Frybo 2: Fries Strike Back is the second episode of Gem Present in the series "Gem Tales"


Peedee starts seeing Frybo everywhere.

Extended Plot

[Set- Funland Arcade]

Peedee: Dad, I can't believe your away from work during business hours!

Mr.Fryman: (Chuckles and rubs neck) Haha, yeah... Ronaldo said he had it covered and I wanted some father-son time together.. it's important, you know?

Peedee: (Smiles) Yeah... so, wanna play Whackerman Jr?!

Mr.Fryman: Haha, sure... Uh, how do you play?

Peedee: It's simple, all you do is ta- (Gets interrupted)

Pearl: Steven! Listen! Those gem shards are valuable! You and Amethyst can't just play with them!

(Shows Steven on Amethyst's shoulder holding a bowling bag, Pearl walking behind them)

Steven: Sorry Pearl, but I can't really move right now, Amethyst is super strong.

(Cuts back to Peedee and Mr.Fryman)

Peedee: Gem shards? Dad! Those were what made Frybo alive!

Mr. Fryman: Frybo? Oh.. I'd rather not think about that... monster.

Peedee: (Smiles) I don't either!

(Cuts back to Steven, Pearl and Amethyst)

Steven: Pearl, listen, I just think we need to understand each other feelings here.

Amethyst: Steven, (Places him down) What are you on about?

Steven: I'm trying to be more Philomena...

Pearl: (Sighs) You mean philosophical... Now, Amethyst, give me back those gem shards!

Amethyst: (Smiles) Nope, now Steven let's have some fun!

Steven: Yeah! I mean, Amethyst, are you thinking about Pearl's feelings here?

Amethyst: Nope! But I am thinking of mine, and I feel like having fun!

Pearl: Amethyst! Stop being ridiculous!

Amethyst: (Shapeshifts into Purple Puma) Agh! (Shoves Pearl causing her to fly through the wall)

Pearl: (Shouts from the distance) Garnet is going to be so mad!

Amethyst: (Chuckles, shapeshifts back) Now, let's have so-

Mr.Smiley: STEVEN! You've caused even more damage to the Funland Arcade! You are banned!

Steven: Oh! Amethyst look what you've do- Actually, I understand your feelings and I see why y-

Amethyst: Be quiet, Steven! Now, pass me that gem bubble!

Steven: Do I have to?

Amethyst: Yes!

Steven: Okay.. fine.. (Opens up the bowling bowl bag, pulls out bubbled gem shards)

Amethyst: Thank you, Steven! Now let's teach this guy a lesson!

Mr.Smiley: (Confused) What?

Steven: Sorry, Mr.Smiley...

Amethyst: (Pops bubble, chucks gem shard down Mr.Smiley's shirt)

Mr.Smiley: (Screams, shirts starts attacking him) STEVEN!!!

Amethyst: Run!

Steven: Sorry, Mr.Smiley!

(Everyone runs out, including Peedee and Mr.Fryman)

Steven: (Bubbles gem shards, place them back in bowling bag) So...uh, what now?

Amethyst: Donuts!

Steven: Oh yeah!

( Steven and Amethyst run off, cuts over to Peedee and Mr.Fryman )

Mr.Fryman: I tell you those crystal people are nothing but trouble!

Peedee: Steven isn't that bad... he did save us from Frybo...

Mr.Fryman: He was the one who created the monster in the first place!

Peedee: Hmm, true...

( Mr.Smiley runs out screaming, chucks the gem shard at Peedee and runs off )

Peedee: That man is..

Mr.Fryman: ... insane (Laughs with Peedee)

Peedee: What am I going to do with this thing?

Mr.Fryman: Pass it here, I'll take care of it...

Peedee: Can we go home now? I'm kind of tired..

Mr.Fryman: Ha, sure, kiddo.

[Set- Beach City Frywalk]

(Sour Cream is DJ-ing by the window, a bunch of teens are dancing)

Jenny: R-do! This party is awesome!

Ronaldo: (Whispers) R-do? Is that an insult?

Jenny: What?!

Rondaldo: I said, I know right!

Jenny: We should do this more often! But just the two of us!

