Friendly Visit
DDG Ep 19 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 19
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Air date April 29th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Alert Stronger Than You Think
"Friendly Visit" is the 19th episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems, the 19th overall episode of the series, and is the 1st part of the season finale.


The Praelior gems come to "visit" the Dawn Dusk Gems.


At dusk, the gems are training. Training hard. They’re getting prepared for the Praelior invasion. Jace is sitting by Lucia, who is acting like Jace’s pillow, and Jace is amazed at all of their unique abilities. On one side of Rise Island’s beautiful beach, Idocrase was training with Malachite and Rhodo. Idocrase was clashing his blades against Rhodo’s claws and Malachite’s scythe. They all seemed to be trying to overpower the other. On the opposite side of the beach, Apatite was creating temporary cloud targets that Larimar could aim at. They disappeared if Larimar didn’t act quickly enough. Luckily, Larimar was able to shoot arrows quickly. She pulled the titanium string back far enough, creating two kinds of arrows; an arrow of dust and an arrow of light. She fired both of them. The light arrow hit the target in a split second, even though the target was a very long distance away from Larimar. The light arrow blinded everyone, and the dust arrow created a dust cover. Once the light beams disappeared and the dust went away, the team clapped for her. Though, the people around Larimar, like Apatite and Moonstone, started coughing a bit.

Apatite: *cough* That was pretty *cough* impressive, Larimar!

Moon: Indeed! *cough* N-now, how about we help me train?

Larimar: S-sure..!

The team prepared to train Moonstone. Everyone was watching. Jace, Rhodo, and Malachite was sitting against Lucia as Idocrase sat ontop of her and Larimar sat next to Lucia’s head. Apatite was helping Moon practice her wind manipulation aerokinesis. Apatite summoned a polearm and aimed it at Moon.

Apatite: I’m going to throw this polearm at you. YOU have to figure out what to do yourself.

Moon: I understand!

Apatite threw the polearm with immense power. Moon, who took this training very seriously, summoned her traditional Japanese fan and motioned her hand quickly towards Apatite, holding the fan out like a punch while the other hand was a fist against her waist. This changed the wind direction. She managed to create a powerful gust of wind, too. This caused the polearm to boomerang back to Apatite with no problem or refusal. Apatite made it dissolve when it was an inch close to her, preventing herself from getting severely damaged. Everyone clapped, including Apatite. Jace was starry eyed. His jaw dropped to the floor.

Apatite: Impressive.

Malachite: Yeah, woohoo! Jace; That was SO COOL!!


Idocrase: Oh, don’t be such a baby!

Rhodo: How ironic…

Moonstone bows elegantly.

Malachite: Well, bravo, your majesty.

Moonstone, still in a bowing position, shows a face of discontent at Malachite. Malachite laughs. But that laughing stops once a sudden ear shattering shriek is heard from the heavens. Jace closes his ears forcefully, cringing. Everyone else the same. When the shrieking stopped, they all turned to the skies. To their great misfortune, an enormous green hand was in the sky, and it was pointing right at them. Lucia roars at the ship. The Dawn Dusk Gems stood their ground, and Jace was confused.

Jace: Is that… A hand?

Still in fear, Apatite turns to Jace and puts her hands on his shoulders.

Apatite: Jace, there’s an invasion. We have to get ready.

Jace: C-can I help somehow? Maybe I can call the police, or-

Apatite: Jace. This problem is beyond humanity. We have to deal with this situation ourselves. We need you to be safe. You have to head home to Greymont. Do you understand?

There was a brief moment of silence, but Jace nodded his head.

Jace: … Yeah. I get it.

Apatite: Good. Now go.

Jace walked to the warp pad with his warp whistle. He blew it, causing him to warp. Jace warped back to Greymont’s black sand beach, but not as happy as he usually is. He was worried. Worried about the Dawn Dusk Gems. He sat on the black sand beach, a bit depressed. Behind him walked a man with a big beard and a strong build. He had black eyes and brown hair, with a lighter streak of brown hair. He sat down next to Jace. Jace turned to the man.

