Experiments (Pt. 2)
DDG Ep 22 Title Card
Season 2, Episode 2
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Air date May 14th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Experiments (Pt. 1) First Day
"Experiments (Pt. 2)" is the 2nd episode of the second season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 22nd overall episode of the series.


Moon continues to try to fully revive a corrupted gem.


Moonstone warps to the silent Kindergarten, the site of an ancient gem mass production. She walks slowly to one of the towering injectors as she kicked the dull colored pebbles out of her way. The atmosphere was extremely eerie. Suddenly, Larimar and Idocrase warp into the Kindergarten as well, and they both run after Moonstone. They’re panting, but Moonstone turns and stops them.

Idocrase: Moon, you gotta leave! You can die here! Don’t be stupid!

Moon: Idocrase, Lari, it’s quite alright!

Lari: W-what do you mean?!

Moon: I’m just going to take a sample of the red liquid located inside one of the injectors. I’m going to be cautious, so I’d ask that you don’t worry about!

Lari: B-but these things! Who knows what they can do to you?...!

Moon: As I said, I’ll be extremely cautious…

Moonstone summons her weapon, her gem glowing and closing her eyes. She summons her traditional fan and looks at one of the injectors. Larimar and Idocrase stand behind her, quietly (well, at least Larimar). Moonstone smirks whens she sees one of the injector’s legs; it’s scratched up a bit. She runs towards it with great speed and slices the leg in half near the scratch. It works, as the injector slowly tumbles down. Quickly, Moonstone summons a gust of wind that increases her speed as well as her teammates’ speeds so that they can run away from the falling spot. They escape, but they still fall to the floor due to the impact. When they stand up, Larimar is dusting off her clothing and Idocrase was woohoo!-ing. Moonstone walks slowly to the red liquid that broke out of it’s glass. It doesn’t seem to be reacting to the rocky ground, and it isn’t doing anything either; it simply sits there, still. Moonstone puts her right hand on her head, trying to think of a way to take a sample of the red liquid without touching it herself. She turns to her teammates.

Moon: Any ideas on how to obtain a sample of this red liquid safely?

Idocrase: Use your maaaagical wind powers!

Moon: Very funny, Idocrase…

Moonstone clenches her fists. Idocrase gulps.

Larimar: Y-you can try bending down and bubbling some of it…?

Moonstone turns to Larimar. She smiles.

Moon: You know, that might actually work!

Moonstone hovers her hand extremely closely to the red liquid. It’s very dangerous, and Larimar is very concerned.

Larimar: Y-you know, I think what I said was e-easier said than done! How about y-you-

Moon: Larimar, if anything, just grab my gem before I touch this stuff!

Larimar squeals. Idocrase jumps back when he hears this. Moon turns around.

Moon: Oh, sorry Lari! I didn’t mean to scare you…

Moon turns back to the red liquid and Larimar calms down a bit. She attempts to bubble the strange liquid and, what do you know, it works! The liquid splashes around a bit in the bubble as Moonstone hovers it over her hand and starts to walk towards the warp pad. Her teammates follow her, and they all step on the warp pad. The area is still eerie, but Moonstone smiled anyway.

Moon: That was a splendid idea, Larimar!

Lari: T-thanks…

Larimar blushes and they warp back to Rise Island, where they’re presented by a shocked, yet angry Apatite. Rhodo and Malachite were swimming in the cool beach waters while Apatite stomped to the warp pad. She put her hands on her hips and gave Moonstone a lecture.

Apatite: Why would you ever consider going to the Kindergarten?! It’s very unsafe! I can’t believe you! Never do that ever again, do you hear me?!

It was expected that Moonstone would listen and forget about it, but this time, she snapped. She clenched her fists.

Moon: Listen, Apatite… I have a sample of the red liquid and you don’t even thank me for it?! This might be our chance to uncorrupt a corrupted gem!

Larimar and Idocrase are shocked to hear this.

Larimar: U-uncorrupt a corrupted gem?..!

Apatite: This is SO idiotic, and I cannot BELIEVE you right-

Moon: Shut up! I’m doing this one way or another! You can’t stop me Apatite! I’m going to recover a corrupted gem today and there is no possible way you can stop me from achieving that goal!

Moonstone marches away to her room, angry. Lucia ignores the grumpy gems. Larimar quietly and slowly walks to swim with Rhodo and Malachite and Idocrase runs towards them, changing his clothing so that he has the appropriate swimwear. Moonstone opens her temple door, but Apatite takes a step towards her.

Apatite: Over my broken gem, you will!

Moon: That can be arranged..

Apatite: Excuse me?!

Moon turns to the ocean and shouts. Apatite is furious, crossing her arms.


Malachite: SURE THING, MOON!

Rhodo: WAIT, WHAT?

Malachite pulls Rhodo towards the temple door, but he slowly becomes voluntary and runs by himself. Apatite turns away, still angry. The three gems enter Moonstone’s nearly empty room, and the circular counters are still there, as well as the gem shards. Moonstone sighs in relief and goes to the gem shards, and Rhodo and Malachite follow her.

