this is the 35th episode of the legend of sapphire series


when a deadly basilisk begins to attack the people of beach city it is up to onix and amethyst to save the town


the episode starts off with amethyst and onix on the beach prepareing to spar with eachother useing there dark magic. they began to spar and onix starts off by fireing waves of dark magic wich amethyst used a shadow wall to protect herself from the attack. amethyst then jumped high into the air and blasted multiple rays of nightmares at onix but with blinding speeds he managed to dodge that rays and with the last one amethyst fired he redierected it to amethyst wich hit amethyst causeing her to fall to the ground and begins to have horrable nightmares. onix walked up to her and kissed her on her head wich took away the nightmares that he gave her from redirecting the ray of nightmares at her. she woke up and stood back up and then looked to onix blushing slightly. onix then kneeled down slightly and amethyst begins to get closer to onix blushing slightly. she slowly leans in about kiss amethyst but befor she could purple topaz and carnelian throw multiple water balloons at both amethyst and onix getting amethyst a little agitated with there prank they did. onix kept a level head and fired two rays of nightmares at both purple topaz and carnelian wich purple managed to dodge but carnelian got hit directly makeing him fall to sleep begining to make him have horrifying nightmares. after that purple topaz ran back into the house to avoid any more attacks from onix and both onix and amethyst shared there kiss they wanted to do. amethyst wraped her arms around onix fully embraceing there love and onix did the same with amethyst. but befor they could continue they see connie running down the beach looking scared for some reason. both amethyst and onix pulled away from there kiss adn looked to connie to see what was wrong. connie tried to catch her breath and onix then asked what was wrong wich she couldnt say sence she was still trying to catch her breath. she managed to finaly get a grip and then told onix and amethyst that there was something attacking beach city. onix asked if she knew what it was but she had no idea sence it didnt look like anything she has ever scean befor. onix told amethyst to get sapphire, sub-zero, emerald, and gaia for battle and amethyst quickly ran into the house to find them. onix asked what the creature connie was talking about was doing and connie told him that the creature somehow is killing people just by looking at them wich shocked onix sence he has never herd of a creature doing that.

onix then asked were exsactly is the creature in beach city and connie told him that the creature was heading to the town hall. he knew that they needed to stop the creature but he didnt know how exactly they were going to kill a creature like this. amethyst came outside and brought out sapphire, emerald, gaia, and sub-zero then asked what they were dealing with. onix told amethyst that he didnt know what the creature was exactly but he knew that it was able to kill by looking someone in the eye. amethyst got scared from hearing this and held onto onix tightly and onix tried to confert her. amethyst was scared about the creature not because she could die but because onix could in this fight. however onix wasnt scared and told amethyst that he would not let anything bad happen to her wich made her look up at him and blush in a dark purple. sapphire then asked onix what the plan was to take down the creature and onix quickly got a plan in order to save the town. he sead that he wanted sapphire and sub-zero to look for any signes of people and to get them to safety. he then told emerald to ride gaia into the sky and see if he could find were the creature was and then sead that he and amethyst would take the creature down. they all agreed to this and onix warned this would be one of there most dangerous missions yet so they all had to be on there gaurd. they then walked to beach city to see what was going on and on the ground were many bodys of people. amethyst held onto onix's arm and asked if they were dead. he went to chech the body and sead that they are not dead but they are not alive. they all were confused by this and onix told them that they were under some form of curse that dosnt kill them but makes it so they are not alive. onix told emerald to take to the air and see if he can find the creature then he comanded sapphire and sub-zero to surch for anyone that is still out there. they all took there seperate paths and amethyst stayed close to onix as they walked through the town. sudenly they herd a blood curtaling screach like no other and feel the ground begin to shake under them. onix and amethyst desided to hide in one of the allys wich they did and waited to see what was comeing. they then saw a massive creature with the head and wings of a roster, the tail of a serpant, the body and legs of a chicken, and razor sharp teath on its beak. amethyst burried herself in onix's chest hopeing that the creature would stay away and thankfuly it continued to walk its path not looking into the allys.

amethyst was so scared from seeing that creature and even onix was frightened by the creature. when it was safe both amethyst and onix tried to find a place to hide so they ran into the city library. they went inside to see if they could find somewere safe to hide and to see if they could find out about this creature that is attacking. they herd screaches comeing from the outside of the walls so they tried to stay away from the windows to avoid detection. onix saw a book on the floor that was based on mythology so he took a look to see if he could find anything that could help them. he scroled through the pages and found a picture similer to the creature outside. amethyst got close to him so she could read what was inside of the book revealing the creater was a basilisk. the book sead that the creature was able to kill by its gaze and that it was equiped with a poisones breath. this worried the two but they continued reading the book to see if there was a way to stop the basilisk. the book sead that the only way to save its victems of gits gaze is to take the basilisk's eyes out and crush them restoring all of its victems. onix was happy yo learn more about the basilisk but amethyst just picked her nose instead of reading on about the basilisk. sudenly the ground began to shake and they herd the screach of the basilisk getting even closer and sudenly one of the walls knocked down and the basilisk broke in. onix grabed amethysts arm and ran quickly out of the library to escape the basilisk and quickly get out of the library. the basilisk came back out and began to chase down amethyst and onix hopeing to get them as his next victem. thankfuly onix was light on his feet and able to easily avoid the attacks from the basilisk and was able to avoid looking at it. onix noticed another ally way so he went into it seeing if there was any place to hide. he noticed two people running off so he desided to follow them wich turned out to be lars and saddie. they were sprinting to the big donut hopeing that it would be a safe place to hide from the basilisk so onix and amethyst ran with them. they arived at the big donut and lar and saddie finaly noticed them and let them into the big donut to hide. onix thanked lars and saddie but then began to think of a way to stop the basilisk. onix remembered that there was a way to stop the basilisk by distroying the eyes but didnt know how they were going to do that. he began to think trying to find the solution but he could only find one solution. onix knew that sometimes sacrafices must be made so he bolted out the door to confront the basilisk in battle without amethyst.