Ronaldo: (Blushes) Yeah!

(Music stops suddenly, everyone turns to Sour Cream and see Mr.Fryman furiously standing next to Sour Cream)


Jenny: Hey! Sorry Mr. F! We were just having fun!


(Teens quickly run out the door, Jenny is the only one left)

Jenny: *Whispers* I had fun, don't forget I'm always just next door (Kisses Ronaldo on cheek and runs out)

Ronaldo: Uh. yeah! See ya, Jenny!

Mr. Fryman: (Slightly calmed down) Ronaldo, what were you thinking? Honestly! We are trying to run an establishment here, not a party center for teens!

Ronaldo: Dad! I-i-i'm sorry... I... saw something?

Mr. Fryman: Saw something?

Ronaldo: Yeah! I uh, saw... (Thinking) Frybo!

Peedee: You saw him?!

Ronaldo: Yeah! He was just standing there... menacingly.

Peedee: (Runs over to Mr. Fryman) Dad! He's back! Save me!

Mr. Fryman: He isn't back, are you sure this isn't just another one of those "Conspiracy discoveries"?

Ronaldo: It's "Conspiracy Theory"! Not "Conspiracy Discovery"! Anyway, he was actually here!

Mr. Fryman: Even if he was here, which he isn't, how does that allow you to have a party?

Ronaldo: Well, he told me if I didn't party, he would force me to eat lots of fries!

Peedee: R-r-really? (Shaking)

Ronaldo: Uh-huh

Peedee: Dad! We need to party now! Or Frybo will come back! (Starts dancing, struggles to stand because he is too scared, collapses on floor in tears, shaking violently) He's going to kill me...

Mr. Fryman: Ronaldo! Look what you've done!

Ronaldo: I didn't do that! It's your fault he is afraid of Frybo in the fist place! (Sighs) Mum would've known what to do...

Mr. Fryman: Well, mum's not around anymore, okay?! Now, Ronaldo you clean up this mess and Pe-

Peedee: Mum? (Has stopped shaking, silently stands up) I never really knew here...

Mr. Fryman: Well, she died soon after you were born.. I'd rather not talk about it...

Ronaldo: Yeah, he starts to cry when he talks about her..

Mr. Fryman: Ronaldo! Room! Now!

Ronaldo: Fine.. (Storms off out of room)

Peedee: How did she die? What was she like? Was she kind? Was she pretty?

Mr. Fryman: Like I said, I don't want to talk about it, just go get ready for bed...

Peedee: But it's only 7..

Mr. Fryman: I don't care.. just go sleep...

Peedee: (Sighs) Alright then..(Goes to bed)

Mr. Fryman: He's never going to understand....


[Set- Unknown Kitchen]

Peedee: (Sighs) He isn't around anymore Peedee, get a hold of yourself... (Starts brushing teeth)

Ronaldo: (Banging on door) Peedee! Hurry up! I gotta pee!

Peedee: Give me a second. (Spits into sink, Frybo appears behind him smiling, Peedee looks up and screams, Frybo isn't there) Ugh, it was just your imagination...

Ronaldo: Peedee! Stop screaming! Just let me in!

Peedee: (Opens the door, sighs) There... go ahead

Ronaldo: Thanks! (Rushes past Peedee, pushes him out the door, slams the door)

Peedee: (Sighs and walks down the hallway, looks at all the photos on the wall)

(Shows a photo of Mr.Fryman holding a baby Peedee)

Peedee: I just wish... I could have met her...

( Mr.Fryman turns into Frybo in the photo)

Peedee: (Screams and rips the photo off the wall, smashes it on the ground) Go away!

Mr.Fryman: (Runs down the hallway) Peedee! What did you do?!

Peedee: The photo... Frybo..

Mr.Fryman: Peedee, you need to get over that... you destroyed the photo of you and I... that was taken when you were born...

Peedee: I didn't know dad...

Mr.Fryman: I know you didn't... now get to bed...

[To be continued, later]


  • Peedee
  • Frybo
  • Mr.Fryman
  • Mr.Smiley
  • Pearl
  • Amethyst
  • Steven
  • Garnet (Mentioned)


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