First Day
DDG Ep 23 Title Card
Season 2, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date May 23rd, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Experiments (Pt. 2) Lucia II: The Big Screen
"First Day" is the 3rd episode of the second season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 23rd overall episode of the series.


Agate takes on his first mission with the Dawn Dusk Gems at the Valorian Valley.


The Dawn Dusk Gems, as well as their new honorary member, Agate, are in Rhodo’s room, talking about the team. The roaring red waters calm down the team from their surprise encounter with Agate. Idocrase and Malachite are watching the television, sitting at the marble table. They are currently watching Cupcake Wars, and Larimar is sitting against the marble table as well, sketching a drawing in her sketchbook. Agate is sitting on Rhodo’s red comfy bed, which had a cloud created by Apatite as a blanket. Apatite and Moonstone were sitting on the same waterfall platform, talking with each other quietly. Rhodo sat next to Agate, and he was blushing. Agate didn’t notice this.

Apatite: Listen, about me shouting the other day...

Moon: It's.... It's fine. I got a little out of hand, as well.

Apatite: So you forgive me?

Moon: Yeah... I forgive you.

The two gems smiled at each other. This was stopped when Agate got their attention.

Agate: Excuse me? I have some questions!

The two gems turn to Agate.

Moon: Uh, okay! Proceed.

Agate: So you guys capture corrupted gems and things like that?

Moon: Mhm! We go on missions to collect gem artifacts as well.

Apatite: We did have different divisions for different mission, but since Division A is basically gone…

Apatite hesitated, but she kept going.

Apatite: Well, we decided to get rid of the system and just bring whoever was necessary for the mission at hand.

Agate: Sounds cool! Can I go on one next?

Moonstone and Apatite turned to each other, then back at Agate.

Moon: Well, er, do you think you’re up to the task?

Apatite: We’re actually about to go on a very important mission to retrieve the gemstone of Con-

Moon: We need to retrieve a gemstone from a special gem that’ll help us someday.

Moon turns to Apatite and glares at her.

Moon: Try not to say much.

Apatite: My apologies…

There’s a brief silence, until Agate raises an eyebrow.

Apatite: A-anyway, if you think you’re up to the task, then you’re more than welcome to come with us on our mission to the Valorian Valley.

Agate creates a big smile on his face and gets all excited. Rhodo sits on the bed, admiring Agate from behind. Agate runs up to Apatite and nearly gives her a big bear hug.

Apatite: No more hugs! Please!

Agate pauses, and then stops. He scratches the back of his head and smiles embarrassed.

Agate: S-sorry!

Moon: It’s fine, Agate!

Moon chuckles and Apatite stands up. Apatite jumps over to the temple door. She turns to the rest of the team and snaps. Everyone stops what they’re doing and turns to her. Malachite shuts off the television and Larimar closes her sketchbook nicely.

Apatite: We’re going on the mission now! Come on!

Rhodo activates the temple door so that the others can leave, and Apatite walks out of the door, followed by the rest of the team. The all step on the warp pad and warp away. While warping, Idocrase is carried by Agate like a doll. Agate tilts his head and smiles.

Agate: Why aren’t you just the cutest-


Agate: Aww! ~

Agate smiles and puts him down and Idocrase pouts and crosses his arm. Malachite bends down a bit and messes his hair. She smirks and stands back up. The team finish warping and are transported to a beautiful valley with rivers, streams, vibrant green trees, hills, and mountains. One stream turns into a river that leads into a gigantic breathtaking lake. The team is currently standing on a warp pad located on some sort of windmill monument made of stone and bricks. The team is currently inside the windmill, and there’s a staircase that leads downstairs.

Malachite: So what now?

Apatite makes a hand motion to follow her, and the team does so. They are lead outside on a very small bridge, brought to the picturesque outdoors of the valley.

Apatite: Welcome to the Valorian Valley! Our objective is to reach Lake Valoria and obtain a certain gemstone.

Moon stands next to her.

Moon: But the gemstone is hidden in a secret cavern underwater, so in order to access the cavern, we need three keys. We’ll split up into three different groups.

Apatite and Moonstone turn to the rest of the team.

