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(the episode starts with Steven and Lapis heading to the beach)

(Steven and Lapis are holding hands when Steven says)

Steven : So, you wanna help me with my ice powers Lapis?

Lapis : Mhm, it would make a good backup.

Steven : Alright! Sooo, what first?

Lapis : Well, Sapphire showed me a ice move a while back.

(Lapis then creates a dome of ice around herself)

Lapis : Why don't we start off with this?

Steven : (stars in his eyes) Yeah!

Steven : (tries to create the dome, witch doesn't work) Awh, why isn't it working?

(after a few more attempts)

Steven : But you could do it so well Lapis! *blushes* And here i am, looking like a dork.

Lapis : *walks up to steven* Hmm, I find dorks very cute.

Steven : Wha? *lapis kisses steven, and steven blushes a dark red*

Steven : *after they finished* Well, maybe my ice powers think i am cute too!

(steven summons a huge dome of ice around him and lapis)

Steven : Whoa!

(Steven makes the ice dissapear)

Lapis : You did it Steven!

Steven : Hehe, Yeah! 

(lapis and steven look at the ocean)

Lapis : The ocean is so beautiful.

(they inch closer)

Steven : Not as beautiful as you.

Lapis : *blushes heavily* S-Steven.

(they lean in, as they begin to hold hands)

Lapis : *opens eyes, still blushing, and pulls her face away from stevens quickly* What is that!?!

Steven : *falls forward slighly* W-wha?

(A large spaceship emergas from the sky with amber and dragon soldiers following her)

(Amber emergas and spits fire around her when she lands on the beach)

Amber : Steven Quartz Universe! You have been sent for by order of her imperial queen Dragon Opal!!

Steven : What!?

Lapis : You need to back off my Boyfriend Amber!

Amber : Hehe, Dragon Soldiers go attack that blue gem.

Lapis : Amber, you picked the wrong day!

(Lapis begins attacking the dragon soldiers while Amber goes for Steven)

Steven : I am not going with you!

Amber : Well, Dragon Opal says you are.

(Steven fires dark magic orbs at Amber, witch she dodges)

Amber : Haha, you think that will effect me?

(Amber hits Steven with her tail)

Steven : Hey stop- ooof!

(Steven crashes into the side of the beach house, breaking the wall)

Steven : Unngh..

(lapis sees steven get knocked out)

Lapis : STEVEN!!

(lapis takes out the last dragon soldier and runs over to steven)

Lapis : Steven, are you okay?!

(lapis tries to wake steven up)

Lapis : C'mon Steven! You have to wake up! Baby, please wake up!

(steven doesn't wake up)

Lapis : Steven?.....AMBER I WILL MAKE YOU PAY!!!!

(lapis attacks amber with scolding hot water)

Amber : Dragon Opal gets what she wants!

(Amber flys off and grabs steven in her claws)


Amber : Haha, no chance.

??? : *growl*

Amber : What?

(A wolf attacks amber)

Amber : Urghh!

(amber hits the wolf with her dragon tail, then flies off with steven)

Lapis : STEVEN!!!

Wolf : *whimpers*

Lapis : A-are you okay?

Wolf : *looks at lapis and emits a bright glow revling that the wolf is a gem*

Lapis : Wha?

Purple Topaz : I am okay, and yourself?

Lapis : Not good!! That dragon stole my Boyfriend!

Purple Topaz : She did, i am trying to track her back to Opal.

Lapis : Why did she do that!? What does Dragon opal even want with Steven?!

(lapis lets out a whimper and looks at the sky where amber had been)

Purple Topaz : I have an idea on what Dragon Opal may want...

(lapis snaps her head to look at topaz)

Lapis : Well then, what does she want with him?!

Purple Topaz : U-u-uh, i don't know if you'll like the awnser.

Lapis : It dosen't matter! I need to know.

Purple Topaz : O-okay, promise you won't get mad?

Lapis : It depends on what she is gonna do!

Purple Topaz : Dragon Opal wants Steven so she can brainwash him, to get to you.

Lapis : ....Oh no, WE HAVE TO GET MY STEVEN BACK!!

Purple Topaz : Do you have a space ship or Warp pad?

Lapis : Yes, please let Onix be home!

(the two run into the beach house, and the gems just got home from a mission)

Sapphire : Lapis? What's wrong, why do you look so stressed?

(sapphire hugs lapis)

Amethyst : Who's the newbie?

Purple Topaz : I am Purple Topaz, and i have to help Lapis.

