Fire Agate is a character in Paroo Fandom.


Fire Agate is one of the shorter characters, falling a few inches shorter than Lapis. She has pale olive green skin with an iridescent orange tint. She has snow white hair in three large buns, two on each side of her head and one on top of her head, held with gold bands. She has a pearlescent white off-shoulders top with billowy sleeves. She has a yellow star pin in the center of her shirt collar. She has metallic green leggings that fade into a metallic burnt orange. She blushes green. She has a rather large, oval-shaped, un-faceted fire agate stone embedded in her stomach. When she talks, she is shown to have an eastern accent.


Fire Agate is almost always at peace with herself and the world. She lives a happy life in solitude, except for her cat. She enjoys painting, as seen by the excessive paintings hung around her house. Ever since Rose's disappearance, she has taken a vow of silence, resulting in her only making occasional noises that represent happiness or sadness. She enjoys living life like a human rather than a gem.


Fire Agate, like all gems, can shape-shift, bubble items (her bubbles are burnt orange fading to olive green), summon a weapon (unknown), and retreat to her gemstone when severely injured and eventually regenerate. Other than this, she is very fluent in sign language. She is also a very skilled painter.


  • The fire agate stone sometimes has a bubble-like appearance/formation. This is why Fire Agate's hair resembles bubbles.
  • Fire Agate stones can heighten creative visualization, which is why Fire Agate enjoys painting so much.[1]
  • The only time Fire Agate really talks throughout her appearance is when she says, "If I can't be leader, nobody can".
  • Fire Agate's voice actor is Niki Yang, the voice of BMO and Lady Rainicorn on Adventure Time.


Paroo Fandom

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