falls. They both giggle.)

Jet: Be serious.

(Mage and Citrine continue dancing. Jet continues snapping. Citrine successfully lifts Mage, but they both start giggling again. Jet stops snapping and frowns.)

Jet: (standing near Citrine) Pay attention now, Mage.

(Jet and Citrine perform a ballroom dance. Citrine briefly lifts Jet. Jet backs into a wall. Citrine leans against the same wall; her hands on either side of Jet's head. Jet blushes.)

Jet: (looks at Mage, smiling) See? (beckoning gesture)

Mage: (stares at Jet wide-eyed for a second, but then looks determined) Hmm...

(Mage tries to dance with Jet and copy Citrine's moves. He's too short and needs help with some of the poses. Jet smiles hesitantly and looks at Citrine. Citrine rests her chin in her hand in thought. Mage and Citrine do a dance similar to the Macarena. Mage follows pretty well but isn't as limber and flexible as Citrine. Jet tries to do a duet with Mage but accidentally hits him in the face with his leg since he's too short. Mage lands on his side. Jet looks apologetic and concerned. Jet takes a step towards Mage with an apparent intent to comfort. Citrine and Jet snap in unison; Mage is a bit off beat. Citrine and Jet one foot forward; Mage puts forward his left hand. Citrine and Jet run in unison and exit stage right. Mage enters the frame from stage right, realizes he's going the wrong way, turns around, and tries to catch up with the Gems. Citrine and Jet in unison slide, leap, and pose in midair. Mage tries to jump and pose as well but quickly falls to the ground.)

Ivory: C'mon, Magey! Let's fuse it up. (picks up Mage)

Mage: I'm amped!

Jet: (interrupts) Wait! (pauses) Ivory, think about this. You and Csarite were a little... eheh...unstable when your personalities combined.

Mage: (scoffs) We can handle it.

Citrine: No.

Ivory: What? (drops Mage)

Citrine: You know, when you fuse, you don't feel like two people, you feel like one being. You lose yourself.

Jet: Exactly. (nods)

Ivory: Fine. I'll be in my room...where there's no fun police! (dashes into her room)

Citrine: Mage, you must understand fusion isn't a joke. It's consensual, and sacred. Only fuse, with either Jet or me, when it's absolutely necessary. Okay?

Mage: Understood.

[Trans. Int. Ivory's Room]

Mage: We're gonna fuse?

Ivory: (digs through junk-pile) Yuppers.

Mage: Are you sure? That was some pretty solid advice.

Ivory: (kicks something over) Who cares? (finds an object) Ah, here it is. (hands a picture to Mage)

Mage: Who is she?

Ivory: Peridot.

Mage: Wow... Four arms.

Ivory: She was a fusion. Our fusion.

Mage: (grins) You thinking what I'm thinking?

Ivory: You know it!

(Mage and Ivory's fusion dance begins. An amorphous blob of energy is slowly formed. Citrine walks in.)

Citrine: (carrying a battle-axe) Ivory, why was Jet's- (gasps)

(Citrine jumps into the amorphous blob, ejecting the Gems.)

[Trans. Int. Citrine's Room]

Citrine: What were you thinking?

Ivory: Geeze, sorry. I was only trying to help.

Citrine: I'm not going to say anything, but I expect you to understand that was wrong. (exits room)

Jet: I must say, you're rather rebellious. (winks)

Ivory: What makes you so sure?

Jet: Well, that's simple! You refuse to follow orders, much like an infantile human. Any self-respecting Gem would take orders from their superiors.

Ivory: Respect has to be earned, Jet. You've known that for millennia!

Jet: Of course I have. (pauses at door) But, just so you know - (looks back at Ivory over his shoulder) - obedience take time and work. (exits room)

Ivory: Pfft. (summons picture from her gem) I'm cool, right? (sighs, tossing the picture aside)




  • Mage (debut)
  • Ivory (debut)
  • Jet (debut)
  • Citrine (debut)
  • Csarite (mentioned)
  • Peridot (mentioned)

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