Jace: Hi, Uncle Henry…

Henry: What’s wrong, kiddo? Somethin’ a matter?

Jace: Yeah… The gems are fighting some aliens and I’m worried about them… I want to help!

Henry: The gems? Those magical beings might be should be fine on their own. Why don’t you come home? Your cousin made lasagna by herself today! Surprised she had the energy to… But she’s a Helix, so it runs in the family.

Jace: Okay, I’ll be home in later… I think I’m gonna go sit here for a bit.

Henry: Okay then… Just, cheer up soon, ‘kay kiddo?

Jace: Okay…

Jace’s uncle, Henry Helix, leaves the beach and heads home. Octavia and her cat are seen coming towards Jace. Jace turns around and stands up.

Octavia: Hey, Jace!

Jace: Tavia!

They shake hands. Jace pets Yoko, Octavia’s cat. Octavia notices Jace worried expression.

Octavia: Jace… Is there something wrong?

Jace: I’m worried about the gems… They’re fighting aliens! Other gems!

Octavia: Listen. If you wanna go in there and help them, do it.

Jace: But they told me to-

Octavia: It doesn’t matter what they told you. Go in there and help them!

They looked like two children trying to save the day, but they were very serious about this. Jace nodded his head and ran to the warp pad.

On Rise Island, the Dawn Dusk Gems were trying to shoot down the gem warship as it came closer and closer, still pointing at them eerily. Lucia was grring at the warship. Moonstone created a gigantic air dome to protect her friends and Malachite repelled it away to enforce it and make it sturdier. Meanwhile, Chalcedony angrily stared at the warship, about to throw her trident. She held it back and let it charge. It’s neon markings were glowing powerfully. Larimar and Idocrase were angry also. Larimar was preparing to shoot an arrow of light that was glowing in rainbow-like colors. Idocrase was about to attack the ship with his blade. As Moonstone was doing Baguazhang motions to keep the wind dome sturdy and while Malachite was holding out her scythe, creating a repelling pulse, Malachite set the alarm.

Malachite: FIRE!

Chalcedony threw her trident, which exploded and glowed when it hit the warship. Larimar fired her light arrow, which split up into 10 different light arrows, clashing against the warship. Idocrase repeatedly summons blades and throws them at the ship, but none of them reach the ship and most of them just fell into the dark ocean. None of their tactics were effective. The ship wasn’t damaged by much. Chalcedony and the other fusion were shocked, as well as Malachite and Moon. Chalcedony unfused.

Rhodo: OOF!

Apatite: This… This isn’t going to work!

Rhodo: It’s fine Apatite, just-

Apatite: NO! It’s NOT fine! There are gems that work for Homeworld looking for us!

Rhodo: Calm down…

Rhodo used his stress control abilities to calm down Apatite. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. The room was pitch black and empty of sound, aside from the presence of Rhodo and Apatite. Apatite was a tint of yellow while Rhodo was a tint of blue. Rhodo walked up to Apatite and touched her gem.

Rhodo: Calm down… Calm down…

It worked. Apatite slowly faded to blue. The area regained color and sound. Apatite panted.

Apatite: T-thanks Rhodo…

Rhodo: No problem. Now, let’s get ready to fight!

Malachite: This is gonna be intense...

Larimar was scared. Very scared. Idocrase tried to reassure her, but it didn’t quite work well. Apatite was still in distress, as well as everyone else. The ship lands, going from it’s pointing position to a laid out palm. The fingers slammed against the beach sands, causing sand to be blown around for several seconds. The Dawn Dusk Gems covered their faces. A gigantic marble comes out from the palm of the ship. It rolls over to the start of the index finger. The Dawn Dusk Gems were all scared stiff. The marble disassembles, showing three gems; Green Star Sapphire, a blue female-appearing gem, and a red male-appearing gem. Green Star Sapphire points to the Dawn Dusk Gems and turns to the blue gem. Lucia continues to growl quietly.

