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"FinnManusia's SU Fandom" is a collection of fan-fictions that created by FinnManusia and his friends. It supported by K.AIZZAT DAN KAWAN PRODUKSI, a production that creates videos, stories and music.



Series Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
Steven's Life 1 20 9th January 2014 TBA
2 20 TBA TBA
Emerald 2.0's Adventure 1 20 TBA TBA
2 In planning TBA TBA
Bucket Of Ships 1 In planning TBA TBA
2 In planning TBA TBA
Crossovers Time 1 In planning TBA TBA
2 In planning TBA TBA
Random Stuffs 1 In planning TBA TBA
2 In planning TBA TBA
School Days 1 In planning TBA TBA
2 In planning TBA TBA
Plot Twisted (Mini Series) 1 In planning TBA TBA
2 In planning TBA TBA

Steven's Life

Steven's Life is a series fan-fic about Steven Quartz Universe's daily life.

Season 1

Season 1 was the first season of Steven's Life, and has a total of 20 episodes. As of 9th January 2015, this season has aired a total of 1 episode. This season more focus to the present.

Bucket Of Ships

Bucket Of Ships is a series fan-fic about ships that exist in Steven Universe.

Random Stuffs

Random Stuffs is a series fan-fic about random stories in Steven Universe.

Plot Twisted (Mini Series)

Plot Twisted is a series fan-fics about a another plot for the real episodes in Steven Universe. Most of it is at the ending.


Canon Steven Universe's Characters

  • Steven Quartz Universe
  • Pearl
  • Amethyst
  • Garnet
  • Lion
  • Lapis Lazuli

Fanon Characters

(In plan)

  • Emerald (FM version)
  • Fire Opal (Likeo35)
  • Tourmaline (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Diamond (SU Fanon)
  • The Enchanted Gems
  • Carnelian (Legend Of Onix/Sapphire)
  • Calim (LB fandom)


  • On The Beach City Walk


  • This is the first fandom that has more than 1 series.
  • This fandom has characters in other fandoms.

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