Apatite: Moonstone and Larimar are coming with me to the eastern pathway to look for the mountain key. Malachite and Idocrase go to the center pathway to look for the hill key. Rhodo, keep an eye out on Agate. You two will traverse through the western pathway to look for the forest key.

Agate turns to Rhodo and looks down. He has a big grin on his face. Rhodo looks back.

Agate: I guess we’re partners!

Rhodo: Y-yeah! Awes-some!

Rhodo stutters and blushes insanely. Agate laughs it off and pats him on the back. Malachite and Idocrase high five each other and start running on the center path without another word. Apatite sighs, but she shrugs it off. She leads Moonstone and Larimar to the mountain path. Agate walks next to Rhodo to the forest path.


Idocrase and Malachite walk down the center path, where the flat lands and the hills are. There’s some shrubbery and and some big ponds. The flora is beautiful and the animals roam around the plains peacefully. Malachite is looking through the bushes for a key and she’s out of luck. She turns around to see Idocrase, who’s diving in the pond.

Malachite: Did you find it?

The small gem pops his head out of the water, panting.

Idocrase: No!

Malachite: Well keep looking!

Idocrase: Let’s look somewhere else! The pond is BORING!

Malachite: Okay, whatever.

Idocrase gets out of the pond as the sun dries his wet armor. He follows Malachite down the path as they converse.

Idocrase: So… What do ya think about the new guy?

Malachite: I kinda like him. He’s pretty cool. Kinda clumsy though.

Idocrase: Well I don’t! He carried me! CARRIED ME! Nobody is allowed to carry me!

Malachite giggles.

Malachite: Well, if he knew about that rule of yours, he’d probably still carry you!

Idocrase: Haha, very funny…

Idocrase pouts and crosses his arms. Minutes of silence pass as they walk down the road. The sky is blue and beautifully vast. The plant life and the animals really bring out the environment.The valley is beautiful overall. There are butterflies swarming around Idocrase and he’s trying to swat them away. He doesn’t smack them and misses completely, but Malachite makes him stop and lets the butterflies be. Suddenly, he trips while walking. Malachite bends down to help him. She laughs.

Malachite: You ‘kay there?

Idocrase: Yeah, I’m fine… I think I tripped on something.

Idocrase picks up the item that he steps on and it appears to be some sort of pyramid shaped stone. It appears to be lime green. The two gems turn to eachother.

Idocrase: Hey, is this…?

Malachite: The key? I think so!


Apatite, Moonstone, and Larimar traversed through the mountain path. It was pretty dangerous, but Apatite and Moonstone could handle it. Larimar couldn’t, however. Apatite and Moonstone were on a different ledge that continued to the mountain passage while Larimar stood 10 feet away on a separate ledge, shivering. The two intelligent gems tried to help Lari across.

Apatite: I can summon a cloud bridge if you want, Lari!

Lari: I-I can’t walk! I’d fall!

Moon: I’ll catch you with my aerokinesis if you fall! Just go, please! It’ll be fine!

Lari: O-okay!

Lari slowly and nervously walks over to the edge of the ledge. Apatite does some arm motions, creating a cloud bridge. Larimar looks down at the bridge, then at Apatite, scared. Apatite nods her head, and Lari runs across the bridge quickly. When she gets across, she hugs the both of her friends tight.

Lari: I-I’m sorry! Sorry..!

Apatite: Lari, please try to calm down a bit! There’s nothing to be sorry about; you’re fine.

Apatite and Moon smile at her.

Lari: It’s just… I-I’m afraid!

Moon: Of what?

Lari looks down to the ground as the team continued to walk down the mountain trail. She walks along with the team. The mountain looks lively with all of the greenery down below and scattered around the mountain. Lari hesitates to answer Moon’s question, but answers it once Moon mentions it again. They all looked distressed.

Lari: I’m still n-not over Spinel… She-she tried to kill me, after all!

Apatite: It won’t come, Larimar. You have nothing to worry about.

Moon: Yeah. If she ever does come, which she won’t, we’ll be there to protect you.

Apatite and Moon smile at Larimar, but Lari still looks a bit distressed.

