"Friends?" is the 2nd episode of the first season in Guardian Gems.


Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 8-16-15
Written by XStarRubyGemX
Directed by XStarRubyGemX
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New Age TBA
Citrine finds a new friend on the shore.


-Amber and Citrine walk out of the temple-

Citrine: Wow Amber! You took a while to regenerate. Never thought a monster that small would take you out for weeks.

Amber: Yea....but I'm here now. Thats all that matters.

-Amber and Citrine step and the warp pad-

BSS: Wait!

-Amber and Citrine wait for BSS-

BSS: Where are you going?

Amber: To the city. Hopefully nothing BAD happens.

-All 3 gems warp away to the town.-

Citrine: Why does the warp pad have to be in an alley?

BSS: We cant move it. SO the city DECIDED to build around it.

-The gems split up to look at the town.-

Citrine: What a nice day on the beach!

???: Yea....I like the sand on my toes.

-Citrine looks to her right, with a child sitting in the sand.-

Citrine: Who are you?

Alex: My name is Alex! What's yours?

Citrine: My name is Citrine. Nice to meet you!

Alex: Nice to meet you too!

-Minutes later, BSS and Amber run to the beach. BSS is holding cotton candy and Amber is holding a balloon sword.-

Amber: Why did we HAVE to go to the carnival?

BSS: Its once a year, I'm not missing out on that! -crunches on some cotton candy-

-Amber sighs, and looks at Alex and Citrine.-

Alex: Who are you?

BSS: I'm Black Star Sapphire, and this is Amber.

Alex: Cool!

-Alex notices that they all have gemstones.-

Alex: What are those stones?

BSS: Its our gems. If we get hurt too badly, then we retreat to them to heal.

Alex: Oh thats nice! I got one too. I think. On my stomach.

-The gems are shocked at this revelation.-

Alex: What? Is it not normal?

BSS: We gotta bring him to the temple. FAST.

-BSS grabs Alex and the gems run to the warp pad fast.-

-Episode Ends.-



  • Amber
  • Black Star Sapphire
  • Citrine
  • Alex
  • Small Gem Monster (Mentioned)


  • Black Star Sapphire's Cotton Candy
  • Amber's Balloon Sword


  • Ocean City's Carnival (Mentioned)
  • Alley Warp Pad
  • The Guardian Temple
  • Ocean City


  • It is revealed that the warp to Ocean City is in an alley.
  • It is revealed that Alex has a gemstone.
  • This is Alex and Amber's first appearance.
  • It is revealed that Amber's absence in the last episode was because she was poofed by a gem monster.

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