Experiments (Pt. 1)
DDG Ep 21 Title Card
Season 2, Episode 1
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Air date May 11th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Stronger Than You Think Experiments (Pt. 2)
"Experiments (Pt. 1)" is the 1st episode of the second season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 21st overall episode of the series.


The gems are cleaning up the mess while Moonstone has other plans.


A day has passed after the invasion, and the sun is beating down on the Dawn Dusk Gems. They were cleaning up the ruins of the shipwreck, with the green flames already been put out. Apatite and Moonstone were clearing up the gigantic chunks near the cliff while everyone else was cleaning the debris on the beach. The waves didn’t wash the debris away, which made it easier for the Dawn Dusk Gems. Lucia was sleeping behind a boulder alone, ignoring everything around her. Rhodo and Malachite were carrying a gigantic jagged piece of the circuit room. It still had electricity flowing through it. They shouted at Apatite.



Apatite and Moonstone turned to them.


Rhodo gave her a thumbs up and threw it at a gigantic pile of broken green technology. There was tons of pieces and machinery that seized to work anymore. Idocrase was carrying a gigantic piece of gem tech, but he seemed to be struggling. Larimar quickly assisted him and Idocrase smirked.

Idocrase: Heh. Thanks!

Lari: Don’t mention it…

Lari smiled. She placed the gem tech neatly onto the debris pile so it didn’t knock everything over. Unfortunately, another of Malachite and Rhodo’s chunks was thrown so fast that it crashed into the pile of debris, knocking almost everything over. Rhodo and Malachite both had poker

faces as Apatite and Moonstone looked at them in disappointment.

Rhodo: Er…. Sorry?

Apatite groaned. She facepalmed as Moonstone patted her back. The four friends continued to clean up the beach while Apatite and Moon cleansed the cliffside. Moonstone summoned her fan and created a powerful gust of wind, nearly crashing into a debris pile, only to be gently stopped by one of Apatite’s clouds. That was their method to be quick and efficient. After a bit, they rested beside the cliff. Apatite and Moon cloudgazed. Apatite was looking a bit worried, and Moonstone was curious.

Moon: What’s wrong, Apatite? You looked somewhat worried…

Apatite: I am…

Moon: With what?

Apatite: After what happened yesterday, I started to think of the other potential threats we have. Then I thought of Spinel.

Moon sat up, as did Apatite.

Moon: Spinel? She’s the girl who hunted us-’xcuse me-me, Idocrase, Malachite, and Larimar down, right?

Apatite: indeed… But I have the strange suspicion that she’s something more, and we’re forgetting something rather important….

Moon: I get that feeling too… But nevertheless, she’s a threat.

Apatite: That’s why we need to be ready if when she attacks. But she killed you and the others so effortlessly… How are we supposed to go against her?

The two sat on the Rise Island sands, shaded by the temple and cliff’s shadow. A breeze was causing the trees in the forest behind the temple to sway. The bushes were swaying as well. All was silent until Moonstone stood up with a grin. Apatite stood up too, confused, raising an eyebrow at her friend Moon.

Apatite: Uh, Moon? Something wrong?

Moon: I just thought of the most preposterous, yet brilliant idea yet!

Moonstone ran off to the front of the temple, and Apatite chased after her. The three hooligans (referring to Rhodo, Malachite, and Idocrase and not Larimar) stared.

Malachite: Er, Moon? You goin’ somewhere?

Apatite: I was wondering the same thing!

Apatite ran into Moonstone’s room as Moon herself ran inside. The floor was a tint of blue, but nearly white. It had some reflectional properties, but the images casted by the crystal floor were a bit fuzzy. There was an endless view that faded into whiteness. Only the wall that held the temple door they just entered through could be seen, and it was white as well, blending in with the floor. Moon closed her eyes as her gem glowed, which caused counters to circle her. The cabinets were in a circular shape, with only a small opening that allowed her to leave. The counters were spotless, shining like they were cleansed to perfection. Moonstone put her hands on her hips and smiled. She turned around and looked excitedly at Apatite.

