This is the 18th episode in the Legend of Sapphire series.


Ruby and Sapphire notice that their fusion garnet is still in love Emerald and because of that they go on a risky mission with Steven that will change everything.


The episode begins with Emerald and Lepidolite outside on the beach staring out at the sea as the sun begins to set. The mood was perfect for the two as Lepidolite begins to move even closer to Emerald. The two then begin to look into each others' eyes as the last light of day begins to shine for the two. Emerald slowly leans in and slowly the two begin to kiss as the sun finally sets. Meanwhile Garnet comes outside and sees the two kissing ehich shatters her heart from the meer thought of the two being together. She runs inside and begins to cry from what she saw with Lepidolite and Emerald. Suddenly a flash of light comes from Garnet and soon she unfuses revealing Ruby and Sapphire now unfused with each other. Ruby didn't know what was going on with Garnet and told Sapphire that she only loves her and not Emerald. Sapphire tells Ruby the same thing to her however Sapphire begins to think that their fusion may have a mind of her own. Ruby wasn't sure about this but knew that they had to find a way to fix this. Sapphire knew that Garnet may be beginning to have a mind of her own despite her being a fusion but she cared for their fusion. Ruby and Sapphire begin to think on how they fix this as Steven enters the beach house and sees the two. Steven says hello to them but asks why they were unfused. Sapphire approached Steven and told him that their fusion of Garnet was starting to have a mind of her own that is in love with Emerald still. Steven then asked if there was anyway they could fix this but Ruby was stumped with this. Sapphire however did know one way but she told that it would be dangerous to complete and also that it would affect both Sapphire and Ruby. Ruby knew what she was talking about but didn't think it would be a good idea to do that knowing what the consequences would be if they complete it. But Sapphire told Ruby that Garnet in a way was their daughter and they knew that they would need to do anything it took for Garnet to be happy. Ruby agreed and kissed Sapphire, still worried about the outcome. Steven asked what would the consequences be but Ruby and Sapphire agreed that they would tell him once they arrived. Steven nodded his head and then Ruby and Sapphire along with Steven head to the warp pad and warp to a strange temple.

The temple was large in scale with a massive door of gold at its entrance with a massive heart made of silver on the door. They approached the door and slowly it begins to open as Ruby and Sapphire get closer to the door. They finally reach inside and the door closes behind them leaving them in a room of darkness. Suddenly pink torches begin to lighting the room revealing a set of statues inside. There were busts in the room each one with a heart and in the center was a statue of what appeared to be a gem. Sapphire told Steven that this is the Temple of Aphrodite which was said to be made by Marble Aphrodite. Steven was amazed by the beauty of the temple and how well detailed it was. Ruby told Steven that there was a secret room in the temple that they had to get to if they wanted to complete their mission but they didn't know where it was. Sapphire told that they would need to follow the Arrow of Aphrodite in order to find their way to the room. Steven looked at the statue but didn't see any arrow or even a bow but Sapphire told Steven that there are more statues in the temple which would guide them. They walk down a corridor and see an empty room with three ways to go. Sapphire began to think on what they would do but then she noticed something on the floor. It is a heart shaped button on the floor and wondered if this would do something or activate a trap. Ruby accidentally steps on it and suddenly they way they came and the three exits closed. Then five pillars begin to raise each one with a statue on it with what looked like Marble Aphrodite with a bow in hand. The statues lowered and then a bright pink light comes from each of the statues eyes. They begin to move and as soon as they do they begin to fire arrows at Ruby and Sapphire. Steven summoned his shield quickly and stepped in front of Ruby and Sapphire protecting them from the arrows fire. But suddenly the pillars the statues are on begin to move around making them fire from multiple directions. Steven moved with Ruby and Sapphire trying to block the shots but Ruby and Sapphire knew they had to find a way to stop them. They notice the button that was on the ground and tell Steven to run to it. Steven didn't want to since it would mean that the arrows would hit them but he knew he had to. He ran for it as quickly as he could and he press the button on the floor wich made the statues stop firing. The pillars lower so the statues are still there each one pointing in a different direction. Only one statue painted to one of the exits which was the one on the far left. Going down the line the statues pointed like it was a map that would lead them to the room. Steven got out his phone and took a picture of the statues so it would help them go to the hidden room. After the picture, they go down the exit the statue pointed at and continued.