Rhodo: Er… You think this’ll work Moon?

Moon: Of course I do!

Malachite: Ehhhh, I don’t trust that red stuff…

Moon: It’s fine… For science!

She pours a bit of the red liquid onto the shards by poking a hole through the bubble with her hand. She closes up the bubble once all of the gem shards were covered by the strange red liquid. She gets excited, and Rhodo and Malachite watch, surprised.

Rhodo and Malachite: Woaaaaaaah…

But, unfortunately, it doesn’t work out for Moon at all. The red liquid, instead of healing the shards, melted them. The red liquid bubbled and the shards slowly melted. They were gone in a few seconds. Moonstone had a blank face. Rhodo and Malachite were about to leave the empty room.

Rhodo: So… What do you need us for again?

Malachite: Yeah, you kinda just dragged us here.

Moon: I need you two if my plan failed! We’ll go to Rose’s Healing Spring now, and we’ll collect as many samples as we can!

Malachite and Rhodo turned to each other, then back at Moon.

Rhodo: I don’t think using Rose’s tears will work, to be totally honest.

Moon: I won’t use the tears by themselves, silly!

Malachite: Then what will ya do with the samples?

Moon: The red liquid, I assume, is too unstable. If I mix the liquid with some samples of Rose’s healing tears, then I might be able to neutralize it and create a compound!

Rhodo: Wha?

Malachite: She means that she’ll mix some stuff together to make a magical potion!

Rhodo: Oh… Cool!

Moonstone activates the temple door to leave her room. She goes onto the warp pad, as well as Malachite and Rhodo. Apatite is nowhere to be seen. Larimar and Idocrase are swimming in the beach waters, playing with a beachball.

Rhodo: Yo, where’s Apatite?

Moon: Don’t know, don’t care.

Malachite: Damn…!

They all warp to Rose’s Healing Spring, which seems to be in a stable condition. The walk off of the warp pad and take a path towards the fountain. The skies are a beautiful shade of light blue, as well as the pink clouds that fly slowly across the skies. They continue to walk along the cobblestone pathway and reach Rose’s Fountain. Moonstone appreciated the scenery, but Rhodo and Malachite got straight to business.

Rhodo: Uh, Moon? How many samples do you want anyway?

Moon: 10. 5 from each of you.

Rhodo: Alright-y!

Malachite: Okie dokes. Just gotta get out my utensils and..

Malachite activates her bracelet and scrolls through some menus. Moonstone and Rhodo watch, interested. Rhodo sort of understands the technology, but Moon is completely lost. Malachite activates a holographic keyboard and proceeds to type in a code, then the number 10. Suddenly, ten marble jars appear on the ground placed neatly. The hologram goes away and Malachite takes five of the jars. Moonstone claps, but Rhodo just takes the remaining five jars. They fill them all up with Rose’s tears and walk back to the warp pad.

Moon: I hope this works…

Malachite: Yeah, I kinda want another teammate!

Rhodo: Might be cool to have another team member!

They all hop on top of the warp pad and warp back to Rise Island. Moonstone goes alone into her room while Malachite and Rhodo change into their swimwear, running towards the ocean to swim with Larimar and Idocrase. Apatite is tending to the garden alone, and she looks regretful. In Moonstone’s room, she gets out a flask, and she summons the bubble containing the red liquid. Only having a bit of it left, she pours the rest into the flask. It doesn’t react to the flask, fortunately. Then, Moon gets out all of the samples. She tries to balance them out with the red liquid and proceeds to mix the two substances together using her aerokinesis. She swirled the mixture round and round with her air controlling abilities and soon, the liquid turned into a strange greyish-blue substance. It looks calm enough, and Moonstone smiles. The door is still wide open, so Rhodo comes inside and knocks on the only wall there.

Rhodo: Moon, whatcha doin’?

Moon: About to recover a corrupted gem!

Moonstone smiles and pulls Rhodo out of her room, closing the temple door.

Moon: Rhodo, go get the rest of the group!

Rhodo: Sure thing.

Rhodo runs to the beach to get the rest of his teammates. Lucia awakens and walks over to Moon. As Rhodo comes up to Moonstone, Lucia purrs as Rhodo feels her fur.

Rhodo: Good girl… Good girl..

Rhodo stops petting her when Larimar, Malachite, and Idocrase change from their swimwear to their normal clothing. Apatite is seen walking from Rhodo’s garden to the rest of the group. She walks slowly up to Moonstone. She sighs and frowns.

Apatite: Moon… I apologize for my-

Moon: I don’t want to hear it.

Apatite is shocked. But she frowns in sadness once more. Moonstone activates the temple door, but to the Blue Burning Room.

Moon: Blue Burning Room.

The door opens up to the Blue Burning Room due to voice command. They walk into the blue dark room, only to be lit by blue magma in the center of the room. There are bubbled gems around the ceiling everywhere. Moonstone turns to Malachite.

Moon: Scan for any rebel gems.

Malachite: Is that a favor or a command, your majesty?

Malachite smirks and Moonstone sighs.

Moon: Just… Just can them already.