Larimar: But what if…

Their smiles break.

Moon: Continue?

Larimar: What if… They get you?

There’s a moment of silence. No one answers. The two gems had to think about a way to answer Larimar’s question truthfully, yet try not to make her panic.

Apatite: …. That’ll never happen.

Moon: At least we think so Lari...

Lari looks panicked.

Moon: N-no, I didn’t mean, uh…

Apatite: What she means is that we aren’t necessarily sure if Spinel will defeat us, but we’ll do the best we can to defend Rise Island if that day does come.

Lari: Y-you sure?..!

Apatite: Yes Larimar! We’re definitely sure.

Lari smiles slowly, as well as her friends.

Lari: Th-thanks for reassuring me, guys…

Moon: Aw, it was nothing. We hate it when you’re scared.

Apatite: Likewise.

Suddenly, Apatite stops the group as they’re still continuing down the mountain path. Moonstone raises an eyebrow as Apatite looks at another ledge above them, hovering her left hand over her eyes to shield them from the sun.

Moon: What is it, Apatite?

Apatite: The key…?

Lari: Wait, really?!

Apatite: Mhm! I think I’ve spotted it!

Apatite turns to Moon.

Apatite: Moon?

Moon: With pleasure.

Moon nods in understanding, using her air controlling abilities to get the key down from the ledge. She gracefully summons her weapon from her gem and makes a swinging motion, causing a gust of wind to burst out of her fan. The pyramid shaped stone flies off of the ledge and nearly falls down the mountain, only to be caught by one of Apatite’s clouds. Apatite brings the cloud slowly to the group, and Lari grabs it nicely. She holds onto it tight. The key is pyramid shaped, colored beige. Everyone smiles at eachother.


In the peaceful lushful forest, Rhodo walks awkwardly next to Agate along the forest path. The path twists and turns, making the forest more mysterious, yet picturesque. Rhodo looks to his left, admiring Agate’s muscular build. He blushes. Agate turns and raises an eyebrow, and Rhodo quickly turns to the road to prevent an awkward conversation.

Agate: Er, Rhodo? Somethin’ wrong?

Rhodo: N-no! Everything’s ABSOLUTELY fine! I’m not nervous, are you nervous? I’m not!

This is very strange since Rhodo’s usually laid back, even towards Tiger’s Eye, who he previously had romantic thoughts for. But now, he completely lost his “cool”. Rhodo does a failed poker face. Agate shrugs it off and laugh.

Agate: You’re pretty cute!

Agate takes a moment to realized what he said. Rhodo’s shocked by this and turns to Agate. Rhodo starts to realize that he’s a pretty decent guy, inside and out. Agate blushes and gets all nervous.

Agate: I-I didn’t mean it that way, I, uh-

Rhodo: N-no it’s fine, man! You’re p-pretty cute too!

Agate is surprised by this.They enter a circular opening of the forest where only the trees could be seen in the sky and the sounds of the forest winds and the birds chirping could be heard, but they both stop in the center of the natural room.

Agate: Y-you really think that!

Rhodo: Y-yeah! You’re a pretty nice guy, and, uh, you’re kinda…

Rhodo feels Agate’s bicep, blushing. Agate blushes and giggles.

Agate: Haha, that tickles!

Agate brushes Rhodo’s hand away, but they still stand in the center of the forest. Seconds pass in silence as they stare into eachother’s eyes awkwardly, both blushing.

Agate: You were saying?

Rhodo: Huh?

Agate: That I’m kinda…

Rhodo: O-oh! I just meant to say that you were…

Agate: Yeah?

Rhodo mouths the word hot, and Agate is starry eyed. He giggles, making Rhodo laugh as well. They don’t realize it, but they start slow dancing in a circle. They smile at each other with their red faces. The wind blows in Rhodo’s hair. Agate has a strong grip. They hold hands and stop.

Rhodo: A-agate?

Agate: Y-yeah?

