This is the 14th episode in the Legend of Sapphire series.


Dragon Opal captures Steven and to make things worse she manages to brainwash him and only Lapis with the help of a new gem can get him back.


The episode begins with Steven and Lapis going outside onto the beach to practice the abilities Sapphire was teaching Steven. Lapis began by showing a defense used by Sapphire that allows them to create a form of ice dome around the user. Steven tries to do this but for some reason he can't which made Steven a little embarrassed that he couldn't do it will Lapis was watching. Lapis then walked up to Steven and kissed him making him blush a dark red. Steven then tried the technique again and this time he managed to make the ice dome around him and Lapis which caught Steven by suprise. Steven was amazed by his power and then made the dome disappear. They look out into the ocean seeing the sun reflect apon its gentle waves. The mood was perfect and slowly they begin to lean in for a kiss. But before they could, a massive fireball launched from the sky revealing Amber in her dragon form returning to Beach City. She landed on the beach and breathed fire on its sands and from the fire emerged a group of dragon soldiers. Amber began to stare at Steven and told him that he was coming with them by order of Dragon Opal herself. Lapis stood in front of him and told her to back off from her boyfriend. Amber didn't seem intimidated by this and ordered her dragon soldiers to take care of Lapis while she would go after Steven. Lapis was enraged by this and began to fight against the soldiers trying to keep them away from Steven. Amber then confronted Steven and in defense, Steven fired the orbs of dark matter at Amber which didn't have an effect like it did on Tiger Eye. She then smacked him with her long, powerful tail knocking him into the side of the beach house. Lapis then ran to Steven worried that he got to hurt but he was knocked out and she couldn't wake him from it. She was enraged and the water that she was controlling became scolding hot and attacked Amber with it. Amber took to the sky with her dragon wings and grabbed Steven with her dragon claws. Amber was about to fly off but out of nowhere, a strange wolf-like create tried to bite Amber. But the bite had no effect and when the wolf bit her she smacked it with her tail and flew off out of the atmosphere to a spaceship piloted by Dragon Opal.

Back on Earth, Lapis began to panic that Steven was kidnapped and she didn't even know why they did that. But her focus then went to the wolf that attacked Amber as she was trying to fly off with Steven. The wolf looked hurt and suddenly it began to glow revealing that it was not a wolf, it was a gem. She look casual but she was extremely beautiful even making Lapis feel that she wasn't as beautiful as she was. Lapis asked if the gem was alright and the gem then stood up and replied with a yes. The gem introduced herself as Purple Topaz and that she was trying to help fight against the dragon. Lapis told her that the dragon kidnapped her boyfriend and didn't know why she did that. Purple Topaz said that she might know why but she was afraid that Lapis would not react to well to this. But Lapis insisted that she would tell and then with alot of worries about this, Purple Topaz tells her that Dragon Opal plans on mind controlling Steven with her powers. Lapis was scared and worried for Steven and insisted that they would go find Steven before it was too late. Lapis and Purple ran inside and found the Brothers returning from the warp pad. Sapphire noticed that Lapis was scared and he asked why she was upset and hugged her to try to comfort her. She told Sapphire that Amber returned and that she kidnapped Steven for Dragon Opal to brainwash him. Onyx asked Lapis if she even knew where they went off to but Lapis didn't know the answer to that. Emerald came to a conclusion that he was taken to Dragon Opal's ship and that Lapis would need a ship to if she wants to rescue Steven. Onyx then walked outside with Lapis and went to the beach with her. Onyx then used his dark matter in order to construct a ship for her to use in order to rescue Steven from Dragon Opal's clutches. Lapis thanks him for the ship and she and Purple Topaz get in the ship for them to begin their mission to stop Dragon Opal from brainwashing Steven before it is too late.

