Frozen Hearts
DDG Ep 7 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date March 9th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Snowfall Silent Skies

"Frozen Hearts" is the 7th episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 7th overall episode of the series.


Jace meets Octavia, but something bizarre happens.


Apatite, Rhodo, Jace, and Lucia are visiting Greymont. Apatite and Rhodo have to stay hidden, for they don’t want to give away their identities. They were walking down the silent beach when Jace pulled them both behind the rocks.

Apatite: Is there something wrong, Jace?

Jace: It’s that girl!

He pointed at a slightly-chubby girl, about his age, playing a 3DS on the sands. She was sitting next to a cat.

Rhodo: What about her?

Jace: I’ve wanted to be her friend for a long time, but-

Rhodo: Just go talk to her, dude!

Apatite: Maybe I can set up a picnic! I could make chilli con carne or-

Jace: No-no-no! I’m fine! I’ll go up to her now!

Apatite: I believe you just said-

Jace: I know what I said!

And so Jace walked up to Octavia. He didn’t say a work for a full 5 seconds, until Octavia awkwardly turned her head in Jace’s direction. She raised an eyebrow.

Octavia: Uh, can I help you?

Jace: Hi! I’m Jace!

Octavia: Oh, hi. I’m Octavia.

For an awkward conversation starter, this conversation was surprisingly going well. They talked for quite a while, asking each other about their interests, their family, etc.

Octavia: So you’re parents work at the International Space Station?

Jace: Yeah! They’re up there.

Jace pointed to the sky. It probably wasn’t where the ISS was.

Meanwhile, Apatite and Rhodo were watching from afar behind a gigantic moss-covered rock next to a hill. Rhodochrosite was becoming impatient.

Rhodo: I’m getting bored, Apatite! Let’s go back home.

Apatite: We can’t just ditch him here!

Rhodo: He lives on this island!

Apatite: So what? That’s not very formal for you to just leave him here without a word of goodbye.

Rhodo: Then lets go tell him then!

Apatite: Rhodo, wait!

Rhodo stood up and approached Jace and Octavia. Apatite smacked her forehead in disappointment. Octavia stared at Rhodo, raising an eyebrow.

Rhodo: Wanna introduce me to your friend, Jace?

Octavia: Uh, hi?

Octavia stilled looked a bit confused. it was probably the rose-colored skin.

Rhodo: You’re probably wondering why I’m pink! Well you see-

Before Rhodo could explain the concept of gems to Octavia, Apatite, popped in and interrupted Rhodo rudely.

Apatite: We’re the Dawn Dusk Gems! We protect humanity from evil forces.

Rhodo: Yeah… We do.

Octavia got rid of her confused expression and quickly became interested.

Octavia: Oh, that’s pretty cool! For a second, I thought you were cosplayers!

Apatite: Oh, cosplay isn’t for us. Believe me; Rhodo tried to dress up as Tsumugu from Kill la Kill when his vest just-

Rhodo: Ahem!

Apatite: Right, my apologies…

Apatite then realized they were out in the open, she quickly brought the kids, along with Rhodo, behind the moss rock where they could talk privately.

Apatite: We can’t be seen by the villagers here, though!

Octavia: Why?

Rhodo went dead silent for several seconds.

Rhodo: Our friend Malachite accidentally burned the water tower once. We got banned from here.

Apatite: How she did it is beyond my comprehension.

Octavia nodded in understanding. Jace made a long ohhhh! sound. Suddenly, it started to snow. It was strange, since they lived on a tropical island with ash everywhere. Octavia stared at the volcano. It was coming from the volcano!

Octavia: It’s coming from that volcano over there!

She pointed towards the volcano.

Apatite and Rhodo went straight into action. They left the kids at the beach and went towards the volcano. Rhodo rode with Apatite on her cloud at high speed. They jumped inside the inactive volcano, where they found an ice gem monster. It was humanoid shaped, but it had gigantic bat wings erupting from its back. It was white and a cold periwinkle color. Apatite summoned her polearm, and threw it at the monster. Unfortunately, the monster dodged the spear. Rhodo used his claws and scratched its chest. The monster fell and reverted back into its gem. Apatite and Rhodo went back to the beach to check back on the kids. They were fine, but the mayor of Greymont came to talk to them. The mayor turned to Apatite and Rhodo.

Mayor Ingot: Wait, you’re the ones who stopped the snow situation?!

Rhodo: That’s right!

Mayor Ingot: Thank you SOO much!

The mayor introduced himself as Mayor Ingot. He hugged Rhodo and Apatite tightly, when he released his grip, Apatite shivered.

Mayor Ingot: Hey, aren’t you the SAME people who burned the water tower a couple of years ago?

Apatite: Yes, that was indeed us…

The mayor stood there thinking, with a stern look on his face.

Mayor Ingot: You know what? You’re unbanned. The water tower’s fixed anyway…

Rhodo: Really?! Woohoo! More pizza for us!

Apatite: Rhodo, you don’t have any money with you… And the Pizza Parlor closed 2 years ago!

Rhodo: Dangit!

All was well for the Dawn Dusk Gems. Octavia said goodbye to Jace, hoping they could be good friends someday. Jace agreed to this. Rhodo took Lucia and warped back to Rise Island with Apatite.




  • Octavia's 3DS


  • Greymont
  • Pizza Parlor (Mentioned)
  • Rise Island (Mentioned)


  • It is revealed that the Dawn Dusk Gems were banned from Greymont due to Malachite burning the water tower.
    • They were, however, unbanned in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Jace's parents work at the ISS.

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