GSS: That’s them. Those were the gems that released Rosaline.

Blue-gem: ...That’s it.

The blue gem gave them a cold stare. Larimar was going to cry, but she was beyond crying.

Blue-gem: They look like a bunch of fools without their leader…

GSS: Kya! They destroyed the entire Galaxy Warp. They’re a threat!

Kyanite sighs and rolls her eyes.

Kya: Sounds like a waste of my time.

Kyanite gives a disapproving stare at the Dawn Dusk Gems. The Praelior gems walk down from the ship’s fingers. Each step Kyanite takes, the Dawn Dusk Gems get more afraid. They reach the Rise Island sands.

Red-gem: What should I do, Kya?

Kya: Wait, Almandine. Let’s see what these fools have to say.

Moon: You have to leave now!

Idocrase: Yeah, step off!

Malachite: GO AWAY!

Apatite: The Earth is not a gem-controlled planet! You HAVE to leave!

Lucia growls at them fiercely. She knows very well that they’re the enemy.

Kya: This is what’s left of Tiger’s Eye’s little group? An ignorant runt, two smartarses, and a shy little girl that can’t do anything? Hah. Disappointing…

Kya darts her eyes at Rhodo and Malachite. She gives them an angry glare.

Kya: And two traitors…

Apatite turns to Rhodo and Malachite in despair and confusion. She turns back to the Praelior gems.

Kya: Sapphire... Where's Star Lemon Quartz?

GSS: She's repairing something on the ship at the moment. I'm afraid she-

Kya: Good.

Kyanite puts her hand behind her.

Kya: Over here…!

She pulls a gem from behind her. It’s Rosaline, who was forced to go against her will. She looks sad.

Kya: This is their base, correct?

Rosa: Yes…

Suddenly, Jace warps in. The Dawn Dusk Gems pay attention to Jace. The Praelior gems pay attention to him too. Jace is shocked by the gigantic gem warship glowing green. But he was more astonished by Rosaline.

Jace: Rosa!

Jace runs towards the Dawn Dusk Gems. However, Rhodo grabs him.

Jace: W-what are you doing?!

Rhodo: Stop, Jace. We’ve got it all under control…

Apatite: What are you doing?! Get out of here!

Malachite: It’s too late now, Apatite!

Rosa looks at Jace in shock. She looks down at her boots, sad. She looks very stressed, but nobody but Jace notices this, for some odd reason. Kya seems to be interested in Jace. Kya: Who is that?....

In fear of possibly injury, Rosaline quickly turns to Kya and tries to convince her not to hurt him. She’s nervously sweating.

Rosa: He’s just a human. He can’t do anything to hurt us! Don’t touch him!

Kya: I know what a human is…!

She turns around a walks towards the ship.

Kya: This is too easy. Just destroy them with your energy blasts.

GSS: Ugh…

Green Star Sapphire’s gem starts to glow. GSS steps back, puffing out her chest. As she thrusts her entire body forward and winces her eyes, a powerful light beam erupts from her gem and shoots towards the Dawn Dusk Gems at the speed of light. Apatite jumps out of the way. Nobody was shot. A cloud of . Rhodo glares at Kya while her back is turned. He makes her unbalanced. She trips. Rhodo smirks. Kyanite wasn’t fond of that. She gets back up and turns around. She stares at Rhodo angrily. Kyanite gets out her rapier by summoning it from the gem placed on her heart. She closes her eyes and a rapier appears. Rhodo summons his hand-claws and runs towards Kyanite. Apatite reaches out her hand in fear to stop him, but it’s too late. Instead of striking him with her rapier, Kyanite makes it vanishes and gets out a gem destabilizer. She thrusts it into Rhodo’s chest. Rhodo is paralyzed. A great shock courses through his physical form. He starts to disassemble. The Dawn Dusk Gems are horrified. Jace is scared. Larimar covers her mouth and cries in shock. A big cloud of sand is created. Rhodochrosite’s gem appears on the floor. Idocrase and Malachite are mortified, but they’re also furious.