They move closer to each other and begin to close their eyes, Agate embracing Rhodochrosite. But they stop when they hear the sound of a stone hitting the ground. Not a shattering sound, but a several clashing sounds, getting weaker as they continue. The two lovebirds stop embracing and turn to the sounds of the clashing. It’s a pyramid shaped stone colored a dark greenish-blue. Rhodo quickly grabs the gem and runs over to Agate, and the two continue along the path. They stay silent the entire journey to Lake Valoria, still red-faced.


At last, all of the Dawn Dusk Gems unite once again at the lake. Rhodo and Agate push through some leaves and see a beautiful calm endless. Apatite, Moonstone, and Larimar walk down the mountain and see the picturesque lake. Idocrase and Malachite walk to the lake and admire it. The teammates all have the their pyramid shaped keys and head towards the lake. There’s an old roughed up pedestal with 3 triangle shaped holes. Everyone knew what they had to do. Rhodo placed the forest key in the left hole, Malachite placed the hill key in the center hole, and Larimar placed the hill key in the right hole. The pedestal started shaking and the water started forming waves. The group stepped back and stood their ground.

Rhodo: Uh, Apatite? Is this a good thing?

Apatite: There should be a pathway opening up to the underwater cavern, but-

Suddenly, a giant sea monster erupts from the lake, splashing water everywhere. The serpentine corrupted gem roars loudly, creating a breeze. The sea monster rushes its head towards them.

Apatite: Gems, do your thing!

Moonstone creates a wind barrier around the group to protect them. The monster’s head tries to force itself inside the barrier, but fails to, being knocked back a bit by the wind when Moonstone releases her energy, making the barrier of wind blast at the monster’s head. Apatite summons her polearm from her gem quickly and throws it directly into the serpent’s eye. The monster cries in pain. Rhodo summons his hand-claws and scratches the creature’s neck as Larimar shoots an arrow of light at the creature’s other eye. The monster is blinded and continues to roar. Idocrase and Malachite nod at eachother. They both run up to the monster’s neck and slice it in half using their blade and scythe. The monster’s head falls down towards the gems. Larimar is nervous and scared that her teammates and herself would be crushed.

Larimar: R-RUN!

Agate wasn’t worried, however. His gem started to glow, and he summoned a gigantic diamond shaped shield. It reduced the impact of the head falling down on the gems. Agate grunts as he tries to keep the head from crushing his friends. Suddenly, Agate’s shield switches gears, turning it into a long xiphos. Agate sliced the monster’s head into two pieces, and the gem monster poofed. Agate caught the gem and ran up to his friends, excited.

Agate: I caught it!

Apatite: Splendid work, Agate!

Moon: Splendid indeed!

Agate: Haha, thanks!

Agate was about to hug the two, but just shaked their hands and smiled.

Idocrase: Eh, I guess that was cool.

Malachite laughs at Idocrase’s comment.

Malachite: It was SUPER cool!

Agate walks up to Rhodo.

Rhodo: Y-yeah, that was cool how your shield turned into a sword…

Rhodo blushes and scratches the back of his head. Agate laughs and blushes a bit, also.

Agate: Heh, it was nothing.

Agate bubbled the gem, the group all went up the center path, and they all warped back once they saw the warp pad.


As the group warp back, they continue to walk along the beach and talk with eachother.

Agate: You made a garden? That’s so cool!

Rhodo: It’s whatever, ya know?

Apatite: We fought a gorilla to defend it.

Malachite: Wha-?

Suddenly, Jace and Lucia come running towards the Dawn Dusk Gems. Lucia roars at them. Jace looks excited.

Jace: Guys! Guys! Looked what me and Lucia found!




  • Forest Key
  • Mountain Key
  • Hill Key
  • Unnamed Gemstone


  • Rise Island
    • Dawn Dusk Temple
      • Rhodo's Room
  • Valorian Valley
    • Center Path
    • Mountain Path
    • Forest Path
    • Lake Valoria


  • This episode marks the beginning of Agate and Rhodo's relationship building.
  • This is the first time the entire team went on a mission since Smoke and Mirrors.
    • Given it was a rescue mission and the only gems present in the beginning of the episode were Apatite, Rhodochrosite, and Malachite.
  • This is the first time the team splits up while on a mission.
  • Rhodo looses his interest in Tiger's Eye.


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