Back in Dragon Opal's spaceship, Amber has arrived with Steven and places him in front of Dragon Opal herself. Steven slowly regained conchesness and begins to stand finally seeing Dragon Opal. He backs up from her scared about her but he was blocked from going any farther by Tiger Eye. Dragon Opal tells Steven that she didn't want to hurt him and just asked a simple request before she would let him go. Steven didn't trust her but it wasn't like he had a choice since she had her top two warriors with her as back up. Steven asked what he had to do and Dragon Opal just wanted a sample from Steven in order to study him. Steven then asked what type of sample she needed and Dragon Opal responded by asking for a blood sample of him which made Steven a bit worried. Dragon Opal took out a syringe which she explained would take a small amount of blood and then she would release him back to Earth unharmed. Steven then stuck out his arm and told her to get it over with so he could be with Lapis again. She penetrated the skin with the syringe which had a small amount of a purple liquid in it which she injected. She then took a small amount of blood and removed it from his skin. Steven was about to request to be free but something was wrong. Steven was feeling a massive headache which he didn't know how he got it or even why slowly his eyes begin to turn into eyes similar to a dragon's in a dark purple color with black pupils. The pain stopped and Steven was fine however something was different about him. He didn't think that the Crystal Gems or the Brothers were good and didn't think that Lapis was worth anything to him anymore. Dragon Opal began to give an evil smile for her work at brainwashed Steven. Meanwhile, Lapis and Purple Topaz find Dragon Opal's ship and manage to fly past the defenses and land in the main hanger to search for Steven.

Purple Topaz told her until they were sure that Steven is not brainwashed, she couldn't trust Steven or think that he is normal. Lapis nods her head and runs off down one of the corridors to search for Steven. Back at the control room, Steven begins to flirt a bit with Dragon Opal making her blush from it. Steven then slowly walks closer to her which begins to excite her from feeling him geting closer to her without her forcing it. Steven then wraps his arms around her and begins to kiss her. This caught her in shock but she closed her eyes and enjoyed every second of it. Lapis however reaches the control room and sees Dragon Opal and Steven kissing each other leaving her heartbroken. They notice Lapis and Dragon Opal orders him to attack Lapis. Steven begins to give an evil smile and approaches Lapis. She looked into his reptilian eyes and didn't see the Steven she knew, she only saw a form of Steven that was never meant to be. Steven then summoned his tridont and began to attack Lapis which he missed. Lapis dodged them all and didn't attack back knowing that the real Steven may still be there. Steven then fired dark matter orbs at Lapis which manages to hit him and then he begins to freeze her with his ice powers but only her lower half of the body. He walks up to her and says that he never loved her and that she had never meant anything to her which made Lapis cry. Steven began to feel remorse but he then went back to insulting Lapis. Lapis noticed the remorse that he felt and knew that Steven was still in there and with only her top of her body not frozen she did the only thing she could do. She kissed Steven and slowly as they kiss, his eyes return to normal and his memory was restored from the kiss. He quickly got her out of the ice and told Lapis they had to get out of there. Dragon Opal was enraged that Steven was back and breathed massive amounts of fire at them in an attempt to finish them off. But before it could hit them, Purple Topaz came out and summoned her broadswords and blocked the fire. Lapis and Steven ran off to get back to the ship and Purple Topaz joined them as they arrived back on the ship.

They launch out of Dragon Opal's ship and fly off into space and in a few minutes, they return to Earth and arrive back at Beach City. When they land they see the Crystal Gems and the Brothers awaiting their return and they are welcomed as they come out of the ship. The Gems along with Purple Topaz go into the house but Lapis and Steven stay outside on the beach. Steven looks out at the tides thinking about Lapis and how he couldn't belive that for a second he was into Dragon Opal. Lapis was thinking about all the danger he got into because of her and noticed that Dragon Opal did that to get under Lapis' skin. She slowly crept behind Steven and then revealed herself to him. Steven looked into her eyes and saw sadness and depression in her eyes. He asked what was wrong and Lapis told him that Dragon Opal has always targeted him because of herself and realized that being with him is dangerous. He didn't understand this but Lapis had to get the message across and with a heavy heart told him that she wanted to break up with Steven. Steven was so shocked and heartbroken with this and told her that he didn't want that to happen but Lapis told him that it was the only way even if Lapis was also broken-hearted about this. She then told him that she was sorry for this and ran off back to the temple crying. Steven fell to his knees and began to cry his eyes out as he is left with nothing but a broken heart which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Dragon Opal
  • Amber
  • Tiger Eye
  • Purple Topaz
  • Dragon soldiers



  • It is revealed that Dragon Opal does have feelings for Steven.
  • This is the first time all of the main antagonists are together.
  • Lapis breaks up with Steven in this episode.
  • This is the second time Dragon Opal kisses Steven.
  • Lapis is shown to have been taught how to use ice magic by Sapphire.

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