Sapphire : Why? What happened?

Lapis : *sniffles* Amber came and stole Steven from me, and now Dragon Opal is gonna brainwash Him!!

The Gems : WHAT!?!

Emerald : Amber is probably taking Steven to Dragon Opals base space ship.

Onix : I can help, follow me.

(onix takes lapis and topaz outside to the beach and the gems follow.)

Onix : I will build you two a ship.

(onix builds a dark matter ship for lapis and topaz)

Lapis : Thank you Onix!

(the two get in the spaceship)

Lapis : We have to stop Dragon Opal before it is to late!


(amber arrives at the mothership.)

Amber : Haha, take that Tiger Eye, I am so getting that promotion.

(amber arrives at the control room, and drops steven infont of dragon opal)

Steven : Uunngh...Wha-What happened?

(Steven sees dragon opal)

Steven : AH! D-dragon opal! I didn't see you there.

(steven tries to back up but backs into tiger eye and amber)

Steven : *whimpers* Uhh..What am I doing here D-Dragon Opal?

Dragon Opal : You are just here for a simple request, Steven.

Steven : Request?

Dragon Opal : Yes. A very simple one.

Steven : What kind of Request?

Dragon Opal : A blood donation, for research of course.

Steven : Can't I just go home!?

Dragon Opal : After you complete my request, you will be escorted back to earth promptly.

(Dragon opal takes out a syringe and walks closer to steven)

Steven :*sweats* ( it isn't like i have much of a choice, amber and tiger eye being here as backup.)

Dragon Opal : Well, Steven?

Steven : ....Okay, get it over with.

Dragon Opal : Thank you Steven.

(dragon opal sticks the syringe in stevens arm and injects a purple liquid before taking the blood)

Dragon Opal : There we go, all done.

(dragon opal takes the syringe out of stevens arm)

Steven : Okay, can I go hom-

(steven bends down to excrucating pain from a headahce)

Steven : Ahh! W-what did you do to me?!

Dragon Opal : I just did you a favor, Steven.

(stevens eyes change color from normal to dark purple with black pupils)

Dragon Opal : Hah! Very good, it worked!

Steven : Where am I?

Dragon Opal : You are with the only ones who care for you Steven.

Steven : ..........

Dragon Opal : * cups stevens cheek* Are you feeling well, Steven?

Steven : *looks at dragon opal* Yes, and can i say how much i dislike those crystal gems?

Dragon Opal : *giggles* Yes, yes you may.

-back with lapis and topaz-

Lapis : *sees dragon opals ship* Is that it Topaz?!

Purple Topaz : Yes! Be careful of the defences.

(lapis and purple topaz fly past the defences, land the ship and run past the guards)

Purple Topaz : Lapis!

Lapis : Yeah?!

Purple Topaz : No matter how Steven looks, no matter how much he sounds the same, even if he walks, talks, and looks the same, you can NOT trust him until you are 100% sure that he isn't brainwashed!

Lapis :.....Alright!

(lapis and purple topaz see a 4 way corridor)

Lapis : I'll take this one!

Purple Topaz : Okay.

- meanwhile back in the control room-

Steven : So Dragon Opal, you must be the only one who cares for me then, if what you are saying is true.

Dragon Opal : Yes Steven, those gems on earth left you hurt and i was the only one who took you in.

Steven : But i remember a girl named Lapis, and her memories make my heart beat faster.

Dragon Opal : Ah yes, she hurt you so badly. That feeling you feel is....fear.

Steven : Wow, Dragon Opal, i'm sorry if i have been a burden or anything.

Dragon Opal : It is quite alright Steven, just listen to me okay?

Steven : I will repay you for what you have done for me!

Dragon Opal : *giggles* Hm, you are quite cute.

Steven : You're very pretty Dragon Opal.

Dragon Opal : *blushes* W-what?

Steven : Yes! I really think you are pretty.

(Steven gets closer to dragon opal)

Dragon Opal : *blushing* Steven...

Steven : Yeah?

(steven gets in arms reach of dragon opal)

Dragon Opal : *blushing* Steven? (wow, this is the only time i will get with him that i don't have to force feelings by flirting.)

(steven kisses dragon opal)

Dragon Opal : *blushes* Mmph....( i can't believe steven is kissing ME, wow i need to cherish these moments!)

(dragon opal wraps her arms around steven)

-back with lapis-

Lapis : *running through a hallway* Ugh! I bet Dragon Opal is trying to get him to get with her! I swear if she lays a finger on him!

