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Peridot surprised at seeing Steven.
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 7/20/2015
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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N/A Welcome Aboard


Steven finds Peridot while roaming around Beach City.






The episode starts with Steven playing games in the Funland arcade. Steven ends up losing a lot of games and becomes frustrated. Storming out, he hears noises, so he walks behind the building and is surprised to find Peridot. She squeals and stares in horror at Steven. But, Steven does nothing. Then Steven happily greets Peridot much to her surprise. Steven asks Peridot what she's doing and Peridot angrily tells him that she's hiding from the Crystal Gems. Steven invites Peridot to go get fry bits and Peridot, though confused, agrees.

As Steven and Peridot go to get fries Steven begins telling her different things, much to Peridot's annoyance and confusion. At the fry shop Peedee is surprised but Steven tells him Peridot is harmless. Peridot rolls her eyes and looks at the fry bits in front of her. She glances at them to Steven and Steven excited encourages her to try some. She does so and kind of likes it. Then Peridot tries to get Steven to tell her secrets about the Crystal Gems. He refuses, but after constantly prying Steven admits to faking sick so that he could play video games. Peridot facepalms as Steven grabs her and takes her down the boardwalk.

As they walk further down the boardwalk towards the beach they suddenly see Amethyst and Pearl in the distance. Pearl obviously freaks out and the two run towards her and Steven, drawing their weapons. Peridot helicopters away escaping, but as she flies off Steven waves at her. Peridot, though uncertain, waves back.


  • "What do you think you Steven?? I'm hiding and I can barely walk!" - Peridot
  • "Tell me a secret about those Crystal Clods!" - Peridot
    • "I don't think I can..." - Steven
    • "Please, just one! I won't tell anyone!" - Peridot
    • "Well...I guess just one..." - Steven
    • "Yesss???" - Peridot
    • "Well...I...I faked sick one time so I didn't have to go on missons!" - Steven
    • "That's IT!??" - Peridot


  • This episode is based on a Tumblr post.
  • Peridot is still missing her foot and hobbles through most of the episode.

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