Malachite: Alright, alright…

Again, Malachite activated her bracelet. She scrolled through some menus, activated some technical doo-dahs, and did some really advanced programming that confused most of the team. She finally pressed a diamond shaped button that scanned all of the gems in the vicinity. A green laser erupted from the hologram and went over all of the gems. The hologram made some beeping noises, then came the results. Malachite frowned.

Malachite: Uh, most of these gems are pro-Homeworld, Moon.

Moon: B-but there are at least some rebel gems, right?

Malachite: Eh, I’m not seeing any results…

Rhodo goes over to Malachite’s hologram. Apatite turns to the hologram to inspect what they’re doing.

Rhodo: Hey, what about that gem?

He points to a certain gem that Apatite bubbled. It resembled an agate gem. Rhodo smiles and turns to Apatite.

Rhodo: Hey, Apatite! Isn’t that the exact same gem we fought on the day you found Malachite’s gemstone? Apatite: That’s right.

Malachite: My scanner says it’s a neutral gem. Is that okay, Moon?

Moon: Go right ahead!

Idocrase: WOOHOO! Teammates!

Idocrase ran over the the bubble and jumped up and down to try and reach it. Due to his anticlimactically small stature, Rhodo walked up to him and carried him to reach the gem. He laughed and Idocrase was irritated. Regardless, Idocrase popped the gem bubble open and caught the gem. He threw it at Moon, and she caught it nicely. Rhodo puts Idocrase down, and he runs to the group. Rhodo walks to the group as Moonstone gets out the strange greyish-blue compound. Apatite crosses her arms.

Apatite: Hm…

She pours some of the liquid onto the agate gem, and it’s absorbed by the gem. She places the gem on the floor and everyone steps back.

Moon: Hope this works…

And it does. A fantastic light-clementine-colored glow surrounds the corrupted agate gem. The agate gem flies into the air and regenerates a humanoid form! It resembles a wooden artist doll, but it looks more muscular than any of the gems they’ve seen before. Not nearly as buff as Tiger’s Eye, however. The gem’s glow regenerates clothing, hair, and other features. Then, the gem falls down, and stops glowing. He’s on his knees panting. He’s very tall. Rhodo blushes at the sight of him.

Larimar goes up nervously and slowly up to the newly formed Gem and touches his shoulder slowly.

Larimar: A-are you okay?

The gem turns around and stands up. He’s a towering figure, and Larimar’s face is at the point of his chest. Larimar steps back nervously.

???: Yeah, I’m feeling great, thanks!

The tall male-appearing gem walks up to Moon and looks down at her. Everyone around him is surprised about how tall he is, especially Rhodo.

???: Did you guys heal me?

Moon: Uh, yes!

Agate: Well thanks so much! I’m Agate!

His smile and comforting personality is really sweet, and Rhodo sees this, still blushing. Agate walks over to Apatite.

Agate: And you stabbed me in the neck, didn’t you?

Apatite: Why, y-yes I did! Hopefully you don’t mind, for you were a corrupted whale gem when we fought you…

Agate laughs. His warm and deep pitched voice really attracts Rhodo.

Agate: It’s completely fine! I’m glad you did that. Now, I’m back to my normal shape and form!

Apatite: Also, do you mind adding a cross to your shirt? It's a symbol for the Dawn Dusk Gems.

Agate: Oh, sure!

Agate closes his eyes and strikes a pose. His shirt glows, creating a blue cross on the left side. He stands up straight again and smiles at Apatite. This tall gem maintains his happy go lucky spirit.

Agate: There we go!

Apatite: Congrats! You're now an honorary member of the Dawn Dusk Gems.

Agate: Yay!

Agate has a very big grin and closes his eyes. He looks so happy, and he hugs Apatite and Moonstone tightly. Apatite turns to Moonstone in sadness, but Moon turns away in disappointment. She’s still angry, and Apatite is sadder. They feel strangled, and Agate realizes this so he lets them go quickly. His hands quickly go over his hands in shock.

Agate: Oh, sorry! Didn’t mean to hurt you guys!

Moon: It’s *cough* okay!

The tall gem proceeds to walk over to Rhodo. Rhodo steps back and blushes, looking up at the tall muscular gem before him.

Agate: Hi, nice to meetcha! I’m Agate!

Agate smiles and holds out his left hand to shake Rhodo’s.

Rhodo: R-Rhodochrosite, but y-you can call me R-rhodo...

Rhodo proceeds to shake Agate's hand. The pink gem holds onto his hand longer, and Agate doesn’t notice this. Rhodo’s still blushing insanely. He clearly is attracted to him.

Rhodo: *thinking* Oh no, he’s hot!




  • Gem Shards
  • Red Liquid
  • Rose's Tears
  • Strange Greyish-Blue Compound


  • Kindergarten
  • Rose's Healing Spring
  • Rise Island
    • Dawn Dusk Temple
      • Moonstone's Room
      • Blue Burning Room


  • The events of Green Gem are mentioned again.
  • The corrupted whale gem from Green Gem appears again, but as a recovered humanoid gem.
  • This is the first time a gem is uncorrupted in the series.


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