(lapis sees the control room)

Lapis : There it is! Now I just need to get Steven-

(lapis enters the control room, and sees dragon opal and steven kissing)

Lapis : *feels her heartbreak* St-st-steven?

(steven lets go of dragon opal)

Steven : I-it's you..

(lapis sees stevens eyes, and immediately knows that he had been brainwashed)

Dragon Opal : Steven, you need to attack her!

Steven :.....As you wish Dragon Opal!

(steven then goes after lapis)

Lapis : Steven!! It is me, remember!? Your Girlfriend!!

Steven : NO! Dragon Opal told me that you never cared for me!

Lapis : Steven! She is lying!

(lapis dodges shots of water from stevens trident)

Steven : Don't say that about Dragon Opal! She is the only one who has ever cared for me!!

(steven freezes lapis' legs to the floor)

Steven : From what I know, you are the one who hurt me!!

Lapis : Steven I would never hurt you! I love you!

Steven : You're just trying to trick me! I care for Dragon Opal now, not you!

Lapis : St-Steven!

Steven : And Lapis, i don't think i ever did care for you!

Lapis : *tears run down her face*.

Steven : *stevens eyes flicker back to normal* Lapis! What's wrong!? Did someone hurt you?!

Dragon Opal : Remember your mission, Steven!!

Steven : *eyes return to the dark purple they were* Yes, Dragon Opal.

Lapis : Steven! Please snap out of it! I know your still in there!

Steven : No, lapis quit trying to sucker me back to you, i don't even care for you anymore!

Lapis : (i know he is in still there, i know what i have to do.)

Steven : Lapis...I have to give you over to D-Mmph!!

(lapis wrapped her arms around stevens neck and brought him in for a kiss, and lapis kept her eyes locked with stevens and immediately his eyes returned to normal, soon after they looked at eachother)

Steven : Lapis! What happened to you!? Hold on, i'll get you out of that ice!

(steven melts the ice around lapis)

Lapis : Are you okay, Steven!?

Steven : I am now Lapis.

Dragon Opal : URRGH!! THAT GEM RUINED MY HARD WORK, *spits fire at steven and lapis*

Steven : AH! *bubbles lapis nad himself*

Purple Topaz : YOU DON'T HURT THE HAPPY COUPLE! *brings swords out and cuts though the fire* You guys head back to the ship! i will meet you there!!

Steven and Lapis : Okay!

(steven and lapis head back to the space ship and as they get in purple topaz arrives and they fly home in a few minutes)

The Gems : You guys are okay!

Steven and Lapis :....yeah..

Purple Topaz : I could go for a tour of the Temple?

The Gems : Sure!

(everyone except for steven and lapis head back to the house)

Steven : Wow......That was weird.

(steven sits on the beach and thinks about lapis)

Steven : I can't believe in some weird way, was into Dragon Opal.

Lapis : (He got into so much trouble, and got hurt so badly...all because of me, and worse could happen, and what if i cant protect him!? what if dragon opal does worse to him, all because i am with him......i need to fix this.)

(lapis walks over to steven)

Lapis : Steven?

Steven : Yeah Lapis?

Lapis : ......

Steven : Lapis? *looks up into lapis' eyes* Lapis! Whats wrong!? Are you okay?!

Lapis :.....Steven I have to tell you something.

(steven grabs lapis hands and gets closer to her)

Steven : Anything Lapis, what is it?

Lapis : ...Steven...You know how Dragon Opal is always flirting with you because of me, and even brain washing you to be with her and do terrible things.

Steven : Lapis....

Lapis : ..I just can't stand to see that happen to you because of me, it is too dangerous for us to be.

Steven : What are you saying Lapis?

Lapis :......

Steven : Lapis?

Lapis :......I am saying I want to B-br-bre-*starts crying*

Steven : Lapis, are you okay?!

Lapis :...Steven!! I am saying i want to break up with y-you.

Steven : W-what!? Why?!

Lapis : Because it is to dangerous, and you mean to much to me steven!

Steven : *starts crying*Then we could make something work! Anything else but that!

Lapis : There is no other way to protect you Steven!

Steven : Please Lapis no!

Lapis : It hurts me so much to do this steven! But it is the only way to keep you safe!

Steven : Please Lapis...

Lapis : I am so sorry Steven!

(lapis flys back to the beach house and starts sobbing)

Steven :.....No...*starts sobbing into his hands*


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