Moon: I’m going to try to recover a corrupted gem!

Apatite was shocked by this suggestion.

Apatite: I’m sorry… What?!

Moon: It’ll be perfect! Another team member can really strengthen the Dawn Dusk Gems. Maybe we could recruit more members!

Apatite: Moon, no one has ever been able to recover a corrupted gem! Not even Rose Quartz herself, and you know how she is.

Moon: But isn’t it foolish enough not to try?

Apatite: But only the hybrid child has been able to tame a gem monster, and he never recovered it!

Moon: All we need is hard work and lots of dedication! We could actually do this!

Apatite pauses. She thinks to herself, turning around. The room turns dark, as the spotlight shines over her. She ponders a lot.

Apatite: She has the idea of recovering a corrupted gem… The idea is ludicrous, and it has been attempted before, so I don’t see why it’s worth trying… But on the other hand, we’re both healers, and Rose Quartz was only one person, and perhaps using our abilities together would work… Perhaps… Perhaps…

Moon: Uh, Apatite? Are you monologuing again?

The room returns to its normal light settings once again. Apatite has a poker face and turns around, but slowly smirks.

Apatite: I suppose this’ll be an interesting experiment.

Moon smiles. She walks over to Apatite and puts her hands on her shoulders. Moon: So, what now?

Apatite: We need a gem, of course!

Moon: I have some gem shards that we could experiment on. We could use those!

Apatite: Perfect!

Moonstone gets her hands off Apatite and summons a bubble from her gem. Inside are gem shards. She pops the bubble and places them on the circular counter. They don’t regenerate, surprisingly. Apatite walks up next to Moonstone. They both turn towards each other, then back at the shards.

Moon: On three…

Apatite: One…

Moon: Two…

And the two gems shouted three, using their healing abilities on the gem shards. They both took a deep breath in sync, than hovered their hands over the shards. Their gems started to glow, but not the shards. This lasted for about 30 seconds and nothing happened. Apatite gave up and Moonstone followed after her, frowning.

Moon: Why did you stop?

Apatite: This isn’t going to work, Moon. I gave it a chance, and it failed. I’m sorry, but I suggest you just give up.

Moonstone was shocked by this revelation, and she frowned even more.

Moon: No, I’ll keep trying… I’ll show you! You’ll see that it’s possible!

Apatite is shocked by her sudden change in demeanor.

Apatite: I’ll leave you be… Don’t get your hopes up, Moon. That’ll hurt you.

Moonstone activates the door so that Apatite can leave an closes it when she does. Moonstone summons a chair from the floor in front of the circular counter and sits on it. She places her elbows on it, her hands holding her head in confusion.

Moon: What am I doing wrong?

Then Moon thinks. She thinks for quite a while. The room is empty and the only sounds she can hear are from the outside world. An hour has passed, and she’s still in her room, pondering as usual. She thought about trying to heal the shards for a longer duration, but she knew that wouldn’t work. Then, she thought about her trip to the Kindergarten to check for enemies. She thought about the machinery used. Then, she thought about the hearts contained inside them. The hearts! They were the key to mass producing gems. Would it work for corrupted gems though? It was worth a try! Moonstone ran quickly outside of the temple and dashed to the warp pad. All of her teammates looked at her.

Apatite: Where do you think you’re going?!

Moon: To the Kindergarten!

The others were shocked. Rhodo and Malachite were speechless. Apatite stood there silently, frowning and shaking her head. Larimar and Idocrase ran after her, but she already warped.

Idocrase: Ugh, why does she have to be stupid now?




  • Gem Warship Debris
  • Gem Shards


  • Rise Island
    • Dawn Dusk Temple
      • Moonstone's Room
  • Kindergarten (Mentioned)


  • Apatite references the canon episode Monster Buddies.
  • This is the 2nd time Spinel is mentioned by name.
  • This is the first appearance of Moon's room.
  • This is the first time soliloquy is used in Dawn Dusk Gems.


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