Forgotten Gem
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date July 2, 2015
Written by Boygemgirlgem
Directed by Boygemgirlgem
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Unknown A Gem Left Behind
"Forgotten Gem" is the first episode and series premiere of A Forgotten Gem.


During a Kindergarten inspection by Yellow Apatite, she finds a shocking discovery.


A large ship landed near a the canyon, often called a Kindergarten. It used multiple anchors to latch onto the ground. It's door slid open, and a humanoid figure walked out. They walked very quickly, and seemed to be in a rush.

Yellow Apatite: I've arrived at the destination. The 'Kindergarten.' 

She seemed to have been talking into some kind of communication device.

She then walked to areas, while emitting a holographic checkboard from her gem, that she used to check off with her fingers.

Yellow Apatite: This Kindergarten seems to be abandoned. Should we abort mission?

Gem Communication Device: No. Continue the mission.

Yellow Apatite: What? Why!? There isn't anything here!

Gem Communication Device: I don't care, Yellow Apatite. We need to search all, and we're video monitoring you. Black Star Quartz watches it, to make sure that we're doing our job. 

Yellow Apatite sighs.

She keeps checking off the holes one by one.

Yellow Apatite: Maybe while that green triangle haired gem was checking on the cluster she could have atleast looked around this filthy place..

Gem Communication Device: What was that?

Yellow Apatite: Nothing, nothing at all.

A gasp came from above. 

Yellow Apatite instantly looked upwards. She was trained to be attentive. 

Yellow Apatite: Hm..

She summoned two large blades, and stabbed the wall with them.

She began to climb around the holes, paying attention so she doesn't slip and accidentally fall into a hole, but also focusing upwards.

She saw a child looking gem look out of the hole, and then go back in.

"Go away!" she heard.

Yellow Apatite stayed silent.

The child looking gem looked out again, and then fell on Yellow Apatite. They both fell, and slid down the wall.

Yellow Apatite broke the young looking gems fall. Yellow Apatite then jumped up, and grabbed the child looking gem.

Yellow Apatite stared for a second.

Yellow Apatite: What is your name?

"Let me go!"

Yellow Apatite: Tell me your name, and if there are any more of you here.

"Okay okay! My name is Durangite, and there is no other gem here except you and me!"

Yellow Apatite dropped her, and Durangite began to run away, but Yellow Apatite stepped on her dress, making her fall again. 

Durangite: Let me up!

Yellow Apatite: No. You're coming with me.

Durangite: No... I'm not!

Durangite raised her arm, and slapped Yellow Apatite. She was hit back to a wall, and dropped Durangite.

Yellow Apatite: We aren't gonna do this.

Yellow Apatite did a flip forwards and grabbed Durangite again. 

Durangite: Let me go! I don't wanna go with you! I don't wanna go with any of you! She began to cry.

Yellow Apatite's serious expression turned into a small frown.

Yellow Apatite: What's... wrong?

Durangite: Can't you see! None of you would have understood me. Not even those Crystal Gems. Not even the Homeworld. I couldn't decide back then and I'm not going to decide now!

Her rising voice made Yellow Apatite stumble backwards, and her hair blow in the wind. 

Yellow Apatite noticed her gem communication device wasn't on. It seem to have been blown away somewhere.

Yellow Apatite murmurs to herself: They don't know that I found you...

Durangite: What?

Yellow Apatite: I've decided I'm not taking you to Homeworld.

Durangite: Oh? Oh um. Okay.

Yellow Apatite: We're staying here for a bit, but we need to talk.

Durangite: Fine.


Yellow Apatite



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