Kya: Do you see what I had to do?! Now, if all of you are smart enough NOT to try an attack, you’ll get onto this damn ship in an ordered fashion!

But Malachite and Idocrase didn’t care about what Kyanite said. They summoned their weapons; Malachite with her scythe and Idocrase with his blade. The angrily rushed towards the Kyanite, leaving a trail of sand dust. Suddenly, Almandine summons his weapon from his left forearm, a katar, and intersects the attack. He thrusts his katar into Malachite’s stomach. Idocrase pauses. Everyone pauses. Rosaline watches afar, helplessly. Malachite’s pupils shrink. She reverts back into her gem do to her injuries. Lari is mortified. The entire group is mortified. Idocrase, too shocked to move, gets stabbed by Almandine as well. Larimar shrieks. Rosaline’s feels guilty. Idocrase sheds a tear and reverts back into his gem. Malachite’s gem and Idocrase’s gem hit the sand. They lay there, defenseless, as well as Rhodo’s gem. The remaining Dawn Dusk Gems (Apatite, Moonstone, and Larimar) summon their weapons. Lari shakes as she holds her bow. Moonstone prepares her fan and Apatite holds her polearm. Jace steps back. Green Star Sapphire turns to Kyanite.

GSS: Now you know that they’re a danger to us! Do something about before they try something again!

Kya: So be it! Sapphire, fuse with me.

Apatite: No, stop!

Lucia roars while Jace continues to watch in fear. The tiger and the child are pretty much defenseless.

Kyanite holds out her hand. Green Star Sapphire takes Kya’s hand and twirls her around, embracing her. Kyanite stares at the Dawn Dusk Gems and smirks. The two Praelior gems phase into each other. Rosaline covers her mouth in shock and steps back. Their gems glow, and the glowing figure gets bigger. And bigger. And enormous. The gem was more than 3 times taller than Kyanite. The Dawn Dusk gems are astonished and afraid. Lucia continues to growl, but it doesn’t doing anything. The gigantic fusion stops glowing a smirks at the Dawn Dusk Gems, looking down upon them. She begins to summon a giant katana out of her chest. Her eye visors were reflecting the light being created from the glow created by Teal Zircon’s gems. Their messy short wavy hair flowed above their heads. Green Star Sapphire’s tattoos were intimidating and Kyanite’s cold stare didn’t make things better. Larimar couldn’t even aim at Teal Zircon; she was too afraid. Teal Zircon pointed their katana at Larimar. The blade of it started to glow. Larimar cried.

Larimar: N-NO!

A powerful energy blast of light erupted from the katana. It annihilated Larimar. She reverted back into her non-faceted gem. Moon crouched down to grab it, but she was sliced in half quickly by Teal Zircon’s katana. Apatite was alone, with only Jace and Lucia. They couldn’t help her, so she was on her own. Sand was falling from the sky like rain from all the thrashing and clashing. She thought of her healing powers, but a cold voice chilled her spine.

Teal Zircon: You can’t save them.

Teal Zircon’s katana blew up Apatite with an energy beam. Her gem laid on the sand. Jace stepped back. Lucia defended him and went in front of Jace. Almandine stepped in front of Lucia and smacked her away. Lucia cried out with pain. Almandine picks Jace up by his collar with his left arm.

Almandine: You’re all alone now, kid! Just sleep!

Almandine punches Jace in the face with his right hand and he blacks out.




  • The gems of the Dawn Dusk Gems


  • Rise Island
  • Greymont


  • Green Star Sapphire believes that the Dawn Dusk Gems destroyed the Galaxy Warp when, in reality, the Crystal Gems destroyed it
  • Rhodo uses his stress controlling abilities for the first time.
  • This is the first appearance of Kyanite, Almandine, and Henry Helix.
  • This is Chalcedony's second appearance.
  • If you didn't know already, the dream from Zero Tolerance was foreshadowing.


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