They continued walking down the corridor and find another set of exits but thanks to Steven and his phone, they were able to find the proper way through. They continue throgh the temple and on their way, they found traps on the floors. They didn't know what they would activate but they didn't want to trigger one for sure. They walk through carefully so they wouldn't activate a trap but Steven accidentally dropped his phone on one of the triggers. He picked it up quickly and looked around to see what traps were in stock for them. Pink flames came from the corridor that they started in and quickly it began to catch up to them. Sapphire took both Ruby and Steven's hand and ran at full speed at an atempt to escape the flames from reaching them. they reach to the final corridor which would decide whether they would complete the mission or not. Steven held up the phone and found the right path that would lead them to the secret room Ruby and Sapphire were talking about. They continue down the hall for a few minutes and arrive at a massive room with what looked like 3 warp pads on the floor. Two of them were on opposite sides of the room each with a half a heart on it while the third one was between them with a full heart in the center. Steven asked what this was and why they would even come hear in the first place. Ruby and Sapphire agreed it was time to tell Steven what they are going to do there. They told Steven that they were going to sacrifice their abilities to fuse in order to make Garnet a true gem and not a fusion. Steven was shocked and asked why they would do that if they loved fusing together. Ruby told Steven that their fusion is still in love with Emerald and in a way Garnet was her and Sapphire's daughter. Steven then asked if Garnet will be different than what they were as their fusion. They told Steven that Garnet will be exactly the same and will remember everything that has happened in her life from being with the gems to her liking Emerald. Steven then hugged Ruby and Sapphire saying that he will miss them being Garnet and then he quickly lets go. Ruby and Sapphire stand on the two opposing pads and make their gems glow. A bright beam of pink light comes from Ruby and Sapphire which travels to the center of the room where the third pad is. The light gathered together and quickly a flash of light appears and out of the light comes Garnet.

The light disappears and Garnet can finally see what's in the room. She noticed Ruby and Sapphire and was shocked since she remembers that they fused into her. Steven then runs up to Steven and gives her a huge hug now that she was a true gem and not a fusion. She hugged Steven and thanked him for helping Ruby and Sapphire on their journey. Ruby and Sapphire walk up to Garnet and hug her for all they have done together. Garnet then thanks them for taking their fusion powers to make her and they all walk back out of the temple and return to the temple. Meanwhile on the beach, Emerald and Lepidolite are sitting together on the sand but Emerald seemed a little depressed. Lepidolite asked if there was something wrong and Emerald told her that part of him is still into Garnet. He tells her that Garnet was there since she first came to earth but he still likes Lepidolite. She then tells Emerald that she understands the pain that he is experienced and asks if he truely still likes Garnet. Emerald told her that he was but he doesn't want to hurt Lepidolite with him not being with her. Lepidolite tells him that she is only hurt when Emerald isn't happy so she tells him that she wants him to chose and no matter what he picks she will still like him. Emerald smiles a little but also brings up the fact that she is a fusion gem. Back in the temple, Garnet, Steven, Ruby, and Sapphire arrive and walk outside to the beach to find Emerald. Garnet walks up to Emerald saying hi to him while Ruby and Sapphire were hiding behind Garnet to suprise him. Garnet told Emerald that he had a suprise for him and then Ruby and Sapphire came out. emerald looked in shock remembering that they were the gems that made Garnet in the first place. Sapphire tells Emerald that she isn't a fusion anymore and that she still loves Emerald more then anything. Emerald blushes and asks if he could have a moment alone with Garnet. They all went back inside but before Lepidolite gose inside she whispers to Emerald that she is glad he is happy again then goes inside. Garnet and Emerald are on the beach and he tells Garnet that although he was with Lepidolite he has always had feelings for Garnet. Garnet began to blush and told him that she came with a personality of her own when she was a fusion that still loved Emerald. The two move closer together and Emerald tells Garnet that he loves her more then anything and Garnet said the same thing to Emerald. They lean in slowly and begin to kiss as they lower their bodies to the sand on the beach. They lay their kissing and they begin to fall asleep together reuniting them forever which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Garnet
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Lepidolite


  • Emerald and Garnet get back together in this episode.
  • This is the first time that Ruby and Sapphire's fusion has gotten a personality of her own.
  • Sapphire calls Garnet, her and Ruby's daughter since they created her out of love for each other.
  • This is the first time that Ruby and Sapphire go on a mission unfused.
  • Marble Aphrodite was based on the greek god of love, Aphrodite.
  • Ruby and Sapphire lose their fusing abilities to make Garnet an single gem.
  • Garnet is no longer a fusion.

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