onix cared to much for amethyst to put her into harms way so he knew that he had to fight the basilisk on his own. amethyst tried to chase after onix but onix was to quick and was able to outrun amethyst. onix arived near town hall were he noticed mayer dewey hideing behind one of the pillers of the town hall trying to avoid the basilisk. he ran to dewey and asked if he was alright and mayer dewey told him that he was worried about the creature attacking so onix told him to hide inside town hall while he would take care of the creature. dewey ran inside the town hall and locked the doors for good mesure to avoid the creature. sudenly the ground began to shake slightly and the basilisk let out a loud horrifying screach. onix shut his eyes knowing what power the basilisk had and desided to fight useing his ears instead. the basilisk walked up to city hall about to breath his poisones breath but onix senced the danger and moved away from the basilisk's fireing range. the creature blasted his poisones breath but onix was to quick to get hit and dodges his attacks still keeping his eyes shut. the basilisk then used his claws to try to attack onix but just like with his breath onix was able to sence it and avoided the attacks form the basilisk. the basilisk grew furious and used its long snake like tail to wrap around onix then lifted him to the basilisk's face. amethyst arived by town hall and noticed that onix was entagled in the basilisk tail so amethyst knew she had to do something to save her boyfreand. the basilisk began to speek telepathicly saying to onix that he should open his eyes and acsept his destiny. onix still locked his eyes shut to avoid those dreaded eyes that would kill him so the basilisk began to squeez even tighter. amethyst noticed that there was two knifes on the ground and had an idea on how to save onix from the basilisk's wrath. the basilisk grew tird of onix's refusal and telepathicly told him that there was no point in resisting sence his girlfeand was dead. onix was shocked to hear this but he sead that he was lying to him. the basilisk then telepathicly sead that he killed her with his gaze and that onix should just open his eyes to take away the heart. onix was heart broken by this and desided to open his eyes sence he would rather die then to live in a world without amethyst. he slowly opened his eyes faceing the dreaded yellow eyes of the basilisk and soon his body seemed lifeless as the basilisk threw his body to the ground. amethyst saw this and ran as quickly as she could to onix seeing what the basilisk had done to him. she cried over his body heart broken that he was dead and the basilisk let out a roar in his triumph. amethyst was enraged by what the basilisk did to onix so she locked her eyes tight and jumped up at the basilisk's face. she then drove both of the blade of the knifes into the basilisk's eyes makeing it screach in pain as she yanked the eyes right out of its face. the eyes of the basilisk were stuck on her blades she used so she took them off the blades keeping her eyes shut then droped them on the ground. she then stomped on them forever distroying the curse of the basilisk and she re opened her eyes now that she was safe form harm. spirits of its victems floated out of the remains of his eyes on the ground including onix's wich returned to his body restoring his life.

amethyst ran over seeing onix soul going back into his body and saw that he was alive makeing her shead tears of joy. as onix began to stand up amethyst huged onix knocking him back onto the ground but huged her tight in his arms. she sead that she thought that she had lost him but amethyst was jsut so happy to have onix back by her side. they both herd the basilisk screach and look at the creature laying on the ground in pain without his eyes. onix saw the pain the creature was in and couldnt just let it suffer like this even if it did kill him. he noticed the time was twilight were his powers was at his most powerful on earth so useing his powers he crafted a pair of dark grey and silver eyes for the basilisk to use without being able to kill like his regular eyes. he aproched the creature and quickly he put it back into the creatures eye sockets allowing the basilisk to see once agean. amethyst held on tight to onixs arm worried if the creature would kill them like he did to onix but onix told amethyst that the creature wont sence these pairs of eyes dont have the curse like the last one. the basilisk got up and looked at onix suprised that he would help him and bowed his head down in respect for him. he telepathicly sead to him that he was greatful that he had helped him and sead that he will fight by his side. onix looked away slightly and stuck his hand out to see if this was truely a bond or not. the basilisk gently moved his head into his hand forever secrureing the bond between beast and gem. amethyst walked up about to pet it like onix did but the basilisk opened its eyes and let out a roar to amethyst in anger sence she was the one that took his eyes out. onix however got in its path to amethyst saying not to harm her wich the basilisk obayed but still was a little edgy about being around amethyst. onix and amethyst began walking back to the beach house and noticed that the basilisk was following them so they took behind them and noticed that the basilisk was keeping its head down for some reason. onix realized what it was doing and hoped on its back and help amethyst onto the basilisk. it began to ran at great speeds makeing them arive back at the beach house in seconds compared to if they had to walk. they got off the basilisk's back and onix began to pet him on his side. amethyst asked what they were going to name the basilisk and onix knew the name to give to him. he responded by saying that he would be called twilight and both amethyst and twilight loved the name. they sat on the beach looking at the last stroke of twilight wich ends the episode.


  • amethyst
  • onix
  • sapphire
  • emerald
  • gaia
  • twilight
  • sub-zero
  • connie
  • lars
  • saddie
  • bill dewey


  • onix gets a pet basilisk named twilight
  • the basilisk is based on the cockatrice
  • amethyst is shown to have been practicing her dark magic alot
  • onix is shown to care for amethyst so much that he would rather die then to live without her in his life

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